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    A sibling bond cannot be torn.

    That summer year was bright and hot just like the other summer. Children played in the yard, older making aam panna and drinking it under the sun. It was just like any other summer of enjoyment, happiness and fun. One fine summer morning the kids went out to play, 8 of them divided themselves into 2 teams and decided to play kabbadi for the day. They made the court with their slippers and were all set to play. What was indeed weird was that the 2 sisters, priya and sukriti were divided into the 2 teams which was quite a rare view as they always tend to be together at everything.
    As they started playing and one by one were gaining or losing points, a point came when Priya's team only had 2 left and had a important point to make so when priya went and came back then there erupted a fight between the two groups because of a misunderstanding, instead of letting it go, their friends lighted the fire more and both of them were fighting, priya claimed that she touched the line before breathing out however sukriti believed that she breathe out before touching the line. Soon the fight became bigger and bigger and both of them being angry at each other went separate ways with their team members and starting playing themselves. As they were separated they started hearing worst things about each other by their friends and even believed them. Now they are more agitated from each other and they went home being mad with each other. At home another fight erupted between them. Priya and sukriti both confronting each other about things they have heard about each other however both of them disagree with what have been said. At the end their mother had to step in and when the mother was made aware of the whole situation she understood what was wrong, she made them understand that their friends were just trying to make them fight with each other more, they would not have been able to do so if they didn't fight at first place or forgive each other at first place. Their mother made them aware that their strength is themselves and they are a team which should not be broken or else when separated others will try to break you even more. Their mother made them understand the importance of 'united we stand and divided we fall'
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    The dispute is the part of kabaddi. When it was proposed to be included in Olympics as an international game it was rejected to be included. Undoubtedly game is interesting but it is extremely difficult to judge if a player has touched another player or not. Umpire can not keep an eye on it from all angles. In this story, the dispute started on a simple thing whether or not the player touched the line before breaking the breath. Such issues can be a matter of quarrel too.
    We would play kabaddi a lot. Power, stamina, weight, swiftness and grasping etc all are great skills required in this game. Of course, unity plays an important role.

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    True. Unity is strength. The small ants unitedly fight out a snake also. When good friends are divided, others always try to widen the gap further by telling created issues and unwanted issues. But nobody tries to unite them. Both the sisters are very close to each other but a dispute in the game made them quarrel with each other. It is common that when there two people some difference of opinions will come. But we should forget that and we should continue our closeness. Otherwise, the gap will get enlarged.
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    It is the fact that the face off between the siblings do happen and that proves that they are close enough against each other and that brings in varied kind of love,affection and even the confrontation. But what I like the most is that the younger one would learn from the elder one everything and the parents need not worry. My daughter has learned much from my son, and she would even pick up his lessons and portions when he was studying. So the bonding between the siblings cannot be torn nor under estimated. In many homes the siblings are the twins and in that case whole lots of fun and galore takes place daily and the parents need to be very careful in dealing with such situation as both of them need to be looked after same. And the parents need to be careful that if the younger one is beaten the elder one comes in support of him or her.
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    A sibling's bond is strong and it is a common thing to fight. We all have grown-up fighting, caring, sharing, laughing, keeping secrets, blackmailing, protecting our siblings at every point of time as and when in trouble or required. They are our best friends after our parents whom we can trust and who understand our smile, pain, anger, etc. It is a saying that if we want to break the strength of any family, the break should be from within. The story here is just an example that showed that when others try to make fire and we get burned, then they can easily break our bond. The apt interruption of mother and her advice to the two kids made them understand the real meaning of family bonding and the power of unity. Many may try to cause division between family members for their gain but it is the duty of every family member to ignore such people and their actions and be careful of such venomous persons and also save their family from such people.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    A nice selection of the phrase made by the author for crafting this story. There is no doubt that unity is strength. Unity makes us much more powerful and it is not simple addition but a multiplier of astonishing degrees. It is said that one and one make eleven. Many people work alone. They do not want to share their success with others. But working in a group is always a better proposition. It gives us learnings of group dynamics. It inculcates in us the helping attitude. In organisation and companies the group mentality for working is considered a very vital factor and the company does many things to inspire people for working in group and working towards a common objective. We have seen the ants and other small insects working in unison and carrying the bigger items collectively by carrying it to its dwelling place. That is the great example of unity.
    Knowledge is power.

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