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    CBSE Board cancelled exams of X Class and postponed XII class

    CBSE Board today announced that exams of X Class were canceled and the XII class was postponed. Due to the severity of second wave Coronavirus, CBSE Board after consultation with PM has decided to cancel X Class exams and postpone XII exams. For conducting these exams on a large scale it needs more centers, more classrooms, more human resources for conducting these exams safely. Any lapse will lead to a disaster as young children are exposed to the virus. A large section of Students faced a lot of difficulties because of online classes. So it is a big relief for X Class students as their exams were canceled and their promotion is based on internal assessment. The cancelation of X exams justifies the problems they faced due to online classes. Due to the second wave of this pandemic many states are going to cancel and postpone exams.
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    The present situation prevailing outside due to Corona, CBSE has taken this decision. Conducting online examinations for all 10th class and 12th class students is very difficult as the number is very high. Conducting them offline in colleges and schools may spread the virus. The present virus appears to be more active. During the first wave of virus, the maximum number of cases was a little less than a lakh. But this time it has already touched 1.8 lakhs figure. So I feel the decision is correct. Now the confusion to the students went off. The matter is very clear and hopes the virus will come down and the 12th examinations will be conducted in June.
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    I have raised a thread for the same issue for the dilemma of students and today when the board declared for the promotion of the 10th board itself, one of the dilemmas has been resolved as now students can be focused on their next studies. For 12th class students, it would not be fair to promote without exams that is why they have postponed the exams. What would the impact of this promotion be known after a time, but as per the present situation that was the best solution to avoid pandemics and for the safety of students

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