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    Who takes care of the strobe lights atop the towers?

    You may ask why I should be worried about it. The reason is its significance. Many of you have noticed strobe light atop the towers used for mobile communication. Generally, those lights are red in colour and flash at a certain interval. Such lights are seen on high-rises or some other constructions whose height is beyond a certain limit. The significance of such flashing lights is to alert the aircraft so that they do not collide. Now the height of the construction on which those lights are fitted depends on certain factors and if the area is closer to the airport the height is generally lower than that of the usual one specified in general. A couple of such towers for mobile communication were fitted in our vicinity. In the beginning, the strobe lights atop those towers were functioning normally and used to flash at regular intervals but after a couple of months, those lights stopped functioning. I am sure the quality of those lights is quite poor and hence they stopped functioning but who cares. When something has a specific purpose it must be seen that the purpose is served. Members, have you noticed whether strobe lights atop such towers are functioning or not in your vicinity? If not, then who is the authority to look after such things?
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    Normally the strobe lights near the airport landing area would be worrisome factor for the AAI and it regularly monitors such places which are vulnerable to be hit by the aircraft flying low. For example when the Begumpet airport was functioning some years back the Cantonment authorities were not allowing the tall buildings in the funnel area of landing and only ground plus first floor building constructions permissions were given. Like wise in Shamshabad airport area also the restriction on building size is in force. So the matter is becoming increasingly clear for the author that the strobe lights issue is fully monitored by the local civic authorities in consultations with the National airport authorities so that flights can be moved without hassles. That is the reason being so cell towers wont get permission on the path of runways funnel area.
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    If the towers are near airport then it may be a dangerous situation. Generally, we are alert when any accident happens and we are habitual of accidents. Lights are not functioning in towers in your area should be a matter of concern for all the residents of the area where you reside. I think you should inform local administrative authorities like DM or SDM .

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    Generally, the maintenance of these towers will be outsourced by mobile service providers. There are some agencies who take up this job. These agencies will have some tower technicians who are supposed to do this job. In addition to changing bulbs, they will also do installing, testing, maintaining and repairing other equipment on towers. They have to wear safety dress as they climb the tower and complete the work. They are exposed to heavy risk and all types of atmospheres.
    Generally, they are supposed to have preventive maintenance and periodical checking and do the required repairs and replacements as and when required. But how serious they are and how strictly they are following the schedule is a big question mark. They are supposed to check at least once in six months. The job is very risky and accidents are also more in these works.

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