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    Before correcting others we should check ourselves first

    Many of us correcting others. Finding fault on others often. This leads to chaos in many situations. But actually before criticizing others we check ourselves first. Unless otherwise we are correct. We are not supposed to correct others when we do wrong.
    A couple started their family in a new house at a new area. Husband asked wife to engage the servant maid of opposite house for help.
    One morning the lady by bringing a cup of tea and told,'the servant maid of the opposite house would be a lazy as the cloths washed by her found poor wash. Like this daily she complained about the opposite house servant maid.Fourth day she saw the cloths washed by opposite house dazzling. This house lady appreciated her. But husband told,'the cleanliness in not in her. Our house window found with full of dust, I only cleaned our window this morning'.
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    I agree with the author that we should not criticise others nor should we preach others, instead we should change ourselves according to our teachings to others. The author has given an example of the window, it is decent banter.
    It often happens that we are finding faults in other person but if we check ed to find that problem lies on our side instead.
    Primarily, we should not focus on the faults of others, we don't know if our faults are more problematic than his faults.
    Nobody is perfect when we know it then why we focus on others' faults, it irks me, I don't want to raise finger at another person.

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    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. When you read a book to find the positives, you will find positives. But if you start reading to find out faults, you will always find the faults only.
    It is always easy to find faults with others. But it is very difficult for an individual to understand his own faults. We start criticising others easily by telling them the mistakes they have committed. But before doing that if we see our own deeds with somebody else's eyes we will find many faults in that. It is better first to concentrate on our own works and correct the mistakes.
    If we are interested in a person, we will not find any mistakes in that person and even we will appreciate him for his mistakes also. When we dislike a person we will find many faults with him and we never encourage him and point out his mistakes only. It is never appreciated by anybody.

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    Great are those who are perfect in themselves and try to keep calm and they try to correct when asked for. But many have the bad habit of correcting others and fail to note that they are under the mistake. When we point out others with one pointed finger, we should know that Middle, ring and the little fingers are pointing towards us. It is always easy to correct others, because they keep quiet by virtue of closeness to them, but when the same is done to us, we get offended and even we get into face off with the opposite persons. One thing is sure the criticsms are not taken for granted.
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    The author is right. It has always been said that defect in others is better than life, reduce the blame on your own life. These days, we have seen a big example of this, where people around the world are blaming the Health Department and the government for increasing the epidemic cases, but if they are roaming without masks themselves, then it will not be a mistake. Even at this time, people of the world should stop blaming others and work on themselves, take care of their safety, put on masks, and follow all the rules, then there is no need to blame anyone else. In any situation, when a person has defected to others, then he is actually betraying himself because until a person does not accept his faults or mistakes, he cannot improve himself and develop by doing it himself. To correcting the is always be an easy task, now ned to do something difficult and this time work on ourselves first.

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    This is an interesting narration by the author. When we see something with our prejudiced mind then such things happen. The lady was already having a doubt in her mind that maid servants in general do not work cleanly and in that biased mind she thought something which was not correct. Before making a comment on anything we have to be clear in our minds and remove all sort of inhibitions and apprehensions and examine a thing in an impartial way. Then only we will be able to make precise and correct comments. Casual talks will lead to nowhere.
    Knowledge is power.

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