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    We may be good person with good traits but one mistake spoil our name

    Elders used to say that it takes many months and years to get a good name in the family and society but one mistake done even by mistake would spoil our name and that would spread like a wild fire to every ones ears. We have been trying to maintain decency and decorum in our walks of life but inadvertantly one black remark against our name would spoil all the reputations and pride we were either too enjoying. Our detractors are on the prowl so we have to be careful to maintain our presence with pride.
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    Do we need to be careful only because there are detractors? It doesn't matter whether there are detractors or not our actions only speak what kind of person we are. A mistake is a mistake and if in the social sphere the mistakes are only a few and if the person readily acknowledges the mistake then I don't think the reputation will be bad. But if a person is a habitual offender and never tries to mend ways then definitely the reputation of the person will be at stake. Now if others try to malign somebody intentionally, then there is not much to do other than protesting against such behaviour. It is quite difficult to handle such situations and in those cases, people isolate them from the social sphere.

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    If somebody is trying to spread negative remarks about us, we should not keep silent. We should also try to tell others that the other person is not reliable, today he is talking about a person, tomorrow he may talk about another person. Persons who know as well as the other person will definitely support us if we are not at fault. People who have enmity with us only will trust such words if we are really good.
    We should be always careful only. The mistake we commit will have an effect on us also. So we should try not to do mistakes. Do your best and try to be always honest and sincere. Then once in a while, a mistake happens also people may not lose trust in you. But if we are doing, again and again, mistakes, nobody will have trust in us. This is the fact.

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    I don't think a mistake will spoil someone's honour or prestige because committing a mistake is a common activity of people. Nobody is perfect. Everybody does mistakes but someone who learns a lesson from his mistakes .and improves himself is the best person at the monument. We should not be adamant about mistakes.
    What the author has written about is not a matter of mistake, rather it is a matter of any activity or action carried out deliberately by someone due to a kind of greed for some gains. It spoils the image of a person and creates a question mark on his credibility also. Once the credibility of a person is lost, I think everything is lost.

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