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    With family, every place becomes like heaven on the earth.

    Priya woke up very early this morning and soon she woke up Parth too - She said, "wake up Parth", quickly brushing and getting ready to take a bath, today we have to go to the village to the grandparents. On hearing this, Parth got up and sat up quickly and said, "Oh, it's morning. Let's get ready quickly." Sangeeta also came to them from the kitchen and asked them to get ready fast, Sangeeta said, now both of you go and be ready by finish all your morning work.

    Ravi also take out the car on the gate and cleaned it, soon the whole family ready to leave for the village. The village was not much distance, they reached their village in about 2 hours. As soon as the car stopped in front of the house, Grandpa was seen sitting outside in the courtyard, Priya and Parth reached the grandfather while running when the grandmother also came outside, and there was a surprise for them as Sangita's parents were also there. Sangeeta felt glad to see them, everyone was happy to see the family.

    They were all meeting as if they had met after a long time when it was not so. Although grandfather and grandmother lived in the city with Ravi, still, they like the village's weather in summer, so they came to the village a few days ago.

    After a while, the kids went swinging and went to the backyard with friends, this place was full of greenery of many trees and some swings were tied on the branches of these trees. Ravi went to see the farm, he still loved the scent of the soil. Grandma, Sangeeta, and her mother rested for a while and then they start preparations to make Gakkad Bharta. Everyone came back in the evening, everyone had an early dinner and as soon as it got dark, Ravi put a bed in the courtyard and prepared the bed for everyone, Parth and Priya also help him. Finally, they all go to their beds and seeing the stars in the night sky, enjoying the cool breeze, they were talking about old childhood memories...

    Parth and Priya were listening to them, and slowly going into sleep with beautiful dreams. Ravi told Sangeeta, whether it is the village or the city, if the whole family is together, then every place becomes heaven.

    This is my entry for contest Creative writing
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    While connecting to creative writing contest of the site, the author has chosen very good and attractive heading for the content which specifies that when there is a good family to live and cherish , there is nothing like feeling of heaven on the earth because all the living members do have the good rapport of understanding and adjusting and that becomes the give and take policy. And the togetherness of the family is felt if all the family members are present at the home and the happiness is over board with lots of discussions and actions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    A good story. It happens in many families. Brothers and sisters will leave their native place go to other places for their career. They all want to meet in their native place at least twice or thrice a year for some vacation. When they meet they will be very happy and spend time with a lot of enthusiasm. This I have also experienced during my childhood days. Sleeping in the open air in summer is a very nice experience and we used to sleep in the open air only during our childhood days. I agree that if the whole family is together, irrespective of the place all the people will feel very happy.
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    There is nothing like a happy time with family. When a person returns back to home after a hectic day out, he seeks enjoyment in the company of kids and other family member. In an informal atmosphere they share things with each other and laugh and enjoy wholeheartedly. The value of this is only known when a person misses this while away from the family for some time due to work exigencies. The author has put all the family members at one place and the youngsters are enjoying with the grandparents. A heavenly sight in deed and a time to rejoice.
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    Nallador Kutumbam palgalai kazhagam goes the old Tamil song which means a good family is equal to a University where in every one has the trait to showcase something and that makes happy living.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Real happiness lies in living together as a joint family. Ravi and his family live in a city with his parents also. But being together again in the village brings them happiness.
    Some people like village life very much. They can't stay in a metro city. Thy feels suffocation and feels going back immediately. This story revives this feeling in the hearts of readers.
    A joint family is an ideal family which unites all family members under the same roof. Nowadays it has become a trend to live separately. But I appreciate people if they live as a joint family instead of living as several single families.

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    The most beautiful thing that any person can have is a family living together. Earlier, everyone lived in a joint family with grandparents, parents, uncles, aunties, cousins, in-laws, etc but now due to various reasons, everyone wants to have their own single-family. It is very true that we miss our old days when we meet everyone, played together, fought, shared, cared and enjoyed every day. As narrated in the story, it is very sad that nowadays, we all are so busy that we hardly get time to enjoy any functions, vacations, or events due to our hectic schedule and workload. Taking a vacation together, going to our village, enjoying the fresh air, having time to relax, burst out our stress and tension is a blessing, and when with our parents and grandparents, it is more divine. A good story that takes us down our childhood vacation route that has many good memories stored and cherished at our young age.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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