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    The most important element for the strengthening of the relationship.

    We form many relationships in our lives, our relationships begin to form just after coming into the world. Some are we have already get by birth and after this some of them we choose ourselves, and sometimes we want to change the relationship too. When we are younger no one has any expectations from us but as we grow older, the expectation of every relationship increases and as we meet those expectations, new expectations begin to form and that is how our relationship game goes on. But the demand and expectation of every relationship are not the same, everyone is different demands, in such way it is also a challenge to fulfill the expectations of every relationship. In this situation Is it possible to make happy every relationship? What would be the most common elements to strengthen any relationship?
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    If relationship is to be continued and strengthened there need to be deep understanding, broad based knowledge about each other and above all the give and take policy must be inculcated. Most of the relations get parted for being the egoistic, not understanding the others feeling, and deciding the elements on their own. If the opposite person is cooperative and expects bare minimum from us, then we are duty bound to cooperate with them. In fact the very essence of relationship is to go through the issue based problems and sort out at the time itself and give room for more understanding.
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    Relationships will be strong when there is mutual cooperation between the two. Each person involved in a relationship will have expectations from the other person. It should not be one way any time. If a wife and husband have to travel together, both of them should have a good understanding of the partner. Their expectations should be near to reality.
    I know a person working in a bank. He is in an officer grade there. He married a girl. The girl wanted her husband to purchase a Benz car and a beautiful house. The boy tried to explain to her about his salary and what he can afford also. She left her husband with her daughter. The case is in court for a divorce. If such are the expectations it is very difficult for an individual to maintain the relation properly.
    Understanding each other and adjusting to each other will strengthen the relationship. A relationship should never be on the basis of the money one had. I have seen many places the relationships will get spoiled because of financial issues only.

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    The relationship which is made by birth can't be severed permanently, however, the relationship which comes by choice is to be preserved and maintained. But in today's world, no relationship has any solid foundations. I see relations go together if mutual gains and profits exist in this relationship. Equal financial status is the backbone for a solid relationship. A rich and a poor can not be friends. This is a bitter truth of our society. If you see any poor person with a rich man he must be a rich man's a Yes Man.
    Mutual understanding, good behaviour, respecting each other these and similar essentials are related to a relationship founded on equal social status.

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    There are many things which are required for a sturdy and strong relationship between two persons or among a group of persons. First thing is understanding and faith which means total transparency between the persons. That is of utmost importance. Then comes the issue of cordial relationship and respect for each other. There is no place for ego in a good relationship. It is said that a good relationship exists between the people when silence between them is comfortable. They are not talking to each other and are busy in their respective work but still they are with each other. Good relation is something to enjoy and is a life long treasure. Inculcating measures for good relationship is required throughout our lives and we must work in that direction.
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