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    Humour is good only when made on others but not on you

    Everyone loves humor and it makes us laugh and feel light. There are many humorous people around us who can crack jokes from normal daily incidents and make people laugh even if their normal talks. But others force themselves and try to be humorous. For few people, making jokes means it has to be on someone else. They crack jokes on others as much as they want and if people are sportive then they will not get offended.
    But the same people who make others laugh by making jokes on one person cannot stand if others crack even a small silly joke on him and this I have observed in many people. People can make joke of others or sit and laugh at others but when something done to them, then it is not tolerated.
    I realized humor is good for people only when the humor is about others and not about you.
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    Human nature is like that and they will mock on someone but when some persons mocks on them, they feel bad and also feel hurt and do not like that type of treatment from others. So these are the double standards that many persons in our society observe and is definitely not a thing to appreciate. I have also seen one thing that often happens that some people in a group mock on others and even spot and trap a person who is alone and no one is there to side him and the it becomes an unfair game where the powerful group humiliates the poor person.
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    We should actually not mock on other people and if we do so we should have enough courage and patience to tolerate also. Many people do whatever they want but when it comes on them they start complaining. It is in bad taste.
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    In general, laughing or human is liked by all the people, but it is not always necessary to be so. Some people have the feeling that they make fun of a person, but sometimes such people would do not get away from making fun of themselves as well. The nature of some of the same people is very serious, who would not like such behavior for themselves or for others. Laughing and make laugh others is a heartfelt art, rare people are experts in this art, they make fun of themselves with a positive attitude.

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    We always enjoyed the humor made on others and that would be a time pass habit for many of us. But at the same time we cannot allow the humor or the remark made against us and that would hurt us hard. We never think that our humor on others or making teasing comments on others would be offending them. In this regard I wont like the attitude of Kapil Sharma reality show in which he makes the comment on others and even those who present as the special guests. Surely many may not like this way of behaving. And in social media he was trolled for making teasing comments on lady invitees.
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    True. Many people will laugh when they hear jokes about others by someone. But they never like to hear jokes about them. This is a normal tendency.
    I have seen some people who hear jokes about them, they laugh and revert back with a joke on the person who made a joke about them. This is a skilled approach towards an issue. Nobody can find fault with the second person. A joke as a reply to a joke is a good way. But the person should also take it sportively. If we are not able to take jones on us sportively we should not attempt jokes on others.

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    Humour, satire, jokes. Mimicry, comedy etc all these are sources of enjoyment. Some people have amazing talent. Their presence pleases people even they don't play any joke. This is their charismatic personality and talent.
    But in normal life some people mock at others. Sometimes, they pick mistakes in other people unnecessarily and make them a laughing stock but when someone reciprocate then they are exasperated. This is nowhere stand justified. If they don't have patience to endure jokes at them then they should play jokes on other people also.
    I also feel bad when they laugh at someone who remains silent and tolerates their ugly jokes on him.

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    Laughter is the best medicine for good health. Some people are gifted to talk humorously and keep the atmosphere jovial and light. In the company of such people, the time passes happily. In the presence of reserved people, the conversation becomes very difficult and time passes very heavily. The jovial persons know when to stop so that no one is hurt by their comments. Sometimes the comments will be on us and we have to learn to laugh at ourselves. Jokes should be general in nature and never on the physique or disability of a person. Such jokes are crude and not to be encouraged. Jokes should make everyone happy but not aimed at hurting others. Space for humor in public life is shrinking and it is not good for society or individuals.
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    In Tamil there is a cine song, 'siriththu vaazha vendum, pirar sirikka vaazhnthidaathe' which means, we have live with laugh but we should not live as others to laugh on us'. I have a friend during my high school days, named Karthikeyan, who was just with laughing face. He laughed even on scolding by teacher but saying,'Sorry sir, I do correct myself'. One day he got some injury in his hand while meddling with 'campass' (from his Geometry box) and blood flowing from his hand. We took him to the PET section for first aid treatment. PET master instead of having anger on him for such injury, got puzzled on his laughing. Later only we came to know, that too after SSLC, he was struggling with his step mother in the house and to overcome his problems, he kept himself laughing on everything.

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