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    Friendship never dies

    He's from my neck of the woods. Once he and I were as thick as thieves but time runs and turns everything. I had blind faith in him but gradually his traits begin to get exposed and experiencing all those new development I was shocked. What I could say or react. It'd become a matter of Put a sock in it for me.
    Once I saw him throwing a wrench in the works just to create unnecessary problems for Mrs David, a widow and a gentle lady. When I heard about it cat got my tongue, after all, he was my friend. How he could do that.
    On one occasion he was proven wrong by Mr Paul but how cunningly he started Pot calling the kettle black. And last but not the least he tried to create a rift between Anna and me. How mean he was. Eventually, such unexpected incidents made me think about why I had been with him for this long period.
    I was utterly incommunicado. How long I could hold my horses. At last, I decided to break my ties with him. I was not happy at all but I had to take this tough decision. What happened between us- one man Vicky, my friend, was worried about this break because we all three were best friends. But time has decided a separation in this tie.
    Ronnie went to the US and I flew to Australia to look after my dad's Sydney unit. Life got changed. I had no contact with Ronny, however, Vickey and I would talk to each other. My happy go lucky lifestyle superseded rather miraculously into breaking my brain into business type routine mundane. I successfully occupied our Jakarta and Dubai units too and I forgot to look back into the past. Anna often reminded me to get friendship tie into socially acknowledged bondage. My parents were also bulldozing on my brain all the time to get Anna to bring home. Meanwhile, two years have flown away. I am not a nostalgic type emotional creature though but sometimes, it happens and I was drowned in emotions-  rather deep down. I was gazing at all my old photographs and videos and feeling tears in my eyes. Why I was feeling lonely for my friends, I wished if they were with me. Could a man be happy without friends - so what if they were devils. ? Perhaps, not. I was at home because of being under the weather. This is why I was thinking too much about gone days. I was so deeply engrossed that I could not notice my phone was ringing. It was Vicky. I was startled when he apprised me that both the devils including Ronnie have already landed at the airport. And I was rushing towards the airport to catch them before I could kick the bucket.

    (My entry for 'Creative short story writing' contest)
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    Very interesting narration presented by the author. A good friendship is a life long treasure. But there are practical considerations where sometimes differences can arise to the extent that a rift is created between even the close ones. In such conditions people get hurt also and sentiments are shattered significantly. Still, friends are friends and though there could be differences but there is also a yearning to be in that company which is informal and of vintage value. The author's presentation of rushing to airport to receive the friends is the natural expression of human bonds and relationships and is the most beautiful part of this story.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has well connected the creative topic to the likes of Friendship in a wonderful narration and that connects me to a scene seen yesterday in a Tamil serial where in the main character of the serial who was angry with his daughter in law for not preparing the dinner and she turned late and that brought him much angry within in and leaves the house for the walking and does not return. But the way his close friend confronts with him with the choicest abuse testifies that only friends have the rights to abuse and show affection and that is the right expressly taken by every one. And that close friend comes to the home , says all what happened and takes some thing with him which is liked by his friend to pacify is mood. Surely nothing can match a good friendship and the author has rightly said that friendship never dies.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very nicely narrated by the author. Used many idioms and phrases while writing the story. Good work by the author. Friendship is a very nice bond made by us. But we should be careful in making friends. We should be selective and make good friends only. Once we make friends we should not leave them. Whether it is good or bad we have to continue and in this process, we may suffer and we need not worry about it. We should try to change our friends who are going on the wrong path and running away from them is not an indication of good friendship.
    always confident

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    A good narration of the story made me feel like reading a novel. The start was very dramatic and gives the thread of the story and the climax makes us understand that we all need a friend in our life, be it the happiest, successful or the worst moment but it only doubles when we have our friends to cheer, to console, to share and even to tease. We all have some good friends who become a partner in our life and they are the ones who actually help us to be us in every phase of life. We would always miss them. There are times when we fight, we shout, we play, and even don't talk with each other but that doesn't stop us from being together for we are so used to them that without their presence, everything seems to be incomplete. They are the first whom our eyes search in the crowd for we know that if they are there, we will never be alone and will always get confidence to give our best. Friendship is not measured by success, gifts, goodness, or money but through our care, love, understanding, and support. It is true that "Friendship never dies", it always remains in our hearts.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I thought I should mention this here. Yesterday I received a call from a very old friend. We both were classmates in 1970. Afterwards, we never met. He went to Delhi for a job there. Recently he came back to our native place, I understand. He went to my house and enquired about me with my father. He took my phone number from him and called me. We both were so happy and I will meet him definitely when I am going to my native pace next time. Then I thought definitely friendship will never die and remembered this post. That is why I am sharing my experience here.
    always confident

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