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    Make hay while the sun shines

    Nirmal was an intelligent boy studying in class XI. Teachers were happy with his progress but were worried also as he was too active and always jumped from one activity to other. There is always a risk of diverting to other things for such students and some of them often lose in their main academic pursuits. Nirmal's father Rakesh was working in a private company and was returning late from his duties and was not able to give time to Nirmal. The boy was obsessive with computer games and whenever got time played them. He had many other hobbies also. He liked to go on picnics. He had a taste for music and was learning classical music by attending a weekly class.

    Nirmal passed in his class XI exam by securing third position in the class and everyone congratulated him for that but Rakesh was not happy as he knew that Nirmal had much more potential and only thing was that he had to devote more time for studies. He decided to talk to Nirmal about this and soon on one sunday afternoon he called Nirmal and asked him to sit with him. Nirmal was happy that father called him. Normally Rakesh did not poke his nose in his schedule as Nirmal went from one activity to other in an uninterrupted way.

    "Nirmal I want to ask you one simple question", Rakesh told.
    "yes", Nirmal retorted with the same enthusiasm as he always had.
    "What you want to do after your class XII? Engineering or something else." Rakesh asked in a soft tone.
    "No engineering Papa", Nirmal replied with a glowing face,"I would join some UG course and appear in IAS."
    "Good", Rakesh told him in a applauding manner.

    Nirmal was leaning against father's knees and was moving his body back and forth. Rakesh caressed his hair and asked him,"When you will start to prepare for the IAS exam?"
    "I will do it the same year when I apply for that", Nirmal told in a very emphatic way.
    "No, no, Nirmal. It would not be possible that way." Rakesh told.
    Now Nirmal was surprised. Why Papa talking like that. He could not understand the reason behind his father's firmness in the matter.
    "Dear, you have to start preparing for IAS right now. It is not an exam like your class XI. There is cut throat competition and it requires early preparation. You have to cut down some of your hobbies and start preparing for it."
    It was a shock to Nirmal. He believed in his father so much and knew that if he tells something means that it must be true. But what about the games and sports and other indulgences. He looked towards Papa. Rakesh smiled and showed him thumps up. Nirmal also raised his hand in thumps up. Let me do what Papa says he whispered to himself.
    Rakesh uttered,"Make hay while the sun shines."

    This is my entry for the creative story writing contest.
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    This story is well written. It has a message for youngsters and parents also. Young guys who are still studying require to focus on their study instead of distracting from their goal. For a student concentrating on study is obligatory as his time is very precious for his career. On the other hand if parents see that his son or daughter is not able to focus on his or her study they should discuss this issue with them and try to find out their reason of disteaction and should find out solution. Indifference is not acceptable at all. Sometimes, young guys don't catch their mistakes or reason of their indifference, here parents play a very important role in building up their career.

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    The author made the good appeal through this creative writing contest post which not only connected to the very good proverb but also has the formidable message for the youth not to waste their valuable time on unnecessary things and then repent in their life. Time is more precious, it cannot be counted back is one more appeal came from the author and even the parents should understand this. Being the comparative world one cannot waste the available time and must be use it productively. One thing is sure, the youth must have such peer groups with them who are also of the same thinking pattern so that no time is wasted. And the essence of time is understood , the youth can be the winners at the young age and that would bring them the laurels and success always. So the proverb given by the author aptly suits to the content.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is an apt story where the son had to change his direction after his meeting with his father. Father did not scold his son either but on the other hand he supported the idea of his son to realise his dream. The way how he could achieve his dream was explained by his father in such an impressive and simple way that it inspired him to follow a new regime to accomplish his dream into reality. The child was versatile enough having numerous passion in different fields but with such indulgence there was a shift of his energy to achieve the main goal. Ultimately father became a Good Samaritan for his confused child.

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    The storyline shows the love and affection the children had for their parents and how much faith and trust they have in their parents. We live in a world where we see children not respecting their elders and on the other hand parents toil day and night to make both ends meet. The story gives a positive vibe and sets an example that whenever our parents give a firm decision, it always stands for our good and children need to take it positively. The faith Nirmal had in his father was very loving and firm that when he heard his father putting stress on giving importance of starting preparation for UPSE exams, he clearly understood the importance and believed in his father's decision. When our parents give a firm decision, we need to understand it and take it in a good sense as they will always look for our good.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    A good story from the author. Always parents should understand the interests of the children and encourage them to see that they will reach their goals. In this story also the father never gave his interest but asked the interest of his son. That is a good point and all parents should follow the same. The parents should see that their children will focus on the area of their interest. The same has been told in the story also.
    always confident

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