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    Absusing and then defusing the issue

    During our daily life we find our enemies and detractors on the prowl to defame us and bring bad repute either in the society or office and they start abusing us for no reason. And when confronted and asked for the reason, they would try to defuse the tension. It is the fact that those who are working hard and close to the management does not care for the other employees down the rank and thus blame game starts to defame them. So first abusing and then defusing the situation has become the habit of some and we have to be careful of them.
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    This is true and happens everywhere. Abuse need not be only by words, it can be in any form or even through action. In corporate, employees can be abused by giving too much work load or asking to extend or giving limited deadlines on purpose and when confronted they can make excuses or reasons saying management has asked or the client has requested. This happens not only in corporate but in any field for that matter. Usually, a person is abused when he is not liked by someone especially from someone who is stronger than him.
    And there are few people who are very soft while speaking but has the talent of making a person feel bad with his soft words. But this person will never accept he is wrong because he feels he spoke softly and internally he will very well be aware of his hurtful words. This exist everywhere in every field and even in most house.

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    Some people are very arrogant and they treat their subordinates in bad ways and misbehave with them. But when they realise that they had gone beyond limit then they call them on some excuse for some work and then talk nicely and try to erase the bad marks from the mind of the subordinate that they had earlier created. Subordinates feel good and also feel elated with this good treatment and forget the earlier misbehaviour. Such bosses are not reliable as they may again misbehave even in front of a crowd of employee and make the situation intolerable.
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    When I was in college one of our teachers was very temperamental and lost his temper often in the class. He then used to bang us left and right for quite sometime. One day he scolded a girl much but after the class he called her and told that he had a habit of losing temper sometimes and she should not take it to the heart. The girl felt good and situation was diffused.
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    I agreed with the author, as there are so many people in the world who are our enemies and we should be careful with them, but even more, we should be careful towards those people who pretend to be our own friends while they are with us and back about us, such people say wrong or abusing things, they are more dangerous.
    An ideology also says that we should ignore such people because they have nothing else to do, so they satisfy themselves by being evil by abusing talks. It can also be understood in other ways that some people who are low due to some reason, whether in age, in-office or ability, such people also will not be able to say anything in front of us and will take advantage of our absence first and they can say anything or abusing things about us. It depends on us which ideology we support.

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    Many times we see such happenings in many places. They try to abuse you and when you start revolting they move back and say that just they joked. I have witnessed this many times. They will try to make fun of the other person and if the person is serious they will try to say they are not serious.

    In our office, there was an accountant who is very sincere and takes the words of others seriously. His co-employees used to abuse him saying that because of him, their boss is giving more work to others also. Many days he tolerated and finally, he reported the same to his boss. Once others came to know about it, They became silent,

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    If you have good relations with such people you are protected from them but if you don't have good ties with then and they have some issues with you then you should beware of them, They are subject to their proclivity, they can't restrain their inner urge to distrub others. It is in their blood to create problems for other people. If I happen to see them I just try to show my best manner with them. It provides me a safe passage to escape from their ill activities. They also give me benefit of doubt.
    When it can happen? When these people are powerful and can influence your life then you stoop down to compromise with them but if you are more powerful than them. They will run away from you.

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    I was in government service for 27 years. I had never come across enemies and detractors in my entire career. We used to mind our job and if necessary used to take help from others. It was all cordial. From this thread, I came to know that there will be enemies and detractors at places we work. Maybe I was lucky not to encounter such persons.
    As long as we mind our business and keep good relations with others, there will not be any problem. If a problem arises between two people, I believe both are at fault. We make enemies only because of our behavior. It is all in our hands to make enemies or not. In a few cases because of misunderstanding, there may be problems that can be solved.

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