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    Friendship is a responsibility rather than an oppurtunity

    Ram and Shyam were good friends. Most of the time they spent together. Ram always help to shyam whenever needed. But shyam was different from Ram, he always tried to use his friendship. One day Ram asked shyam to go for hunting but Shyam said no to Ram. So, Ram feels sad about Shyam because he didn't care about him. The next day a thief came to Ram's house and tied him with rope and started to steal everything. Then Ram started yelling for help " help me, Shyam help me''. Shyam heard Ram's yelling but he ignored. He thinks " Why should I save him he is not my friend''. Just then a boy was passing by heard noise which was coming from Ram's house and hurriedly he ran towards house. He broke the lock and went inside the house and informed the police. Thus,that boy saved Ram's family and his goods from thief. Ram thanked to the boy and asked his name. The boy tells my name is Raju. Ram tells Hello I am Ram and very much oblige for saving my life. Then Shyam enters the house and was shocked to see Ram is safe. He thinks " how is he safe". I should invite him to dinner and make him happy. Then he askes Ram " will you come to my house for dinner? Ram refuses and say " no I won't come to your house when I was yelling for help then what were you doing and now my friend is Raju, not you from now onwards. You are not my friend and get out of my house. Shyam tells " Ok I am going and I never wanted to be your friend ". After listening to this Ram gets very angry and drove away Shyam from his house and tells "never show me your face again''. From that day, Ram and Raju became best friends. Actually, Shyam was a fake friend. '
    The moral of the story is " A friend in need is a friend indeed "

    This is a story for creative writing contest
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    That is true. A real friend will never run away from his responsibility of helping his friends when they are in need. When we have money and power with us many people will come to us and they will be around us always. There will be many frogs in the pond when there is water and no frog when there is no water. Friends are also like that. But a real friend will never leave you when you are in difficulty.
    Lord Krishna invited Karna to join Pandavas telling him that he was the son of Kunthi, He told him that he will become the king if Pandavas win the battle as he is elder to Dharmaja. But Karna refused the invitation and told him that Duryodhana gave him kingdom and kept his faith in him. As a good friend of his, it is not good to ditch him and join hands with the opposition. This is an example of true friendship. A real friend should be with his friend even in difficult times.

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    The author has referred friendship from the angle of the reach out person and in that case it is the responsibility. But normally the freindship is referred from the recieving person who see as the opportunity. For example when Kuchela or Sudhama met Lord Krishna after so many years, there was the feeling that he may not be recognized. But the way Krishna has recieved him, and had poha he has brought in the torn out Dhothi signifies here the responsibility of a good freind because, Krishna played with him during the childhood and that need to be redeemed now. But on the other hand Kuchela was feeling awkward to enter such a big palace, having recieved the rousing reception and Krishna made him to sit on the throne and washed his feet. Here Kuchela has not felt the opportunity but he was destined to get that treatment tesitfying good friendship.
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    Friendship is a mutual relationship based on faith, cooperation, and respect for each other. It is definitely a responsibility to be honoured from both the sides. One sided friendship does not prolong and the bad one is soon exposed. A good friend is a life time treasure and many times better than a close relative. Having a good friend is a matter of good luck. In todays world it is difficult to get true friends who help us in the time of need and adversity.
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    Friendship is a unique relationship and responsibility towards each other is an integral part of it. There are people who are always opportunistic and they will never think twice even to misuse the ties of friendship. I think it takes some time to develop a friendship and when a good understanding between the friends develops the tie becomes stronger.

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    A good story by the author trying to reflect the bond of friendship. Friendship is a mutual bond between two souls who share grief and happiness. I feel friendship is both opportunity as well a responsibility. It is an opportunity to share the sad moments of a friend and try to console him or her to overcome pain. By showing concern for a friend and helping him or her, you are fulfilling your responsibility as a true friend.

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    Nice story posted by the author about friendship. A real friendship is a true relationship of two or more people where a chain of trust exists. In a true friendship, one is always ready to give each other care, support, and other necessary things. Shyam never played friendship in the story but Ram was an honest friend, he always kept transparency and love in their relationship, but in the end, he was shown the face of Shyam's friendship. Friends can be both good or bad, good friends lead us on the good path while bad friends take us on the bad path, so we must be careful while choosing friends in life. When Ram chose Raju as a friend, he made the right decision, and he also regretted his previous wrong decision. Many friends in the world are always together in times of prosperity but true and honest friends never let us leave alone in our bad times, hardship, and trouble.

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    It is a good story. Shyam had never been a friend of Ram. Shyam was an arrogant person. He was somewhere close to Ram's home but despite listening to his call for help Shyam didn't help Ram. It shows that he was a coward as well as selfish. He could inform the police if he was scared of going there. Another young boy Raju is shown as a brave person. Brave is brave. He doesn't see who the person is asking for help- known or unknown, rather he promptly moves to help people in need.

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    A friend is a person whom you can trust in any situation. A friend is often called your best partners in crime but, yes, this doesn't mean that a friend is always there to put in in trouble but he/she is the one who will stand for you and with you in all phase be it fun, scolding, mischiefs, support, scolding, win, lose, sad, happy, joy, pain, success, failure, heart broke, etc. They understand you very well and will see that you are always in your comfort zone. They know how to make you laugh when you are sad, how to change your mood when you are down, how to wake you up when you need support, to scold or shout at you when you do wrong, etc. They don't seek opportunities to get something from you but will always try their best to lend you their help without even asking. This is what you call a true friend and here the writer has shown us the difference between a true and flattery friend who just wants to get things for themselves and they are the ones from whom we need to be cautious.
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    The basic mantra of friendship is about the mutual faith and cooperation and help each other in times of need. If this aspect is not followed or covered in adverse times then that friendship has no real worth. Nowadays many people claim friendship but when the time of doing actual help comes they just shirk off from their responsibility and escape away in a conspicuous way. This would not help us in anyway.
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