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    Do emotions have a role when it comes to the usage of adjectives?

    We use many adjectives when we communicate with others. We use adjectives to provide an attribute to the noun so that the quality can be specified. Adjectives are used more when we write or when it comes to market things. I am sure you are well aware of how adjectives are used to describe products and at times adjectives are overused too when various adjectives are repeated for the same noun. Now let's look into another aspect of it in terms of writing. There are some authors who use a lot of adjectives in their write-ups. There is no exception in ISC too. Why they use so many adjectives while writing, do you have any idea? After conducting a random study of the way of the conversation and the nature of the persons, I found persons who are more emotional tend to use more adjectives when they are asked to describe things. This is just a random study and I am not trying to generalize it. Members, have you ever given it a thought or conducted a small study on the usage of adjectives?
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    Emotional persons will like to present their feelings in the same way as they had felt during the emotional bursts and they will definitely use the necessary adjectives and word to achieve that. In fact every writer will try to use that facility whenever one gets such ideas to scribble a piece of writing. But there should be the availability of that vocabulary with the writer. If the writer is emotional and has a large vocabulary of words to exactly showcase those emotions then the job would be easier. In absence of that vocabulary he will be using the often quoted words and may not impress the readers in a big way. So there is a need of two things one is the emotional mind and second is literary knowledge to covert those emotions in words. Simply emotions would not be sufficient to create that magical effect in ones writing.
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    I don't know if use of adjectives has anything to do with emotions. I don't deny the author nor endorse because I have never thought about this topic. In my opinion use of adjectives has nothing to do with emotions. A person who expresses his emotions about someone doesn't notice if he is using adjectives. But one question is still lingering on my mind when we talk about adjective it refers to three aspect of adjectives. First form of adjective which says something about noun. Second one is related to adjective phrases and third one is related to adjectives used in complex sentences. When I saw the title of this thread suddenly third one came in my mind, however, it appears that the author refers to the first one.

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    What I feel that as the writing tempo flows the use of adjectives would be decided and then appended and I do not think it is anywhere connected to the emotions. By the way when we are emotonally surcharged, we may say many things, but at the same time when it comes to writing part, we may not use the same degree of emotions as we have to follow the decency and decorum during the writing. How the content is formed and how the adjectives be used are purely depended on the persons concerned and there is no influence of any other on that matter.
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    When a person gets emotional definitely he will overdo things. Even I have seen emotional people going into tears when they speak about a person whom they like very much. There are many ways to show our emotions. Using adjectives in our writing is an indication of that only. When we are excited after reading an article we will definitely say we are delighted. That will show that we are very much impressed. These adjectives will be useful to express our happiness and respects to others. But sometimes we may be overdoing it and many may even didn't notice it also.
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    Many of the things people do when they are emotional are automatic and more powerful than they think. But his words and deeds depend on his ability to control his emotions. Some people have no control over their emotions. Such ones often speak loudly or use unnecessary language in situations of hatred. In the meanwhile, some unnecessary bad adjectives also come in. He is also praised for showing more love for someone. It can not be seen as a complete overflow of emotion. It's often just a ploy to get a lot out of him. It is true that the emotions of some people, in general, say a lot.
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