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    Will reservation increase by more than 50 percent?

    For the past many times, there have been various disputes in various states regarding the increase in the percentage of total reservation, and the matter is going to the High Court and then to the SC. Another such decision is to be taken again by the SC, this decision will decide whether the reservation in different states of the country should be made up to 50% or more. These days the issue of Maratha reservation is getting more and more. There are half a dozen states in the country, which are in favor of increasing the reservation to more than 50 percent, it also seems that these states want to achieve their political goals by increasing the scope of reservation. Is there really only political intention behind this or is it right to increase reservation because of a big ratio of these sections in the total population? Members, what do you think, will it be appropriate to increase the reservation more or not.
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    I do not think the reservation would surpass the figure of 50 percent which is against the constitutional rights of other castes which may be deprived of their legitimate rights. When the erstwhile YSR government in united AP then proposed for 4 percent reservations for the Muslims the courts have gave ruling that governments cannot over ride the already set practice of not increasing the reservation cap and thus I feel the ongoing agitation for further reservations would be a mere promise and nothing achieved. Moreover why the other castes are eyeing from the general quota a share for their side and thereby denying the popular sect nothing or nil. Who ever the parties are , they must see from the general class angle and should not penetrate into their reservation quota and thus no would come to their rescue in future.
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    I don't think there can be more than 50% reservation based on caste. Most probably, this reservation system will not continue in future, reason is that our country is moving towards privatisation of government sector. I don't see this demand is going to stop by all other castes also. Brahaman are also demanding reservation and they are saying that they are highly backward among all castes whereas reality is otherwise, they occupy more than 60% high profile jobs in the country despite being 5% only. This job distribution can never be balanced.
    Privatisation is the best way to finish this reservation system in our country.

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    I am against reservations based on caste, creed and religion. When some section of the people were suffering, to do justice reservations were introduced with a good intention. They wanted to give those reservations for a particular time period. But they put a clause saying that the reservations can be extended based on the situation after a certain time period. But our politicians used this as a point for pulling the votes. But really deserving people never got benefitted because of this. A collector's son is getting his seat in an IIT based on his caste where ar a rickshaw puller's son even don't know that there are some facilities for them. This is how the present system is running.
    Already there are some states where the reservations are more than 50%. Other states may also introduce the same as it will give an advantage to them politically. As of now, the courts are telling that the total reservations should be less than 50%.

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