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    How to pursue the people for some common objective?

    Sometimes we want that people in our family or people under us in the work place or people in the society as our neighbours and fellow residents should join or agree to our proposition so that we can achieve that goal or aim in a united way leading to a fruitful result. But when we or any pother person put forth a proposal or idea then from the instant it is told, people start opposing and criticising it without going into the details of benefit accrued by that to all of us or society in general. Due to this the idea never takes a shape and the person who proposed it becomes disappointed to such an extent that he starts thinking is a negative territory and thinks that next time if some other person proposes something then he will vehemently oppose it. This may be a human psychology of revenge or any other word we use to define it but it happens often in real life situation. So, if we have a plan or idea then how should we pursue the other people to get them involved in it voluntarily. Any ideas? Please share.
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    Good post from the author and it is imperative that one should have the leadership quality to demand for the common objective and the proposal should be agreeable to all. That means one should sense the behavior and expectations of the group before hand and that way the common goals, Normally when we want to have the acceptance of the group of people there would be in favor and against groups to which we must be ready to address and redress their grievance so that the objective is taken to the next level. Here many fails as they have not done proper home work of complaints that are obviously expected.
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    That all depends on the mentality of the individuals. The level of confidence the participating members have in the person who made the proposal will also have a big say in accepting or rejecting the proposal made.
    In a group, there may be different types of people and their thinking pattern will also be different. Another point is people never see the issue as an issue, They will give importance to the person who is proposing that also.
    In a group, if the discussion purely goes on the issue only it is easy to make the others accept the proposal based on its merits. But if other priorities come into the picture means it is very difficult for the proposal to get approved.
    The majority of people should accept that or the leader of the group has to force it. If we want our proposal to get approved, it is always better to have a discussion with some of the participants separately. We should talk to the people who are having confidence in us. In turn, they may talk to some of their confidential persons and we can get the majority acceptance when the actual discussion takes place. This is the method many people use.

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    Others have to be made aware of the common objectives. The interesting thing is someone may be thinking that the proposed idea has a lot of common benefits but others might be thinking that the person is having other motives. The problem is if others are not much concerned about those benefits they will be hesitant to agree to the proposal. One way is to involve a person who has a good influence on the group or society. It is the tendency of people to listen to those influential people carefully. Even if they do not listen to the proposal carefully, they may readily accept it since it is proposed by an influential person.

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    Offering new proposals or suggestions should not never be a matter of prestige or honour. If we are asked or expected to place our proposal or suggestion or new ideas or thoughts before others we should be honest in this regard, what we assume best or what may be more beneficial for people or group we should place it before them. On fhs other hand they should also be honest and sincere for considering all suggestion and proposals on their merit and qualities. They should choose the best option out of all of them.
    This is also a fact that we are already sure that our proposal or suggestion should be accepted at any cost because our suggestion or proposal is hundred per cent correct and it will have to be honoured by all, I don't think it is a healthy thinking. We should leave it at their volition and discretion power.

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    This would not be so easy to do that but if the person is having some leadership quality and has a good behaviour and reputation in the society and he knows the art of pursuing then probably some people may agree to contribute in the said project which should be of course a viable and meaningful in the eyes of those who are taking part in it after the convincing efforts made by the initiator.
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