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    After dinner walk a while to keep your sugar level at minimum

    What I have been experienced through my personal routines instead of doing morning walks, it is better to do walking after dinner, as the whole day work would be over and we would be relaxing with the mood to walk better and talk better with the partner. And the calories that were accumulated since the morning has to be burnt and by doing the evening stroll, the calories would be burnt for sure and we not only get the sound sleep after the walk and the next day the sugar count would be less if the test it done. Try this and report here.
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    It is my old habit to walk after having dinner and I prefer to take a nap after lunch but during the winter season, I don't walk after dinner.
    I have never thought about calculating calories- taken and burnt during the day.
    Those who are highly health-conscious. They know how to keep their diet balanced simultaneously taking delicious and favourite food also. They keep a balance between a balanced diet and their delicious food.
    I am a layman in this regard. I have never thought about how many vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates I have consumed in my breakfast or lunch or dinner. I just take food and enjoy it.

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    Normally the blood sugar surges after the dinner and it could be contained with a walk for at at least fifteen minutes. The only thing is that the walking should not be the brisk one after the dinner but it should be slow but regular. It could be beneficial for all as it could improve digestion apart from taking care of our sugar level. However, you must ensure that this should be continued regularly. The other benefit of such a walk is to burn the excess calories accumulated in our system since it helps in regulating the calories as well.

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    Walking is beneficial in every way, whether you talk in the morning or after dinner, both are important. Some people have the habit of lying down immediately after eating food. But due to this habit, people are inviting many diseases into their bodies, to keep the body fit, along with healthy food, digestion is also necessary for the right way, so it is advisable to take a walk after eating food. This makes your digestive system work properly. According to science, the process of digesting food after eating it is very slow, so if we have to go for a walk after eating daily, then it makes the digestion process fast and the food is digested quickly. Due to proper digestion of food, problems of acidity, constipation, gastric problems, etc. can be avoided. It is also believed that the hormonal balance of people who walk both in the morning and night is also right.

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    I have seen many people taking a small walk after dinner. It is always good to walk after dinner as going to bed immediately after dinner or sitting idle after dinner and then going to bed is not advisable. Walk at night can be light and one need not do brisk walk. One can take small steps but will get good air, can spend time with partner after all the work is done.
    But one should not forget to take their morning brisk walk just because they walk at night. Morning walk is also equally important.

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    Walking is the best medicine of a sugar patient. It should be at morning as well as in evening. But who is of sound health with sufficient normal exercise during the day working need not do it to burnt further calories. Those who have diabetes or high boarder line sugar in their blood need some exercise for burning the extra fat calorie. I think morning walk is better for maintaining a balance health. Many people walking at night time after dinner till digestion of food to maintain fat free body may also help the diabetic patient with lowering p p sugar level.
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    Walking is the best exercise for all ages. The speed of walking, the distance and the time will depend on the age of the individual. If you want to maintain your weight as desired you should walk daily for a minimum of 5 to 6 Kms. This is what generally, doctors prescribe.
    Walking after dinner is a good method. Generally, after dinner, we will not have much physical work and hence digestion of food taken in the dinner may become a problem for some people. If we walk for 15 to 20 minutes after dinner, that will make the food get digested easily and also keep the sugar levels in control. It will not give any scope for an increase in weight and accumulation of calories.
    But young people who go for jogging and brisk walk should not opt for this. They should do it before taking food and it is better to do it early in the morning.

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    Not only to diabetics, generally the light walking after dinner is good to all. I have seen many used to take walk after dinner either in outside or even in their house-terrace . Somebody have a regular habit of taking one banana after dinner daily.
    Diabetic patients should never skip walking in the mornings but many do skip walking by saying no time.

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    Walking is a very beneficial exercise for all the people whether they take it in the morning or evening or even after the dinner. There are many people who have a habit of remaining active after lunch and dinner and from health point of view that is a very good thing if one can observe that regularly. In our culture the practice of Yoga and meditation is recommended for good health. In fact one of the Yoga Asans known as Vajrasan is recommended to be done after the dinner or any main meal and some people do it and get advantage out of it. There are so many good things in our culture which few people are aware.
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    This is a very good advice by the author. In our society after dinner many people come down to the ground floor and walk in the common area. Some chit chat with others and enjoy the company. By around 11 PM only people go back to their houses after that exercise cum entertainment session and many do that invariably and definitely it is always better to be active after food for some time before we go to take rest.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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