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    Why water has to be taken before sipping the tea?

    In Hyderabad if you visit any Irani hotel famous for the tea, the water is served first and then the tea is placed on the table. What may the reason for having the water before sipping the tea.? May be some Irani chai has the more sugar content and to avoid that lingering taste even after having tea, the water is served to get rid it. Or is that business trick to have the presence of customer in relax mood to have water first as the tea is made ready. I wanted the members to come with their way of explanation on this observance.
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    You have already mentioned and hinted some reasons for that and let me also elaborate some more on this. Water is the nectar of our lives and one of the biggest gift of nature to us. It is a very good solvent and a cooling agent also. Our stomachs are always busy in churning the food and there are various acids, chemicals, biological material, enzymes, roughage etc inside our stomach at the different places along the alimentary canal and it is a complex system where churning, grinding, processing, and absorption takes place. To dilute as well as lubricate and smoothen the process we have to take water periodically and it will remove the extra heat from the system and dilute the poisonous ingredients, if any, and help the body in absorbing the nutrients and all things like that. It is generally advised to keep a gap between food and water so that let the food get mashed a bit before water is added to it. It is also advised to take water before food if one is feeling very thirsty and then give a small gap and take the food because the water has already gone ahead making place for the food and not pushing it unnecessarily. Those who take less water will have a tendency of toxic accumulations inside the stomach and it makes sense to take some water before taking hot and spicy items like tea. The hotel fellows might not be aware of these things but as this is in practice and long back some wise people might had advised to do like that it is in tradition in many places and even in our households that we offer water to the guests well before serving any snacks and tea or coffee.
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    Water intake prior to tea would dilute the harmful elements associated with the tea such as caffeine and sugar. In case, the same is not maintained, we would have the stomach issues. Water acts as a lubricant helpful in the removal of harmful waste. Since the same is followed in our daily routine and the hotel boy is from our own culture, he is aware of this tradition. It is not applicable to tea sipping only but we follow the same even taking some snacks or some spicy foods. We would wait a couple of minutes after sipping water and then continue our tea.

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    As far as I know, if we drink a glass of water before drinking tea or coffee, it reduces the amount of acid in our stomach and there is no fear of gas after drinking tea. By this, we stay away from stomach diseases. It is also believed that drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach affects health. Drinking water reduces the level of acid in the stomach, also reduces health damage. The body remains hydrated, It also helps in the removal of toxins from the body. But it is also important to keep in mind that there should be a period of time between drinking water and drinking tea. Many times people drink water when a cup of tea is placed in front and immediately after drinking the water, they start drinking tea. This method is wrong, it may cause more harm than good. The interval of both should be at least 10 minutes.

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    I am always told we are not supposed to sip tea or coffee on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning we should have water, warm water or ginger water or anything similar is preferred. And we should have tea half an hour after breakfast and this is a healthy practice. Having tea leads to acidity, disrupts the metabolism.
    I think the reason for serving water before tea could also be for the same reason. To keep you hydrated, to avoid acidity or gastric problem. Also water intake improves the metabolism so water might be given so that there is balance and metabolism is not disrupted after having tea.

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    I won't comment on the scientific part but would like to clarify that it is a normal routine to offer water to a guest before anything else. I don't think it is specific to any hotel and we need to understand that it is done even when someone visits our home. It is a part of our ethics and good manners.

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    I was just going to state the exact same point that Saji pointed out. It is a routine hospitality gesture, whether at home or in a restaurant, to first offer a glass of water. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the type of restaurant or what is ordered by the customer. Even before you place an order, even if it just for ice cream, for example, the glass of water is placed on your table with a holder of paper napkins and spoons (if these are not already on the table).
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    In many restaurants, we see water jug and empty glasses on the tables. We can take water into the glass from the jug and drink if we want. In some hotels, there will be a separate boy who will be supplying water to all the tables. It is a general procedure only to serve water before supplying the items we ordered.
    As far as my knowledge goes, it is not good to water before drinking tea. We should give some minimum gap between these two. The water we will take will be at room temperature or even less but tea will be at a higher temperature. This difference in temperatures is not good for the body. Many doctors suggest this.
    if we drink water sufficiently in a day, we need not take water separately before taking tea. But we should see that we will have a minimum intake of water.

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    I have a relative who used to have coffee without saying 'NO' but immediately after consuming coffee he used to sip a mouthful of water. Many times I noticed this and one day we both went to another relative's house. An elderly lady offered coffee for both of us. As usual he finished his cup of coffee took some water. But by seeing this that lady got annoyed whether her coffee made him to wash his mount (indicatively the coffee found poorly prepared). Shocked by hearing this my relative told that,'Sorry, I used to do so, to keep the taste of coffee fully go to my throat as I am a coffee fonder'.

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