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    Learn to ignore the discordant noise...

    When faced with criticism and disagreement, careful observation should be made. To find out how many names are coming up in opposition. There may be some opposing voices against any creative activity. These tremors will only occur to those who can count, but because they know how to make a lot of noise, they will make an impression on many people. Many good people and ideas have been hidden or obscured by the anti-minority voices. The only pastime of frogs is to make unpleasant noises. There is no point in blaming them because it is their birthright.

    Going out to react to an opponent is the main reason for dirt in work areas. Not all of our thoughts need to be inclusive. Not all actions are acceptable to everyone. We must understand that we cannot do even some good things also with full support. It is not possible to face all opponents. If we start to react against such people, our whole life will be spent on the same. Then you will have to forget about your own ways and missions.

    So ignore some of the annoyances of discordant noise and let it stay that way. It will give us more energy and more excellence in our attitude and action.
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    I am not agreeing with the author in this regard because the discordant noise must be heard and addressed then and there itself otherwise there is every chance of escalating the same to further level. We must know that when discordant is being expressed, that means some thing has gone wrong and not satisfied the opposite person. Especially in sales and marketing fields , this happen and the damage control exercise is being done to keep the customer with good motivation no matter the discordant voice was at high pitch and damaging to the company reputations.
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    I agree with the author. There is a saying in Telugu, when an elephant is walking on the road many street dogs will bark. But the elephant will continue walking and ignore the sounds made by the dogs.
    As mentioned by the author when somebody is criticising our actions we should see who is doing that and how many are doing it. Here who is doing this is very important. Some people who are having the habit of finding faults will always be doing that. So if you find such people only making noise you can ignore them.
    Sometimes some genuine people are also advising something means we should not ignore them. We have to review our actions and see that we will correct ourselves. Worrying too much about the remarks from some selected few is never advisable and it will definitely hinder our growth.

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    I see where the author is coming from. The author has raised some genuine points but he is advised not to focus on these happenings which are experienced around because what is not in hands should not be focussed upon. Time is changing, he should be ready to see kind of ugly phase of this series in near future, but no gain is out there in being outspoken on or offline. Be with like-minded people and spread a message of harmony and brotherhood which is the need of the hour. We need to be firm and honest in our approach.
    I would like to quote this poem here.
    Not gold, but only men can make
         A people great and strong _____

    Men who, for truth and honour's sake,
           Stand fast and suffer long.

    Brave men who work while others sleep,
          Who dare while others fly ____

    They builds a nation's pillars deep
         And lift them to the sky

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    There are many things that should be ignored but at the same time, it is not easy to ignore everything or everyone. We have many friends and enemies in our lives, many are our good wishes or could be haters, they all have their own thinking and living style, they will talk as per their views but it's up to us how much we should allow them to disturb our thinking capability. By ignoring sometimes we help ourselves and save our time or energy, but when there is a need, then one should not ignore others.

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    We need to learn which noise to ignore and to which we should respond. We cannot expect everyone to accept our views, whether good or bad. You may be thinking your views are good but others may not think in the same way. But if you react to those who do not agree with your views there will be unnecessary arguments and a lot of time may be wasted on arguments. We must avoid things that are not necessary. But if somebody disturbs you continuously you must take immediate action to stop that disturbance and you cannot ignore it. We learn many things continuously and it is important to learn what to ignore.

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    A nice thread by the author. Life is a difficult journey where one has to face harsh opposition despite some good work done. Such interferences are only to discourage and disappoint your commitments and the work done by you. At times, it is difficult to bear the harsh criticism but one must not lose patience, because, at such a time, the opposite group always try to disturb you and make you feel down. But one should never react in a rash manner rather have patience and respond with grace and elegance to shut them up. Losing your cool will only make you look ugly and unstable. We should never take criticism so seriously as public criticism is fickle. People who abuse you today will be praising your work tomorrow. Only patience is required in such a situation and the rest will automatically be in control.

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    Many old sayings and explanations are also to undergo changes in the changed life situations. Not all proverbs and sayings hold good for the present day life.

    In the 'democracy' those who are more vocal only gets noticed. There the proverb 'Only crying child gets milk' holds good. But if the discordant voices are more loud and more i number, the democratic principle' of majority rules becomes effective. So we can afford to ignore discordant voices only when they are less loud and les in number.
    The present times are when a lie repeated ten times and presented cleverly becomes the Truth and will be accepted as the truth. The 'actual' truth will be viewed as lie.
    Anything now a days well presented gets accepted as good quality. So we should also be able to present ours ide very smartly and effectively. We should leave things just to fate and sit thinking everything will be alright.This is the day of marketing, promotion and presentation and publicity. Those who use these very cleverly have the field for them.
    So sometimes we ma have to oppose and even crush the discordant noise if we have to survive. At least we should ensure that there are sufficient number and decibel to support our side also.

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