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    How to grow without space to grow?

    A teacher was teaching students to draw. He draws the pictures that the students want on the board and shows them the easy way to draw them. Requested to draw a student fish. The teacher drew it and asked him if he liked it t. He asked the teacher: "Sir, did you not draw water? How can a fish live without water?"

    Not only for birth, there will be a space for growth also most required. And should be protected until a stand-alone tray is formed. Not everyone grows up just because they are born. Giving life is as important as giving alive. The primary responsibility of those who give birth and raise is to create the natural possibilities and conditions for growth. For those who do not recognize this, it is as if they are proud of being the best caretaker for feeding the bird in a cage.

    Love, care, and affection are everyone's birthright. Those who are denied it will not only reach full growth but will stagnate and end up halfway through. Only those who prepare the other's world for him are the guardians.
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    How to grow is purely depend on the person how he takes the opportunities as chance or choice. It is said that every person gets three chances in life to grow and if that is not noticed or grabbed, then getting to growth again would be the distance dream. And the author has brought in wonderful query as to space to grow. That space has to be created by us and it cannot be given or provided . In this world others miss is our gain, others loss is ours profit and if someone lost the opportunity , then be ready to grab it. Because opportunities are lost only to be gained by others who are destined to get them,
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    Growth requires space all around. No person can grow in a restricted and confined space of opportunities. If appropriate facilities are provided to the people in time they can grow magnificently. There are some exceptions to this and even having constrained and difficult life people have shown their worth by growing to higher positions but such are the rare cases in this world.
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    Balanced growth of a child is only possible with love, care and affection and the children are fortunate enough to get them from their parents. However think for those having lost their parents in their tender ages and ultimately they are brought up by their distant relatives. Such children would mark the deprivation of natural love that could have accrued otherwise by their parents. Though the may succeed ultimately with their efforts but their will always be a void in their heart and in the later stage it cannot be compensated by any means.

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    True. Parental care is very important for the growth of an individual. If a child is missing this, he may not develop well and do well in his life. That is why it is never good for a couple who have children to get separated. That will become a big curse for the children and they will become less effective in their lives. In the absence of parents, some guardians may take care of them. But the growth of the individual depends on the way the guardian takes care of him.
    Growth will become a regular process if there is a space for growth and if we recognise that space we can grow fast. In the absence of such space, a person who is having the ability to make a space for him will only be successful.

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