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    Try to be yourself and you are noticed for sure

    Whether the hair style, dress statement or even other aspects of daily life, we are more bothered about what would be the thinking of others on our looks rather we are not deciding the things on our own. In fact there are every scope to be ourself and make a strong appeal through our dress and behavior because every moment of live is being noticed by others. And if others follow our style, then we are the winners because we created it and that has become the trend now. So try to be yourself instead of aping others.
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    We have seen many posts on trends and the author advised all the members to be trendsetters rather than trend followers. I also feel that we should maintain our identity and we should not copy somebody in our lifestyle. Dressing like somebody or behaving like somebody is not required. Dress the way which you like. You have to live for yourself. You never give too much importance to what others think about you. It is not possible to satisfy all the people. There will be people always commenting against you. Don't worry. If there is any useful stuff take it otherwise leave it and continue to be your own. That is the best way of living. At the same time don't expect others to follow you. Their lives, they decide.
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    It hardly matters whether others notice you or not. You may be thinking that others are keeping a watch on you but remember others are busy with their own jobs. Only those who have nothing to do are watching what others are doing. The dresses and hairstyles of others have a lot to do with trends. People remain busy with their activities but keep a tab on the advertisements on various media and social networking platforms. These influence people to follow a particular attire or hairstyle. It is not necessary to follow such things and it's completely a personal choice. It's always better to be yourself and do not think much about what others might be thinking of you because you can only control your thought process and not others'.

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    When I was in my teens I happened to see some phrases written on a roadways bus stand and one of them was indelibly marked in my memory " Do what you like, don't see what the world says". It struck my mind and become the mantra of my life. I followed it earnestly but I fell in trouble also for not accepting suggestions of my well-wishers too. However, it is better for us that we should not run after trendsetters as trends never stays forever, they come and go. The author has advised us to be trendsetters instead of becoming trends followers, his suggestion is good but practically, it will not be successful on the ground because a new trend comes from big public figures and people enthusiastically follow them. I have heard about some people who are fans of our prime minister what he says becomes a trend for them. Some people follow movie stars, they take every action and word as a new trend for them.

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    There is a big message in this post. One has to be as oneself and not copy blindly what others are doing. Unfortunately, many people are simply copying the ways of celebrities, sports stars, and important people and in doing so are entering in a blind arena which makes them totally meek and dependent and they lose originality in their manners and styles. Copying others means that we do not know how to live in this world. If everyone is wearing a torn out and unpolished shoe because of fashion I need not to copy that. If everyone is wearing a torn jeans I need not to follow. I am not so weak, not so gullible, and not so humble that I will fall for the ways of any Tom, Dick, or Henry. We must preserve our identity and stick to our convictions. I do not mind adhering to my own good manners and styles in my life even if others do not follow me.
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    Hello Mr Mohan
    How are you? After a long I again visited this channel and I saw you are the old and known member.

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    Well written post by the author. I agree with author about being themselves is the best way to portray themselves however it is not always possible to get noticed by being their true self. Some people are mainstream, they don't have much confidence to showcase their talent and therefore it becomes difficult to get noticed. Just being yourself would not put you on attention, though it doesn't matter anyway, you get noticed or not you're significance remains the same but if someone is keen of getting acknowledged then I would suggest that along with being themselves they should also inculcate other trends and try to showcase their talent and grab attention.
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    The big thing is to preserve one's identity. We should not imitate others in dress and other outward appearances. But many seem to hold the misconception that personality is about wearing expensive clothes, using luxury items, and imitating the idealists of celebrities. Let us appear for ourselves. Do not imitate the idealists of others. But try to copy only those who find good work qualities, character traits, etc. in anyone. Acquire the ability to control our emotions in our lives and deal with interactions with others. That is what is essential in human life.
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    I absolutely agree with the author, one should behave and be itself. Most of the time people play a fake role in their lives to please others but this way is wrong. We can not play this fake life for a long time Kinect people also recognize a fake person very quickly. On the other hand, when we are real, talks when we actually think then people understand our real emotions and feelings. Being a fake person you may get many groups of friends but you always feel insecure to lose them but when you will be real then you may have fewer people with you but they all would be your real loved ones.

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