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    Many domestic tasks prove to be good exercises for us.

    We know that our body works like a machine, it will be more active and healthy if it will be used in different works, and when we have reduced the use of our body, it automatically gets surrounded by diseases, you only should be recognized and refined its capacity.

    In earlier times, people used to do all the work of their houses on their own, they did not depend on any maid or servant for any work. Rather, all the members of the family used to divide their work among themselves and did all the work of their share. But with the change of time, the dependence of people started on Maids, which started from cleaning utensils and then gradually came to other work like, brooming-moping, washing clothes, etc. and at present, food is also made by the maid in many families.

    This is happening to some extent due to the busy time and pressure of office tasks, but if the household members still show mutual understanding and share the housework with each other, then perhaps no outsider is needed. Apart from this, these domestic works prove to be a very good exercise for us. These days, due to the lockdown many people have also understood the importance of self-sufficiency for these tasks.
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    It is proven beyond doubt that many domestic tasks have good exercise abilities and that is the reason being so the house holds are hale and healthy. If you go to the village, the early morning starts with sweeping the fore court and back yard of the house and then cleaning with water and Rangoli. All these tasks involve, actions like bending, moving hands, walking, and then sitting. And while cooking the eyes are kept open all the ways and thus eyes gets the right moves. Then while peeling the onions, the dirt from the eyes are removed through crying effect and while cooking and serving lots of walking takes place. While preparations to cooking the dall paste or the rice paste are made through traditional methods and no use of mixer. All these goes into lots of exercise and thus keep the house hold hale and healthy.
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    I agree with the author that wroking household chores is a good exercise to keep body fit. In my childhood washerman would come to wash clothes because washing charges were cheap and women would do household chores by turn because family was big. I remember there was a quern in maternal grandmother's home. Once we were staying there and there was no electric supply for many days I don't know what was the reason of the long cut-off of supply. Flour mills had heavy load of grinding grains for customers. Then some of the family members grinded wheat to get flour and I was also one of them who took part in this work for five to ten minutes, I was a small child so I was not permitted to do it again.
    It is heard that old women would get married young girl work on quern when they would conceive. It would make delivery easy and comfortable. Rarely, any lady would be carried to hospital.

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    There are many household jobs and tasks which are definitely equivalent to exercising. It is only the mindset of the people that they shy away from them. Traditionally the man is supposed to go out and earn the livelihood for the family. At the same time woman was supposed to cook and do household work and take care of children. That was the division of work very clearly told and also understood by the family members. Now with modernisation many women started to go out and do the job just like a man. Here the question arose as who would do the household jobs. So, people started to keep servants or maid servants so that the wife is not overloaded by her office as well as house jobs. Anyway the basic thing still holds that some of the household jobs are equivalent to exercise but the mindset which makes a person to refuse doing household routine jobs is the culprit.
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    Every one is having some routine personal domestic works to be carried over in each day. Those who have time and mental ability to do domestic works can do it regularly but most of us are avoid it. In a big family one can find the whole domestic works are doing by the female members of the family in villages as described indirectly by Mr. Mohan #728113 above, where male members also do something omitted to write . The male members were then busy with their specific works. Yes , they are well fit and healthy but for those who are maintaining normal exercise at urban area are also fit and healthy with out even doing any domestic works.
    But as a normal routine if anybody engage in household works along with his/her duty also benefited with a good exercise is correct. Hence we all should do a little bit household works to gain ourselves. Thanks.

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    There is no doubt. Domestic works are also good exercises. In our childhood, we used to pull water from the open wells with buckets tied with rope. We used to carry water from the well to the bathroom. Morning and evening for the bath we used to this. These are good exercises for our body. But these days there is no necessity to do such things. We have electric pumps to pump water to the overhead tank and from there to the bath rooms. Like that many of the domestic works are also made easy these days.
    If we do our works in the house on our own we may have good work for our body. There may not be any need to do any additional exercise. We should have sufficient physical work for our body. Otherwise, there will be many health problems. Some people think that reducing the intake is a good way. But that may not give you enough energy. So we should eat sufficiently good nutritious food and we should have sufficient work to our body. Then only we will be healthy.

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    Domestic tasks are not easy as they require time and energy to complete them. A housewife only knows about this who has to complete the tasks to keep the family members happy. It is true that if one is not going out for walk or to gym, one can do some work in the house itself.
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    We have learned from our experience that in the old days when housewives were taking care of household chores, the physical disabilities of housewives were minimal. As the previous authors point out, in those days men went to work to earn money for household expenses and savings, and women happily carried out all the works in the house while looking after the children. Electronic & electrical devices, such as washing machines, electric pump sets, and grinders were not popular, or they were only available in high-rich families. Therefore, manual work such as sweeping the yard, pulling water from the well and delivering it to the kitchen and bathrooms, washing clothes on stones, and grinding rice was done manually. All of these caused great physical distress, but unknowingly made the body of those who did them fit and strong. Therefore, they did not need special exercise. My mother and grandmother have told us the history of going to the delivery room (in the house) by stopping some work halfway.

    Today the husband and wife have to go to work if the family is to survive without much difficulty. Therefore, the above-mentioned electrical & electronic machinery has to be procured and used as the work has to be completed quickly. So the wives with an external job, get up early in the morning for exercise and does morning walk and running. In the past, a large percentage of men cycled to and from the offices and the companies. As it turned into motorcycles and motor cars, he also joined with his wife for the morning walk and running.

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