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    Blind uploading of short videos in the web

    While surfing in the internet I found that there is a flood of short duration videos everywhere. There lengths are mostly less than a minute. They are about people, about pets, about families, about some prank, about celebrities, about animals, about small incidences, even some jokes etc and many more. Some of them may be entertaining or useful but most of them are garbage. Why people are wasting so much internet data and time in these activities? Have you also observed such things while working in the internet? Members please give your observations.
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    It is interesting to note that there are sites which encourage and motivate people to upload their videos under any category in that site and it is really strange and amazing that a large number of videos will be there under so many categories and more are pouring in daily to make that accumulation more and more with time. Internet has become a great place for all sort of data thanks to the mighty servers and people are also mindlessly uploading things left and right feeling a type of online pride in it. I do not say that only younger generation is addicted to it even seniors are well involved in this maze that has been there for quite some time luring the surfers.
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    J agree with the author that small videos are uploaded on different social media platforms. I think tiktok changed the whole scenario in this regard, especially, young girls and boys became crazy for shooting short videos. I am surprised to see even obscene videos are uploaded by teenagers. They have no shame, no fear what their relatives or people who know them think about them if they watch their videos. Literally, I find myself as a highly backward person in this regard.
    Shooting videos for their enjoyment is not bad but making them public is a different thing. Parents and other elders should check their activities.

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    For that matter internet thrives on sharing videos and the images and what for those has been shared is better known to the contributors. Even the videos of short duration do play active role in conveying the best message without wasting time. And regarding what matter is the pure choice of the loading person. Some wants to grab attention through their videos and likes and they do get good offers. Especially the recipes videos are getting good likes and monetization too on the You Tube. And images are also playing important role in conveying the matter in a most dignified ways.
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    Many such videos are revolving in various social media sites. Many of us are getting irritated to receive so many. In every WhatsApp group, we will be receiving the same video. I will not even open them in many cases. The same video will be forwarded by 4 or 5 people in 4 or 5 groups.
    Some videos are really entertaining. But as there are bundles of videos we are missing good videos also. I don't understand how people are having that much patience to see all videos received by them and forward to many others. It is better if we are selective.
    I rare;y forward videos to others. I forward only those videos which I like and feel that it will good for others also. If we are selective, we need not waste our time as well as others time also.

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    Since the tic tok videos are banned, people turned to other social media especially the You tube to create short video and uploading the same to create a fan base of them. Though many videos are shared on daily basis. most of them are thrash and no use for the others. Except some fun videos and recipe videos , all others are just not interested by many. People are not interested in long videos any more and this knack has been found by many and making use of the social platforms to their use. Social media has become biggest platform for sharing the personal and very personal videos also.
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    The author is completely right. In this case, both should be cautious, the person who is uploading the video and also the person who is forwarding it to Videos. There is a big world where a piece of news can be easily spread without any big expense. In such a situation, people often promote the activities of this asterisk for their time pass and disturb the others by increasing the time of Videos or news chain of this type. Social media or the Internet is a great medium for news and think about its benefits as much as possible.

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    I have also observed and receive such videos. There are many short videos available on Youtube too. There may be a couple of reasons why so many short videos are uploaded on a regular basis. First of all the technology is so advanced nowadays that anybody can shoot a video and upload it on youtube. There is no need to upload it even. After shooting the videos they can be saved and forwarded to a lot of people. Just like the craze of the selfie, there are people who are crazy to create a video and instantly upload it without thinking about whether the content is useful or not. Another thing is the intention to earn money through a Youtube channel. Many have a Youtube channel and there are ways through which one can earn revenues through those channels. Many may be experimenting to find out the number of views their short videos are getting and based on that they try their next one.

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    The young generations believe in experimentations in almost all fields. This may be because of their curiosities that they would touch almost everything. They are seen creating videos and upload them in YouTube channels for getting some revenues. The least bother what sort of contents have been loaded. If you see some of them, you may be surprised to see some of highly objectionable videos but they are comfortable with such contents. They even forward the same to their closed ones. If they could be trained to upload some videos relating to course content helping others to grasp the contents readily with their efforts, it could be beneficial to the student community.

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