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    Active GD- Should double promotions be allowed in schools?

    We are now announcing an Active GD on the topic 'Should double promotions be allowed in schools?' Let us discuss the various issues related to the topic.

    {This GD has been inspired by this thread by Mohan but has been conceived differently for discussion}.

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    Let us have a healthy, active, and fruitful discussion. The GD will close on the 18th of April 2021.

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  • #728115
    I am totally against the double promotions being bestowed on students who seems to be over intelligent and talented as the teacher and the principal of the school feels that the child be given the impetus to higher class. But schooling is the process of learning step by step and even one class miss would cause the student loss of knowledge. Though double promotion would be blessing for the child and the parents would feel happy that they saved money on fee and the child need not go through the ordeal of studying one more class, but no one think that the basics of the class study has gone as the child is denied of all subjects and portions that ought to be studied. Not many schools are giving this promotions, but some private schools in order to attract new admissions are stopping to promotions gimmicks.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #728120
    I am against the concept of double promotion. Though child is very intelligent, there might be something that he might miss out to learn if he is double promoted. Also, a child's nature keeps changing as they grow up. Once a very intelligent child may become average as they grow. So judging a child's capacity becomes wrong . This might also have impact on other children. Hence I do not support the concept of double promotion.

  • #728127
    Once the child gets into double promotion mode and if he taste that success, he may be keep expecting the same in the subsequent classes and thus the interest on study would be less and the promotion would be more. Now a days even one period is missed the child is not aware of many things as the teacher would not only teach the portion concerned but also brings in examples and branch story to which the child who gets the promotion has been denied. So all these factors make the double promotion a big no for those parents who want their child to be best by studies and not by fluke.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #728128
    I am against the double promotion because it is not appropriate because it is against the traditional process of schooling. When a child is sent to school, it is not seen how intelligent or poor he is, his starting level is always started from the nursery class. In such a situation, it is wrong to give double promotion to any student on the basis of the syllabus of a particular class. The mental development of some children is different at different ages, but for complete development, knowledge of all the classes step by step is necessary which is important.

  • #728133
    Double promotion will only destroy the future of a learner. It will hamper the growth and development of students even though he or she is intelligent. Students must be taught in schools and only after proper assessment in the annual exams should be promoted to another class for the overall growth of students. We have witnessed such wrong practices which only mars the learning capability of students. When a student studies throughout the year and learns many important points and prepares for final exams and qualifies it; it not only develops his confidence but also looks into the next class optimistically. Double promotion can never be encouraged even in the second wave of the pandemic.

  • #728135
    Double promotion is nothing but completing two classes in a single year. During my school days, this was in practice. But very judiciously it was used by the concerned. I don't know whether the system is in force now or not.
    This concept of double promotion was there in the schools only. But not in colleges.
    There are many changes in the education system these days. The syllabuses are advanced and cover a wider range. So it may not be practicable these days for a student to cover the subject of two years in one year. The student will get strained. After promotion to the higher class, the student may not be able to follow different subjects properly and it may increase strain and stress on the mind of the student. This will have a negative impact on the mind of the person and he may not fare well in the next class. Keeping these things in mind I say there should not be any double promotion concept. I will not support this.

    always confident

  • #728136
    If a student joins the school as per the age mentioned in the regulations and if he gets the double promotion he will reach X class at a lowe age. So how the student can sit for the public examination. Probably these candidates should be given special consideration. That is another point that goes against double promotion.
    The age limits for every class are fixed keeping the levels of the study and the maturity levels of the students. An under-aged student may not understand and grasp the subject on par with a normal aged student. That may make the student who got a double promotion inferior to a regular student.
    Earlier days competition is less and there are no private schools. But now there are many corporate schools which are trying various methods to attract the students. This double promotion concept may become a marketing point to them and they may misuse the concept.

    always confident

  • #728140
    The education department should bring in urgent orders to stop giving double promotion as the thing has been used to please the parents who are ready to shell down donation for the school. But in the long run the student would be suffering as without the basics going to higher classes is the waste. The more the higher classes, the inter related lessons are taught from the first class onward and if any brake through the double promotion would be risking the great studies in future. And the student would be demanding the same double promotion in the future also that is not good for the school.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #728144
    Just like the other members who have opined against the practice of double promotion, I too believe that it's a wrong system certainly. The authorities must keep in mind that a child can be a prodigy with extraordinary talent, but what about his/her emotional and physical development?

    Before granting a double promotion, the authorities should not ignore that the student might fail to adjust with the students who are practically his/her seniors. Maturity level matters a lot in the proper growth of a kid, so the students who are a year older can misguide and misuse the child prodigy who got a double promotion. It would ruin the future of the child.


  • #728147
    I oppose double promotion concept at school level as the basics of all the subjects will be taught for the first time. The foundation what it needs for the higher studies if it is missing at this level and that will affect in future. I remember that in olden times people used to tell that they got this type of promotion. My father also used to tell that he got such a type of promotion at school level. But I haven't heard this type of double promotion in modern times. Without studying a class, a student will miss learning the basic concepts of the topics. Even the student is a gifted student by birth, the school has to provide special coaching separately so that he/she may well acquaint with the basic concepts of the skipping class. But the school authorities may not provide such facilities to these students. Instead of this, the gifted students should be provided with some special projects that will help to utilize their sharp brains and master their skills and talents.

  • #728157
    The social behaviour of a student also depends on the age of the student. If an underaged student is teamed with aged students may not fit in the group and may become an odd man. That will make the student feel lonely and they will get stressed as they are not able to adjust to the group. That is never good for the student. The temperaments of the student will also change based on age.
    These intelligent should who got double promotion may not be at the top of the class in the new class. These intelligent students who got double promotion may have the habit of the top rankers in their class. But once they are given double promotion, the position may change and they may not be in the top slot. That will change the attitude of the student which is not advisable.
    They will suffer mentally and psychologically which will tell upon their academic performance also. That is why I feel double promotion is an undesirable practice.

    always confident

  • #728158
    Today the syllabus of the students in various grades or classes is already very large and comprehensive and in such cases double promotion does not appear to be a viable proposition. Some students might be very intelligent and quick learners and have excellent memory but ultimately what matters is the gradual development of the personality of the student in all respect and not only in academic front. So giving double promotion will not be of any use until the students matures in all the ways which are necessary for an overall growth in his life. It is not understood as why this system was adopted by some educational institutions at times but it would do no good to the students who may temporary feel delighted by this facility.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #728161
    It's not about the grasping ability of a student only because there could be a few, if not all, extremely talented who would manage studies of a higher standard with quite ease. Suppose a student with double promotion receives praise from the teachers while the rest of the students get demeaned for their lack of knowledge and intelligence, then it can backfire in many ways. The demerits are:

    1. The child prodigy might become overconfident and proud. He/She could start underestimating the other students, which would harm his/her performance in future.

    2. Over attention to the student with double promotion by the teachers might irritate the other students. Some may further go into a shell, while a few may become bullying kind. It might turn the class atmosphere into a ragging culture. After all, they are also young kids, and humiliation can impact the students very harshly.

    3. Teachers need to be very careful while managing the class. One wrong move of the teachers may ruin a student's future. To praise a student is fine, but if a teacher appreciates someone by underestimating any other student, it would be unfair.

    Thus, school students must not grow up with rejection, rowdyism and overconfidence because all these three can only spoil a child. The school students are immature kids, so neither can they handle extreme praise and attention nor strong enough to face criticism.


  • #728175
    It is interesting to note that any child who is given a double promotion, of course based on his talent and other things that differentiate him from the lot, will have a different mind set from others and there are dangers of falling him in the trap of superiority complex which is often the cause of downfall of many people including the student community. So, we have to be careful in taking these decisions about one's career where such jumps are provided to him but the ultimate result is not commensurate. Educationists differ in this matter and may put various logics and arguments to support double promotion but it is not as lucrative as it appears from a distance. I remember one saying in this context that all that glitters is not gold.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #728182
    The child who is double promoted might have superiority complex and also he might start being over confident in anything. A child might become overconfident during exam that he will pass and not give enough efforts and thus might not clear the exam and may get just average mark.
    Or a child's parents will expect even more from the child and start pressurizing him a lot and even 1 mark less than the previous time will not be tolerated. A child might be put into tremendous pressure of doing more than before.
    So double promotion will only do bad than good.

  • #728183
    Double promotion in schools allows a student to skip a grade. Skipping of grade depend on the student competency and decided on the basis of his/her performance. But I think nowadays double promotion in schools is not in practice.
    Some extra ordinary and gifted children need special education because they are intelligent and quick learner as compared to other students. However, their presence in the class may cause ignorance to the other children as all the attention of teachers is cached by those children. But on the other hand, a gifted child may feel very bored in a class with average IQ as he/she may study the entire syllabus in advance. Actually, the double promotion system may facilitate such children to learn at their own pace. Some people may say that time they may face problem in interaction with older students but it is not true as these children actually are also good at it and they easily adapt themselves in the changed/accelerated environment. And, he/she will not perform better if he/she is forced to remain in a class in which they are brainily advanced from his/her classmates cognitively.
    Grade skipping at an early stage may help a child to accelerate without the disruption of social life and curriculum that later grade skipping might cause.

  • #728185
    A student who got a double promotion may become the sour eye of the other students in the class. The other students may always try to find some faults with this student and try to make the student get irritated. This may also have a say in the performance of the student.
    I know some students who skipped one class and got the next class. I have personally seen the difficulties they have faced. Their performance levels have shown a down trend and they couldn't perform as they are expected. This is what I have seen. But it may not be the case in all cases. But definitely, chances are there
    If any student is given double promotion, the parents should pay a lot of attention to the student. But how many parents these days can do that.
    Keeping all these points in view I say this system of double promotion is not a good system to follow.

    always confident

  • #728186
    Sometimes some children perform very well in a particular class and according to their age they seem to be more qualified than the students, but on the basis of this, considering them different from the rest of the children, the idea of ??double promotion is not right. These days, we are seeing that when children are studying online, it seems as if the children have got automatic promotion here too, but there is a lack of important education. Merely moving to the next class is not the right system of studies, so there should be no double promotion.

  • #728188
    This disussion going one sided and no member has supported the double promotion at all and that proves no one likes double promotion as it is detrimental to the growth of the student.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #728189
    Double promotion of a student should not be allowed in any case though the student would be highly motivated and excited with such a reward. He would be the centre of attraction in his new class where both his colleagues and teachers may raise doubts over his competence. Facing such embarrassing situations repeatedly can create inferiority complex within the child thus hampering his further progress. He might not have witnessed such a situation in the event of his normal promotion creating a more congenial atmosphere for his mental growth. He could have enjoyed a secured environment in the class. He had not to face any wrath from either of the sides teacher or the student community. One more thing the double promotion can always put strain on the mind of the pupil regarding his consistency in his studies. If he fails to keep the same, there could be a nervous breakdown of the pupil.

  • #728194
    I am supporting the double promotion system in school. Double promotion is a very good arrangement and it should be in every school. This is very important until class ten. There is no harm in dropping one class, because there is nothing to learn in one class that will give him problems in the next class. There is no such system from secondary, if it is to be done for any specific reason, it is necessary for the approval of the concerned minister.
    Not everyone gets a double promotion, those who are suitable for getting a double promotion should be given or received. I think when a brilliant student gets a double promotion, his confidence doubles. And until the tenth grade, no one thinks about anyone's certificate or pays any price. So if someone drops a class, they don't even remember it in the next life. This saves time, effort and money. I remember in our time we used to study up to fifth class in primary section, eighth class in middle school, tenth class in high school. And up to the eighth grade, many student get double promotion in one or another class. But they are all well established today and do not bother about it. But the unfortunate thing is that nowadays all those schools have closed the door of double promotion. Because they give priority to money income. In office there are also exist the system of double/triple promotion for the right talent. So it is a reward for the right candidates should be encouraged.

    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

  • #728197
    Acceleration of the students based on their performance will allow them to progress at their own pace of learning, rather than by their age. The system of double promotion is for extraordinary/gifted children only who perform very well in their class and they are usually excellent academically and in other activities also. And, double promotion can be done only in the case of these children.

    However, skipping a grade or double promotion is not required in all cases. Only those students, who perform extraordinarily in class in each subject, can be accelerated. On the other hand, some students might be good in few subjects and some may be in extracurricular activities and in these cases double promotion will not be required. There may be some other alternatives also like supporting classes/acceleration classes for such students. However, double promotion is a good option that allowed excellent performing children to learn with the children of the same IQ level and prevent them from frustration.

  • #728201
    @ dhruba, we cannot say double promotion is a reward for a child. An extra ordinary child now, can turn up to be a average child tomorrow. I have seen many examples like this. An extra ordinary child becomes over confident. Good if the child continues to be extra ordinary but there are chances that the child might not be the same also. A child's IQ might be more than other students in his class, but that definitely make other children discouraged and also the student who is double promoted might start having feeling that he is very intelligent, he is always right and need not listen to anyone extra. He might look down at others also. So, it is better to avoid double promotion and continue the classes age wise.

  • #728202
    @728197, you mentioned "double promotion is a good option that allowed excellent performing children to learn with the children of the same IQ level and prevent them from frustration." But we are not sure that all the children in the class a student is double promoted to have the same IQ as his. There can be students who are average and below average. And now, the comparison starts were a below average will always be pointed put saying a student younger than you is performing better and many more. This double promotion might do good only for that student but does bad to all others.

  • #728204
    If we think that extraordinarily performing student can be promoted, how to set up a benchmark? What should be the criteria? These days more than 90% of the students are getting more than 90% marks in almost all the subjects. I have seen students who got 100% marks even in languages also. So can we say all these students are extraordinary/ gifted students? Can all those students be given double promotion? In earlier days only a few students are getting more than 60% marks in the final examinations.
    When I was in SSC, 3 students out of 120 from my school got above 60% marks. In the same school two years before, 110 students out of 120 students got 90% marks in their SSC examination. Their percentages are high in all the classes. Then how to decide to whom double promotion can be given?
    In such a situation it is very difficult for a student who got a double promotion, to compete with other students in the class after his double promotion. He may not be able to perform well in this class. That will unnecessarily spoil the chances in his career afterwards. So it is good not to get a double promotion in the present situation.

    always confident

  • #728205
    The disadvantage of the double promotion would be felt in the entire class wheel the teachers would quote that others should be ashamed of their class performance. The entire group of the classes have scored 65 percent marks where as the boy having got double promotion has got the average marks 93 percent on computation of the entire subjects. There will be no end to this comparison. No pupil would like to hear such comments repeatedly in the class from the teachers. Such remarks would ultimately affect the entire students of the class and even the boy having enjoyed double promotion would be deprived of friendships of others. Hence it would not be even good for him either.

  • #728213
    #728205, The double promotion of an extraordinary student should be done to prevent the other students of being ashamed. Because if in a class there is a gifted child he/she will impress the teachers and get their attention and due to this other students may be ignored and they may feel ashamed. We know that in a class all the students cannot have the same learning capacity but if there is an extraordinary child with high learning capacity and if he/she will be double promoted then he/she will learn with the student with higher learning level. Because upper class student definitely have higher learning capacity as compared to lower class students. I don't think so that it will affect his/her friendship to the other students as friendship does not depend on age rather than it depends upon the understanding, likes/choice etc. And, as far as I understand every student want to become a friend of an intelligent student.

  • #728214
    Some important points have been raised by members about how double promotion can be detrimental to a student. It may put psychological pressure on other students who may not be promoted to the next class and have to undergo an exam to qualify for the next grade. While those who get promoted would feel rejoiced and overconfident which may create problem in the learning process in future for the student.
    I have witnessed the consequences of double promotion to students only destroys the education system and this is no rational to promote students blindly to the next grade. Post-August 5, 2019, and then due to covid-19 schools have been shut and education system has completely dwindled by mass promotion. Children don't go to school and online classes don't prove fruitful either as there is a huge disparity in access to these facilities. The outcome of the shutdown was only promoted to the next classes without knowing anything about the previous grade which has marred the education sector in Kashmir.
    Again authorities are looking to promote students to the next classes which will again be damaging to students. Promotion will hamper the development of students and is not suitable for the learner.

  • #728215
    Studying and learning are the most important phases in ones life and any student who does it in a proper speed and pace only will be able to absorb the knowledge that is to be assimilated for further learnings. Arbitrary jumping will not help in that though it will benefit a student in terms of time and he can gain one year in his educational career. If we compare this with the fast promotions in the career of a person than there is no such setback because in the career a person has to manage and even if a young person becomes the chairman of a company with managerial skills he can run the show but pursuing education and learning is entirely a different thing and requires smooth and sustained pace of learning.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #728217
    Annual or bi-annual assessments of students are important to keep a record of the performances and it helps teachers as well as guardians/parents to look into his or her performance. Examination of a student is a backbone of the education system without this it would be difficult to assess the growth and development of students. If you don't assess the student, you can not be able to assess his or her performance properly. It is the responsibilities of the authorities to look into the matter if they have an idea of double promotion for students which can harm the learning capability of learners.

  • #728221
    In #728213, the member has mentioned that a double promotion is a must to prevent other students from being ashamed. If it is so, then in every class other than the students who secure top positions, the rest of the classmates must feel ashamed. It never happens like that. It is natural to have a class of mixed students. All cannot be rank holders in a class, isn't it so?

    The students with high IQ have to be handled very maturely by the teachers. Is it possible a student who receives double promotion would get all the batchmates of the same calibre in the higher class? It's impossible because every section of each class has students of different aptitude.

    If any student is very talented and is a class apart from others, then his/her parents must opt for private education. He/She can appear on the Boards examination privately. Well, that has its shortcomings. School education does not mean only academic learning but overall personality development.


  • #728222
    I do not find anything wrong in giving double promotions to bright students at the school level. As a teacher, I can say with confidence that classroom teaching is aimed at the average student. This does not do justice to the bright and below-average students. The average students are taken care of by repeating the topic twice or thrice in the classroom. The bright students understand in the first instance and if there is any doubt, they get it clarified in the classroom itself or after the class is over. When the topic is repeated, the bright students lose interest in the lecture. To sustain their interest is difficult. The below-average and poor students may benefit from the repetition or they just sit dumb without understanding. Now the question is about the bright students. Unless their talent is recognized and rewarded, their talent is wasted.
    How to encourage bright students? One way is by giving them some extra and advanced assignments. This is not possible in the routine classwork and the usual academic year. I fully advocate giving double promotion to the talented.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #728223
    A good student will never get ashamed by seeing the students who are getting better marks than him. All are not equally capable. Everyone will have his own calibre. By seeing a candidate who is performing will the other students may get inspired and they will try their best to get at least near to him. If a student is feeling shy about his performance the teachers and the parents should mentor him and see that he will do his best. Double promotion is not the solution to the rank holder to protect the interests of the other students.
    always confident

  • #728229
    The gifted child has unique and advanced skill as compared to his peers or children of his same age. Their learning capabilities are higher than children of their same age. So if promoted they will be feeling more comfortable.
    Although in a class not all the students are of the same age there will be always a difference of 1-2 years. And if a child will be accelerated then it will be a skipping one or two grades only. I don't think so that there will be a major issue of age group.
    Further, if a child is identified as a gifted child and he can get an opportunity of double promotion, to stop a child only due to age issue will not be a wise decision.

  • #728231

    Can a child, his/her teachers and the parents give a guarantee that he/she can cope up with the higher level of educational pressure in the higher class? One can perform extraordinarily in the present class but what is in store in the future is very dicey. Suppose a student gets a double promotion, but performs very poorly in his new class, then how will the authorities deal with him? Will he be demoted? What will be the state of mind of the student if he gets demoted? Other students may make fun of him, and won't the child feel dejected?

    Just giving a double promotion for a good performance in one class is not the right decision. Every action has its pros and cons, so one should not decide only according to the present scenario.


  • #728235
    Being brilliant is not a matter of ashamed to others but other students may get motivation also. Here I am talking about extra ordinary students/gifted children. Being a top position holder or top ranker in a class is totally different to that of the students with extraordinary skills. It is natural to have a class of mixed students but naturally, everybody like the company of the people of same nature then only he feels comfortable.

    Students with high IQ perform very well in less efforts and time so it is more convenient to promote them in the upper class to which they deserve. After getting double promotion they will learn with the batchmates of high learning capacity as compared to the previous class. Then these students will learn at their own pace.

    If any student is very talented it does not mean that he should be taught privately. Gifted children have various qualities like rapid learning, quick response, excellent memory, large vocabulary etc. They enjoy solving problems, in case they get an opportunity of acceleration, they should not be forced to stay in the same class or study privately because school education is necessary for overall development of a child.

  • #728236
    Your assertion is partly correct that a brilliant student having enjoyed the double promotion can change the direction of level of thinking of their peers. However, it is a time consuming process and calls for high level of patience and understanding of the so called child to achieve that level. In the beginning it may not be a smooth journey and to achieve that level, he must have the right support of his teachers and peers. There may be the variance of the ultimate result. In some school, it will be possible to have the desired positive results but in the other he may fail to have this optimistic results because of mindset's of the peers and teachers. They may not be supportive to enhance his potentials with the input of right encouragement.

  • #728237
    There are no criteria for selection of students for double promotion in India and it is also true that nowadays many students score more than 90%. But I have already mentioned in my post #728183 that nowadays double promotion in schools is not in practice. However, in some exceptional cases it can be seen.
    But if this system will be there it will be beneficial for the children who are identified as gifted. For this there may be certain tests/exam etc. or selection can be done on the basis of performance in schools like other countries.

  • #728244
    Ms. Shampa Sadhya, no one can give a guarantee about a student who got a double promotion and those who studied on a regular basis. I am a person who got the benefit of this double promotion in my school days. After completion of my 3rd standard, I appeared for the " Into 1st form" examination, which is a direct entry to the sixth class. From the 3rd standard, I was admitted into the sixth standard. I successfully completed my high school studies and got admitted into the Engineering course. I did not face any problems. Only students who are expected to cope up with the promotion to a higher class will be allowed. We find many children excelling in their studies and doing well in other areas also.
    I will give you an example of my classmate at Engineering college. He was extraordinarily intelligent. After studying for some time, he left the course saying, everything looks so simple and he wants something really worth learning. There will always be brilliant students who are capable of in-depth learning of a subject. They need facilities and also they should be suitably guided to do better things in their academic career.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #728266
    I have also an example of a student who got a double promotion. My sister got a double promotion and she went to 6th class from 4th class by writing the " Into 1st form" examination. She is a very brilliant student and got very good marks on the entrance test. But she struggled a lot in 6th class. Especially she was unable to cope with mathematics. I was to spend a lot of time with her to see that she will do well in the examinations. She managed to pass the examinations but not with a very high percentage. She was not very happy with her performance and disturbed a lot.
    Simple getting promoted will definitely make the student disturbed as he/she was a rank student earlier before he. she got the double promotion.
    People who want to be on the top of the list will always get disturbed if they couldn't get the expected result.

    always confident

  • #728277

    Exactly, I have also mentioned in #728221 that school education is necessary for all. Private education cannot be a healthy substitute for school education. Suppose teachers and parents are in a hurry to promote a child just because he/she has some extraordinary talent, then they should opt for private education. Gradual learning has benefits that none can ignore. I agree, a gifted child might feel bored at times, so the teachers and parents must counsel the child and make him understand the need for gradual learning with his/her age group, or else there can be an imbalance in personality development.


    It's good to learn about your success after getting direct admission to the 6th class. There are indeed extraordinarily talented children, but you also didn't deny that nobody can guarantee a child's success in the upper standard that is not suited for his/her age. So, why gamble with a child's academic future and mindset?

    Let me raise another point: at present most of the kids are multi-talented. Some are exceptionally good in studies, while a few are achievers in sports or fine arts and many others. Students whose grasping ability is very high in studies but are not good in other fields still get a double promotion. Won't it be injustice with those kids who excel in some other departments but lags a little behind in studies? Gifted children are those who are not just good in studies but in other sections too. That's a rare combination, isn't it so? It will always be good to make students of different calibre study together to benefit from one another.


  • #728278
    As above said by many authors, I am too against of double promotion as it would not be good for student future. I have seen few student getting double promotion but their result was not good when they got admitted in higher classes. Every thing needs time for proper development. Every work should be done at correct time and correct age. I think there are many disadvantages from double promotion. At first, If student get degree before time then they can't apply for job or any further degree. Generally, double promotion is preferred for brilliant student but it is not sure that they would maintain same Brialliancy in future as before age,they would feel more pressure on mind. Besides, they would spread negativity among other student who having average IQ level. Whether double promotion in school is beneficial or not, you can better understand by seeing the students condition in this pandemic period. Nowadays, you can see the education level of student if they are getting promotion without proper exam. Hence, double promotion in school is allowed then it would give same result as today our student are. Double promotion is not beneficial in any manner.

  • #728281
    A student acquires education not only for the academic growth but also for inculcating a personality which will help him or her in the future for a smooth ride and journey in the life. It is imperative that a normal speed of education where all the elements are assimilated by him and absorbed for a good knowledge base and robust personality to take up the challenges in the future engagements in ones career. Any type of experimenting like giving double promotion or jump will not be conducive for achieving such bigger and ambitious objectives. In fact such jumps should be avoided by the student himself as that could be a detrimental element in his life than that of the achievement of perceived benefits by the student, parents, and mentors.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #728282

    I don't think so that parent should opt for private education for their child if he/she is having some extraordinary talent. It will be just like a punishment for him and it will also lose his/her confidence. Further, after promotion still it will be a gradual learning along with the saving of time also because it will be a skipping of only 1 or 2 grades, I am not saying that a child of class 3rd to be promoted to class 8th or 9th. He/she will be promoted according to their capability. So, after promotion the student will progress as already he/she is equipped with some extraordinary talent.
    And, I think that the parents should not counsel and force their child to stay in the same class if he is brainily advanced and getting bored in the class because in that case also he will lose his confidence.

  • #728292
    Double promotion is not a small matter, it does not skip any one or two topics of a particular subject, but the syllabus of the whole class is skipped, so any student is sure to have problems in the next class. In general, when we watch a video on YouTube which is related to studies, many times the tutor advises that if you have not seen the video before it, then you must see it first, only then you will understand when a small If the previous video has so much importance in the video, it is natural that the whole class should have more importance.

  • #728304

    A double promotion will make a child overconfident, especially if the school teachers and the family members don't allow the child to understand the ground reality. Suppose the child does not perform well after a double promotion, then how the school will deal with him/her. Isn't it better not to gamble with a student's academic career and his/her self-esteem? Over expectation from the child might mar his performance, and it may further dip if teachers and parents start rebuking.

    'Getting bored' is a very vague term, isn't it so? It is the nature of almost every child to get bored, and the elders must make them feel happy by giving them some mood-changing experiences. Just because a child gets bored, parents should not opt for something which does not guarantee success in the future. Who else can counsel a child better than his/her parents?


  • #728308
    There are many research papers published in which the relation between age and the level of study. They feel that a higher age person studying a lower class will not affect his performance levels but a lower age person studying a higher class will definitely affect the performance of the individual. Many psychologists mentioned in their research work. They also suggested not to go for a double promotion in regular schooling.
    A student who is very good at studies will have a lot of spare time and that can be used for getting trained in other skills. In addition to academic studies, many other skills will help the individual in his career at a later stage.

    always confident

  • #728318
    Higher age person already has high learning capacity and definitely will perform well in a lower class. On the other hand, lower age person studying a higher class may or may not perform well. But here we are talking about extraordinary children who are super talented and have some unique skills. They are gifted with extraordinary skills like rapid learning, quick problem solving, hence they will easily adapt themselves in to new environment. Double promotion in regular schooling is not there but can be done in some exceptional cases. I am giving a recent example. A super talented girl from Indore got admission into a University in Indore at the age of 13. She was allowed to jump to Class 10th direct from Class 5th and after 10th she was promoted to Class 12th due to her extraordinary abilities and skills. As nowadays there is no special provision of grade skipping or double promotion, her parents struggled a lot to convince the authorities.
    So, if a child is having extraordinary abilities he/she should not be stopped from the acceleration just because of age issue.

    Further, gifted children have spare time after their school work but it doesn't mean that parents should rush to put them in some training of skill classes because learning skills also depends upon the choice of the children. He/she can learn and trained in other skills if he/she wish so but nobody should force them.
    Extraordinary students will be advanced academically either over all or in some particular subjects or activities. If the unique talent of these students will not be given the right direction, and guidance they may not be able take it further. And double promotion will give them right direction to utilize their knowledge and energy properly.

  • #728336
    Many psychologists say that majority of the cases of double promotion were found to be given negative results and the students struggled a lot in the higher class. Of course, there may be some exemptions.
    How to assess a student for understanding whether he deserves the double promotion or not is also not very clear. Every parent feels that his ward is getting more than 90% marks so he deserves a double promotion. This will be an additional point for the private schools to make money. Already there are many loopholes in the system, it will be added.
    A gifted child will definitely understand what are his interests and the parents can accordingly make him learn the skills in which he is interested. Learning and practising new skills are much better than skipping one class. Is it that one promotion to the next class will be going to change the entire life of the gifted child? Instead, if he practices other skills which he likes he will become an expert not only in academics but also in other areas also.

    always confident

  • #728340
    I don't think that double promotion will make a child overconfident. Instead, if he/she will stay in the lower class in that case, there are more chances that he/she will lose confidence. Double promotion is not a gambling with the career of a student but it is needed for his progressive career.

    In an extraordinary child, boredom may develop because sometimes he/she can feel everything too easy and nothing challenging. It must be taken seriously because boredom may sometimes lead to behavioural conflicts and lack of motivation, which may cause psychological problems also.

  • #728343
    Double promotion is for extraordinary student for their specific talent, so it should be treated as a reward as exist in the official promotion system. Double promotion in for present class study based on actual current ability of a student ,it doesn't talk about future contingencies. Future can not be predicted, a today's brilliant student can drop the study due to arising any unexpected event.
    If a student get such promotion , others will also influences by such and can try it for next class also resulting a good educational environment in the class. Another thing is very important here, in lower classes the syllabus of practical subject like Math, science is limited. If a student knows everything at now, why should he/she will continue this for whole year? So it is necessary for the right candidate for double promotion.

    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

  • #728344
    @728235: Any student is bound to lag once he or she does not study well whether it is a bright student who got a double promotion or a student with the usual promotion.
    The double promotions are awarded based on academic excellence but not on extracurricular activities. Those who are good at other activities will be selected to represent the institute at various competitions.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #728348
    One promotion to the next class will definitely have a positive effect but if he/she will stay in the same class with peers who are not have the similar understanding and level of knowledge will definitely ruin his /her life. Double promotion is given to a child so that he may learn at his own pace. In my post #728318, I mentioned that recently a super talented Indore girl was promoted twice and got admission in the University in Indore at the age of just 13. Don't you think so that these promotions in education will change her entire life?

  • #728350
    In my post, I am talking about the extraordinary students who are brainily advanced and identified as gifted. They are rapid learner and have qualities like quick response, excellent memory, large vocabulary etc. They must be promoted so that they can learn at their own pace with the students of same learning capacity.

  • #728353
    After going through the opinions of the dear members who are against the motion, I want to mention here that they are stating one or two examples to justify their viewpoint. If that is so, Dr Rao in #728266 has written about his sister's bad experience. Interestingly, everyone mentions the exceptions, which none of us against the motion would deny, but not considering the negative cases.


    Don't you think overconfidence and arrogance come from success only, especially when one is immature and doesn't know how to handle it? A student can progress only when the right decision is taken for him/her. The double promotion is a gamble definitely if the future result is not known. Boredom is a subjective term. It can be handled by experienced people like parents and all efficiently if they want to.


    The word 'ruin' is used for natural and regular progression. If a child's life gets ruined just because he/she is an early learner and is among those who learn a bit late, then I think that child should study separately. The early learner will give inferior complex to the mediocre students of the class to which one got promoted.


  • #728357
    After going through the discussions it appears that the majority are in agreement with my opinion that double promotion is detrimental to the student because of the following reasons
    1. At lower age if the student has to study in higher classes there may be some psychological effects on the student and that may hinder his performance levels. This was explained by many psychologists in their studies, Actually, the reason for deciding age for each class is this only. Violating that is not preferable.
    2. The student may get stressed in following the syllabus of the higher studies.
    3. These days almost all the students are having multiple skills and talents and as such repeating a student for double promotion is not an easy task.
    4.Already private educational institutions made education a business and it will become an added point for them to earn some additional money
    5. In the absence of clear cut guidelines for this, corruption may take place in this aspect also.
    6. These days in addition to academic qualifications, many other skills are also required for having a better career. So the student who is having very high talent can try for acquiring additional skills rather than going for a double promotion.
    Based on the above I strongly say that there should not be any double promotion system in schools.

    always confident

  • #728372
    Gifted/extraordinary children have some unique talent of rapid learning and problem solving etc. They may study in advance and completed entire course in advance. They may feel problems such as boredom in the class as they will not find anything challenging there. This may lead to distraction and behavioural conflict also. Lack of motivation and loss of confidence may also be felt.
    Some people may have a concern that after double promotion in an upper grade they will not have friends but forcing them to stay in the lower grade just because of age-group-friends is not right. These students are brainily advanced and they will adapt themselves in the upper grade and will make their friends. And, as far as age-group-peer friends are concerned, they may find their friends outside the school also.
    Various studies also show that gifted children are socially strong and they make friends and adapt themselves in the new environment easily.
    Some people may also claim that they may face some social and emotional damage however, in my opinion they may face huge social and emotional damage if they will be forced to stay in the same class due to age or other issues where there will be no child who could be able to understand or relate to them. So they will feel frustrated. And an unhappy child cannot perform well.
    They may see anything a different perspective and can solve a problem easily hence if they will be accelerated they will take challenges and enjoy their study.
    Further, if they will remain in the lower grade they will not have to study much so they will not develop a good study habit.
    So, looking to the above points I support double promotion of the extraordinary/gifted students in schools.

  • #728376
    In my concluding post on the particular group discussion, I firmly believe that double promotion should not be allowed. A student can be extraordinarily talented, but there is no guarantee that he/she could maintain the same form in the higher class. If the performance falls, then it will be a massive loss for a student's overall performance. Thus, it's better to go grade by grade. There should not be any hurry in acquiring academic qualification.

  • #728384
    While concluding from my side I have a strong conviction that slow and steady wins the race. There may be some extraordinary students who can accept the challenge of double promotion and then give the good results but for an overall growth that does not help in any way. The educational systems everywhere should try to remove these anomalous propositions from the system which create confusions and also create unusual precedents.
    Knowledge is power.

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