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    Remaining polls in one go, why Mamta demands so ?

    We all know that election process in our country has to be planned well in advance and the EC takes over the administrative powers from the state there by making the polls free and fair. Now that WB has gone for staggered polls and polls to few areas are held, suddenly the WB chief minister has demanded remaining polls in one go. How can it be possible and the EC rejected her demand. What may be the reason for sudden demand ? Has she sensed delayed polls to remaining seats would get her less or no seats? Please share your views.
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    What we can say why she has demanded to complete polls in one go. But a question rises why west Bengal polls are being conducted in 8 phases? Elections in others states were started and ended but west Bengal elections are continued? It's claimed by TMC that bjp wanted to conduct Bengal elections in 8 phases and the election commission endorsed it.
    There were 16 speeches in west Bengal which could cause a ban (most of them were from bjp leaders) but only Mamta di was banned for 24 hours?
    People (the Satya Hindi team) are raising a question about the credibility of the election commission.

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    She mentioned that she is asking for this change, keeping the increasing COVID 19 cases in her state in view. If the schedule is very long the election campaign will continue all these days and the chance of people moving from one constituency to another constituency will be high. So the chances of spreading the virus will be very high. That is the reason she requested the EC to club all the phases into one phase. As a reply to that, the state EC conducted an all-party meet and advised them to adhere to the norms and follow all the precautions suggested to avoid the spread of the virus. But I don't know what else she had in her mind. Anyhow, chances for her party to win the elections are very high and she need not worry about that.
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    When EC drawn plan for staggered polls none raised the objections then ?
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Perhaps you don't know about all these objections that are not new, were raised when election commission took this decision to conduct this election in eight phases.

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    I think if Mamta is asking it because of the increasing corona threat then it is logical and election commission can consider this of course after examining it from all the angles. If there are other reasons for asking this favour then election commission may not agree. So right now it depends upon the judgement of election commission. Changing schedule is also not possible like that but corona threat will force the election commission to take such decisions even without any requests. BJP is also aggressively campaigning in West Bengal as this is a golden chance for them to win the elections as there is an anti-establishment wave in West Bengal and some people are not happy with the highhandedness of TMC workers.
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