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    The number of items in our household!

    I was once curious to know as what are the number of items in our household and whether we really require so many things. In an enthusiasm to find that I soon realised that the items were too many though categories were limited. A rough estimate made me to reach a figure of 1500 consisting of items like utensils - about 250, kitchen accessories - about 100, food items - about 200, clothes etc - about 500, furniture fixtures etc - about 50, shoes etc - 50, books/magazines etc - 300, and other misc items - 50. It totals to about 1500. Ours is a small family and may be in big families having bigger houses these numbers may soar further. Members, can you share this information as I feel that this is quite high a number? When I go to check the utility of the items I feel everything is important and it is not easy to reduce these numbers. What do you think?
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    Every house will have too many items out of which few will not at all be used. Ours is also a small family but kitchen utensils are way too many to keep and we have stored most of the kitchen items in the storage that comes with bed. Even after storing few unwanted items, we have few items in the kitchen that are not used everyday. I have tried my best to reduce as many as I can but there are few that I need to use once in a while though not on daily basis.
    Other than kitchen, which is same in many household, I feel many buy decorative items or fancy items out of interest. People have interest for collection of shoes, watches etc. All this will definitely increase the number of items at home also difficult to manage and keep the house tidy.

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    Yes. We require many items in the house. We don't when the necessity comes. Sometimes we have to run here and there to get the required item to get our work done in time. Many times, we will spend a lot of times tracing the item we wanted. We remember that we have that item but we couldn't get it traced immediately, we may even go for a new purchase again. We will trace the same only after we purchase another piece only.
    !500 seems to be a real figure only. A little shift to this side and that side maybe there but a big difference may not be there.

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    After reading your thread, I started counting the number of items held on my computer table. Yes. the number is great.
    I have 3 dictionaries(English-English) English-Tamil, Tamil- English,
    1 book on Idioms and phrases
    Wings of fire by Dr. APJ abdul Kalam
    1 Citizen calculator
    2 note books
    One Tester
    One container having needle and thread.
    A pen box containing (Nine pens, two pencils, One eraser, One sharpner, One whitener)
    A torchlight
    A Mug of Capricorn
    A spects box
    Wonder 555 tape roll
    UPS (Slender Plus 600)
    Two loud speakers
    mouse pad and mouse
    Table cloth
    Table glass
    Under the glass, Information chits and visiting cards about 15.

    A total of 54 items found on my table of 3 x 2 feet (6 square feet)size. No wonder if you have 1500 items at your house that might measure 1000 square feet approx.

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    I split into laughter after reading this post. Normally we get into the details of the articles that are in use and that should be discarded when we are about vacate the premises or doing some white washing to the rooms. Normally we keep on adding things to the inventory already present and thereby making more things of same thing. Only after deep scrutiny we would know that we have wasted money on new instead of going for the repairs. One thing is sure we are alone responsible for making the home as mess. We have to clear the old things periodically so that nothing fussy is seen around.
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    The image of my computer is attached herewith.
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    I do not think that earlier people used to have so many items in their respective households. Due to consumerism and modernisations many innovative products are created by the business entities and we are lured by their get up or usefulness or utility and buy them though we already have something equivalent to that. This indulgence is increasing the inventory of items in our houses. So many items are available in the market and newer ones are being introduced regularly. I have 4-5 alternatives to cut onion which is a common item used in our food.
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    Agreed with the author to some extend. It is true that when we find many surplus objects around us in our houses, we understand a certain use of them all and we do not want to separate them easily. Sometimes in small families, some salmon are still separated, but it becomes a bit more difficult when it comes to a mixed family. But one more thing which is connected to this topic is that the need is proved only when that Items gets us in the right place at the right time. Have seen that people keep some stuff with the hope that it will work sometime, but when it comes time to work, it is difficult to get the same salmon. Apart from this, at times we feel that there are more Items, but even if we have fewer items, even if they are managed wisely, then we also feel sufficiency in less. So I think the way of our management for the items is more important, whether they are more or less.

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    The responses for this posting will differ person to person according to their age. My parents collected many items in the house for future use of ours, though they used seldom. If they think everything as waste we do not have anything as we cannot buy with the same quality now. Discarding old items become a mania in the present youngsters but they do not realize the importance now but later on they are going to feel for this action. I used to keep old wires, nails etc., in a box for later usage. But when we shift the house, my brother thrown away that box into dustbin as it found as waste to him. Last week a power problem we faced in the house. We called an electrician to get it corrected. On checking he asked some used wires to get the fuse connected. My brother saw me vaguely and we bought from outside shop by paying some money. It is easy to discard anything as it is not useful presently.

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