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    How to beat the heat during summer and what should be our clothing?

    The choosing of cloths for the summer is the special exercise for many as we would be opting for half shirts or T shirts for the gents and cotton sarees for the ladies. For the children the use of thin banian cloth would go well to beat the heat. Most of our members must be residing in heavy temparature area and how they are coping up with the summer with what kinds of clothes they are wearing. Does the males wearing the jeans pants during the summer makes sense ? Please share your valuable advise to other members.
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    Wearing clothes depends on each person according to their comfort. During summer, nobody prefers heavy clothing or any clothes that increases heat. One always prefer something light to feel comfortable. Generally, ladies prefer cotton so that they don't feel too much heat. At home, they prefer staying in pajamas or 3/4th pants or nightie.
    While going out, male or female wear Jean's aeven during summer which I have observed. But may be they will avoid tight fitted Jean's and wear something that is easy to move on.

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    We have a terrific summer season in our country and everyone tries to beat it with the traditional methods as everyone is not rich enough to remain in an AC environment. There are many measures that help in tackling the summer heat and clothing is an important part which protects our body from the direct heat and gives relief. But the synthetic clothes would not be helpful as they do not have the capacity to block or absorb heat. The best thing is to use the cotton clothes like some available in Gandhi Ashram bhandars and shops. There was a time when cotton was the cheaper cloth and even in villages the poor people had it. Now the cotton has also become costlier. Cotton has a very specific capacity of providing relief from intense heat and it protects us from it very efficiently. For wearing in the house one can use the thin cotton which is very convenient and comfortable. Jeans are preferred by the young generation as they are low maintenance dresses and it is fashionable to wear even the dirty and torn jeans.
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    From year to year, the heat in summer is increasing. The temperatures are increasing and becoming very difficult to tolerate. But we can't stop working these days also. So we have to take the required measures so that we will not get sick and we will continue our living.
    Better to use a cap and cool glasses while going out in the afternoons when the temperatures are high. It is better to use an umbrella if a cap is not available. It is better to remain inside during the peak hours that is 12 noon to 4 PM. Take as much water as possible so that you will not get dehydrated. Coconut water is also a good option. soft drinks or cold water is not recommended. Water from earthen pots is good. Very thin buttermilk with salt is also very good for summer.
    Cotton clothes and light coloured clothes are recommended for summer. Synthetic dresses are not good as they can't absorb the water. Little loose dresses are better than very tight dresses.

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    This is absolutely true that temperature is increasing year by year. The hot summer days are painful for everyone, anyone needs to be very vigilant about the clothes during the summer days, most people wear cotton clothes so that the effect of heat is minimized. Some people also avoid outdoor work in the daytime and do outdoor work in the evening in the cool time. But if I talk about the experience of my surroundings, then I think women who are still wearing saris in the traditional environment, in such a situation, when they working in the kitchen, then due to both the heat temperature and the gas heat in the kitchen, they have a problem it occurs. By the way, women also prefer to wear cotton saris so that the heat is minimized but still in many families, women pay less attention to themselves as they are more concerned about the family.

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    Beating the summer heat requires certain measures to be followed religiously. First is that one has to take sufficient water or fluids during the day, time to time to keep the body hydrated. Second point is to wear cotton clothes as far as possible as they keep the body safe from scorching heat. Those people who cannot tolerate heat or direct sunlight may take an umbrella to get shade under it which is a very good method to protect oneself from direct heat. Use of goggles and scarfs is also helpful to some extent and we can escape from the dust particles to enter our hair and eyes.
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