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    The foodie kitchen is beating restaurant today.

    Today is Sunday, in the morning there are special breakfast, lunch menu for cooking is ready. Everyone is looking at the kitchen and wondering which country's food to eat today. There is no need to go to the restaurant in the afternoon on holidays, everything will be ready in the kitchen as per choice. Almost all of us have this system in our homes now a day, thanks to video channels. The restaurant business is booming but we are eating well international food at our own kitchen. They are always busy searching new and exciting delicious recipes for the family members. Sometime during trial run, there are some odd situation happens with us to take the test less menu with a proud smile in face in front of her. Otherwise its ok. Please share your experiences.
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    The house holds are learning the process of every good menu through the experts at home or the elders but modern mothers are learning new recipes and menus through the online channels. For example my wife was not aware of preparing the Jonna dosa as we called fondly in Telugu and we have tasted Jonna rotti but not dosa. When I insisited to taste the same , immediately she learned through the online kitchen and served us with tasty Jonna dosa with Methi chutney and that was awesome combination. One thing is sure these days ladies are learning how to cook nicely as there is much liesure available to them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Thanks to youtube and other similar channels. Ladies can see new dishes and recipes and they have a platform to try. Our kitchen is their Research and Development laboratory. In our house, my daughters in law used to make new dishes by seeing these channels and used to serve the food to us. Some dishes will be excellent and we will enjoy the same. These days my wife also started making special dishes by seeing them online and she made good tasty dishes. Nowadays we are getting a variety of food in the house itself. We need not order from a restaurant. That way we see a lot of development in our kitchens. My sons who are in IT companies are also trying their hand in cooking once in a while. They are also following the videos on Youtube and making the dishes and sometimes they are proved to be better than their wives. I was also a good cook. But these days I stopped cooking and not going into the kitchen.
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