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    How do people handle parenting difference or the difference in couple while taking decisions?

    No human is same and everyone have their own opinions. Often, difference raises among people while taking any decision and they have to sit together and come to a conclusion that can satisfy everyone. If the difference in any decision is with any person like with freinds or in office, then is it okay as it will be once in a while but if it is in couple and if it more then it becomes difficult to handle as they have to stay together forever.

    Sometimes, they will have parenting differences were if a mom finds something is good for her kid, a father might oppose as he might not find it good. A mom might like to give something for kid and a father might oppose. A good parenting way according to a mom might be bad for her husband and this way handling difference becomes difficult.

    Apart from parenting, a couple might also not agree in many ways. A wife might want to go to some place and a husband might choose another place. A wife might want to celebrate anything in a particular way and husband might not agree. This way there might be multiple differences.

    Difference in opinion is very common but when it becomes too much it might become difficult to handle. How do you think is the best way to handle the differences?
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    Mother is the authority in making decisions about the children. No father will insist on making decisions as it will put the burden on him. Men try to escape as much as possible. The child spends most of the time with the mother and she knows what is good for the child. If the man insists on making decisions, it will be difficult for the woman. The same trend is continued in all matters, the woman will become dejected. The decisions on household matters should be left to women only. The man should concentrate on earning for the requirements of the family. A woman will never like to take a decision on her own. She consults the husband and then only takes a decision. If both of them are in agreement, everything goes smoothly. Otherwise, problems may crop up in the family. In the case of disagreement, one of them should compromise. If things go too far, it is better to get separated and have your own life.
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    Mothers always remain devotional in bringing up children. They are closely associated with their kids and are aware of their needs. The mothers spare the entire time when the kids are are sick providing them medicines, special foods as prescribed by the physicians. It is not that father are not capable but because of their external activities, they would hand over this job to their wives. The ladies are well adapted to such situations and in no way, they would retreat from the same. Mothers are multi task masters and you can see these mothers helping their kids to finish their homework.

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    Parenting is the great art of living together and that requires formidable understanding between the mother and father who are responsible for their good and bad planning. A house wife should not indulge in waste expenses thereby giving challenges to the husband who must be planning for austerity. Husband must understand the minimum requirement of the family and immediate needs of the children must be addressed. No doubt small families are good and they adapt to the changes, but when the family is big and the earning member is only one then the father needs to take extra precaution and should advise the mother as to what to be purchased, when and why. If deep understanding between the head of the family and children is there, then there would not be any problem at all as adjustments would takes place at every decision time.
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    Adjustment and understanding. These two are the key factors that play an important role in coming to a common conclusion. There will be always some difference of opinions between two people. It may be wife and husband. brother and sister or father and son. But we have to come to an agreement and go forward in our life. We can't get separated for these issues. The best way to solve these problems is to sit and discuss. During these discussions, one should not go blind to his ideas. One should understand the point of the other person and compare all the ideas equally based on their merits and demerits. If we do that we will definitely understand which is the best solution. We should not have any ego and if the other person proposal is found to be the best we should accept that. Then all problems will get sorted out.
    However, in the couples, the dominating personality's decision will become the final. In some cases, it may be the wife and in other cases, it may be the husband. However, once it is accepted we should become normal. Then only our family will run calmly.

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    Marriage is a contract between two people to spend the time together in an amicable environment. After the birth of the children their responsibilities increase further. The relationship between the couple is a very important aspect and if relationship is not good and there is no co-operation between them then there is a big problem in the family and not only the growth of the children is hampered but also the family life of the couple is affected to a great extent. When the couple is unable to adjust and accommodate with each other then how they will be able to become a good parent. For a family to move ahead a congenial and mutual co-existing environment is required.
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    Couples may have differences at times and that might also sometimes lead to conflict and confrontation and especially when it is for the third person like the child or another family member then it become a bit embarrassing also. Many people resolve this in cordial ways but everyone does not have that type of patience and behavioural approach and then problems crop up. Sometimes in some families the elders would help the couple in taking god decisions because they have good experiences of their lives which they can always share with their children and daughter in law.
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    Differences among people are common but every dispute has a solution. I think the problem is not with people who want or don't want a solution to any dispute or a problem, rather their ego satisfaction is more beloved to them instead.
    When any dispute arises between a married couple both can find an amicable solution provided that they keep their ego aside, I am sure they will find out the best solution to their dispute or problem.
    Practically, if a wife is given special treatment in the home no dispute will arise between a couple. And special treatment refers to preference to woman, what she says should be preferred because it is undoubtedly acceptable that a mother can never take any wrong decision for her children, even her husband is not satisfied to her decision he must consider all pros and cons of the decision proposed by his wife and If something is serious with her decision he should convince his wife what is wrong in her decision but all this discussion be performed in a gentleman way. I hope no quarrel you will see in a family.

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