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    Acupressure therapy can be helpful, especially these days.

    Nowadays people are very conscious about their health and their body, and before medicine, they are preferring to adopt other means like yoga, meditation, etc. to make themselves healthy. One of these treatments is to find a solution to disease or discomfort by acupressure. We know that there are some pressure points in our body, where the pressure can be solved in different parts of the body such as pain and stretch problems. This happens because blood flow increases in the body with the help of acupressure and it reduces pain. Although acupressure therapy is a complete treatment for which a therapist is available if the person wishes to use these therapies on its own, so they can cure their small physical problems.

    These days we are spending most of the time at home, in these times if we give some time to yoga, meditation, exercise as well as this therapy, then we can be more healthy. The acupressure kit is also available in most people's homes but people do not use it regularly. For this you do not need any special time, you can do this during any other work. For example, we can do writing work by placing an acupressure roller under our feet.

    There are many ways to keep our body healthy, for which first, we should overcome laziness and remain aware of our body so that we spend more part of our life by being healthy.
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    This method of treatment is also known as Sujok therapy. My wife underwent this treatment for body pains and it has given good results. This treatment is based on the fact that the palm and foot represent all the organs/meridians in our body. Stimulation of the organs using the points in the plan or the feet will see that the pressure and stress are released and the patient will get cured. It is a good practice as no medicines are involved and there will not be any side effects also. Seeds and semi-precious stones are also used in this treatment to cure the problem. Sometimes mild shocks will also be given in certain spots in the palm or feet.
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    Though many knows that the acupressure can identify and detect the pressure points leading to pains and discomfort, what I could experience through the treatment when by brother went that treatment for the nagging neck pain. The needles were used and pinpoint the exact place of pain and thus the disease could be identified. What I feel that though many patients were attending him , the doctor could not assure the lasting solutions and thus the patients has to return with half treatment or the nil treatment. But we can not over rule the fact that many have been befitted with this kind of treatment and if they come out and tell the real benefits they derived , we cannot vouch the success of this way of treatment. One thing is sure there are many substitutes in health care, but we have to experience the change and be the beneficiary.
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