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    Baba Saheb’s 130th birth anniversary celebration’2021

    Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar aka BR Ambedkar was the 1st law minister of our country and known as the chief architect of the Indian constitution. He was born in a Dalit cast family in Madhya Pradesh which were untouchable at that time become double foreign doctorate degree holders. He was really a hero of the society and a great contributor in the fields of cast discrimination system, woman empowerment and much more. Let us celebrate his birthday to follow and enriches his principles.
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    On every Tamil New years day Baba Saheb birthday is celebrated and that way we cannot forget him and a new year with new hope begins. He was instrumental in bringing far reaching changes in the thought process of the government through his recommedations on the constitutional law and therefore for the poor he is the Godly figure and celebrate his birthday as the festival. Every year the government wants to bring in far reaching changes in the lifes of the poor and under priviledged , but their cause remain the same and the problems are unlimited. And during every elections the promises are made to mitigate their problems and then cooly forgotten and thus no strong leader has emerged to look after their plight. There needs to be lateral thinking at least on this day and plan must be made to address their woes.
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    BR Ambedkar is the chief architect and the main brain behind making our constitution. His 130th birth anniversary is today. I pay my rich tributes to this great man on his birthday. His service to the nation and to the backward classes is very valuable and we should remember his services forever. He strived hard for the upliftment of the poor and through his life, he worked for the cause of Dalit people. So he will be admired by many people of India.
    Another great Dalit leader is Babu Jag Jeevan Ram. Incidentally, he was also born in the month of April only. His birthday was on 5th April. This leader worked as Dy PM when Moraji Desai was the Prime Minister. I pay my tributes to this great leader also.

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