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    Keep forming sentences by choosing four words daily

    Whenever I meet boys or girls who are in primary or high school classes, I ask them to form a sentence by giving four words suddenly and form a meaningful sentence using all the four words in between and they would almost be taken aback. No teacher or parent would have tested the vocabulary or the writing skill of forming the sentence on their own. Have you ever tried to take such tests whenever small children's met you? Or any other method through which you gauged their talent quotient?
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    Some years back I went to a relatives house in Bangalore where the children were very fond of playing so many types of indoor games mainly the board games for amusement and enjoyment. They sometimes invited me to join and I also enjoyed some of those games. One day I suggested to them that let us play some word game in which english words are coined by adding a letter by every player one by one and whenever the word completes in 4 characters or less the person gets some negative mark and to avoid that one has to try to make longer words. Plus points were awarded for words more than 4 letters. They played it and they liked it and added that to their kitty.
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    When I was a student of 6th class we would go back home on foot in the group. One day an old man stopped us, we had seen that man sitting around a shop perhaps he was the owner of several shops in that market area. He asked us a Hindi sentence to translate into English we saw each other, one of us moved his head in negation and we moved on. After it once he tried to stop us and we did not heed to him.
    Some years ago I happened to meet two unknown students I tried to know their names, both of them saw each other and the elder one said, "I am Skyoosh and it is Flyoosh". I think children don't welcome interference from elders. I never ask students any questions, however, if they belong to my family or relatives family, then I may ask them some common questions if I see them interested, otherwise I don't ask them.

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    All my brothers and sisters and my aunt's ( MY mother's sister) children used to spend our summer holidays together in my grandfather's (My mother's father) house. We used to spend the time with different in house games. Those days there were no mobiles and no internet. So we used to find a lot of time for playing. We used to play Antyakshari ( A person will tell a word in English. The next person has to tell a word starting with the last letter of word told by the previous person). Sometimes we used to play this game with Telugu words and sometimes with English words. We are spending more time in Telugu only and a little time in English as our vocabulary was not very good in English.
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    Very good advice given by the author. We use many elements in speaking or writing any language and vocabulary is an important element in it. Many times, most people in their general colloquium, by using only a few selected words, complete their talk and try to make it easier by using the simplest word. Due to all this, the mind is less aware of new words, for this, the author has given a way to make sentences with 5 new words every day will be very helpful. Knowledge of vocabulary also helps us develop our ability to speak and write with confidence.

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    Why four? why not one word per day? It would be difficult to form sentences with four words in a day, but it would be easy to form one sentence with one new word everyday. Thus we would learn 365 new words in a year and 3650 words in a decade which would enrich our vocabulary.
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