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    Lets save for tomorrow, do you have this trait ?

    When I came across many people they are of the opinion that they are more worried about past and the present and does not worry much about the future as the motive is to live for present with full involvement and enjoyement. But winner are those who have foresight vision and start saving for the future as we have to make for contingencies which are not in our favor. And by saving little everyday it makes a formidable saving and that would be great helpful in future. Have you ever thought of this and if yes how are you saving ?
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    Savings is a very good habit. It is always better to save some money for future needs and emergencies. Many private employees will not have any pension which is adequate for their family expenses. So while working only they have to make some savings and that amount can be fixed in a bank as a fixed deposit and the money obtained as interest can be useful for the monthly expenses of the family.
    Many people think that they can save the money that is remained after all the expenses are over. But by the month-end, they will find that the whole amount is exhausted. So we should decide some percentage of our salary as savings and as soon as we receive our salary we should keep it in the bank as savings amount and plan the expenditure with the remaining amount only.
    In our life, we may be facing some situations where we require heavy amounts. We have to run here and there to get that money if we don't have any savings. Our children's education, their marriage and unexpected health problems etc., may need huge amounts. We should get prepared for those expenses and saving some money is the only way for this.

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    It should be always better to make a planning to save at least 20 percent of our remuneration in the saving bank account and this habit can be termed as the healthy habit since the depositors would see how their money can grow significantly with the time. Nobody knows when an unexpected event would take place requiring massive funds to meet the challenges. If such a saving is not maintained, they will have to move pillars to posts to manage money in the form of loans. These loans may become liabilities to them since paying such loans may affect their present expenses. Hence it would be a wise step to develop a healthy practice of savings to ward off the worries of the future.

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    Savings for the future is good for a person. We don't know what will happen in the coming days. If you already have saved some money for the future you will find it easy to face any problem or challenge. I have also experienced it in my life.
    Some people live in present, they are of different thinking and they live in a different world. I have seen few people of this sort. They are so much complicated that it looks very difficult to understand them. They are enigmatic literally. They live in present. They don't think about what happened in past, nor they think too much about the future. But I have seen such people alone, unsupported and helpless. Sometimes, I found them abusing others because they always helped others but nobody came to help them when they need their help but some of them are found calm and silent without making any complaint about others. They don't raise eyes for help, nor they accept any help from people. They do themselves to come out of the bad patch and mostly they come out successfully and they forget what happened with them and how people deserted them alone.

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    Saving with living a healthy life should be the policy for everyone. When we think about saving first we should plan our basic needs and things that are necessary to live a healthy life. Some people save too much but they just ignore their health and sometimes their families too. Saving is really a good habit but at the same time do not save money on that place where you should spend it. Eat healthy food, following visits for routine health check-ups, etc are need in today's era. On the other hand, if we talk about today's youth we will find most of them waste their money on fashions, parties, having junk foods, etc. which is totally unhealthy and wrong. By doing so they never save their money but also increase their expenses in many health-related problems in future, due to their bad unhealthy habits. One should always keep this thing in mind that money is not a permanent asset that will never leave you, so be careful if you enjoy wasting money then money will also enjoy to left you very soon.

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    It is always good to think of the future and save the money. We never know what happens to us tomorrow or what situation we will be in. So it is better to save for future so that we won't be stressed our burdened if a tough times come. There should always be proper financial planning so that we are not broken at any point of time.

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    From an orthodox point of view a person has to save at least 30-40% of his earnings. It may not be possible to do so for everyone especially those who have a big family to support and responsibilities to take care of. By adhering to good saving habits a person can secure his future and have an insurance for the rainy days. I can give one practical example here of a person who had a salary of Rs 500 per month in the year 1980 and he retired from the active service in the year 2016 after 36 years of service. At the time of retirement his salary was Rs 160000 per month. He got Rs 60 lakhs as retirement funds and as he was able to save 30-40% from his salaries every month which got accumulated to an amount of Rs 85 lakhs and his total corpus in hand was thus Rs 1.45 crore (60 lakh + 85 lakh) which was sufficient for him to fetch an interest of Rs 80000 per month if he keeps that in the bank FD. Out of that he can spend 50000 to 60000 per month (including tax) and save the remaining for compensating the inflation in future. Saving is a great habit only thing is we have to keep a control on unnecessary indulgences.
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    Saving for a rainy day is a good habit though one should not be a miser. The young people today do not believe in savings and say that if they do not enjoy now then when they will enjoy. Those people who have very good income have all the rights to spend money the way they like but what about the people who have limited income and bigger responsibility, they cannot spend money mindlessly and have to spend very intelligently. I give importance to the money earned and we have to respect it and spend it only in the necessities and not in unnecessary indulgences. If we follow this doctrine savings will automatically come to us.
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    If we have all girl children, saving is very essential. We are required to make ornaments, cash for marriage expenses, and to give dowry if demanded. But if we have all boys, we need not to save, but enjoy life to the maximum with a belief that the boys would take care of parents during their old age. It is only a hope. It might turn opposite as most boys ignore their parents in life. Only the girls love their parents and care them well even at old age. Therefore, it would be better to save for our old age life.
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