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    Learn to win through unforeseen failures.

    Thomas Alva Edison and his colleagues were trying to find the filament. After thousands of experiments, they could not find a suitable mixture to make the filament. Disappointed colleagues told Edison: Let us stop. How long has this effort been going on? It is not going to happen.
    In response, Edison said: None of our efforts have been in vain. We have invented thousands of compounds that are not suitable for filament formation. They continued their trials and succeeded in the very next experiment.

    Many people end up many things just before the legendary victory reached. How long you hold on and what obstacles you go through is not a measure of effort. The only criterion for success is what we achieved. Everyone can claim Difficulties and disappointments. But the success can only be claimed by those who stand until the end of the achievement.
    No one wins within a single day. There are many, who remain inactive, do not start anything, and not continuing. Because they do not like to lose. Some prejudice such as not losing, losing is an insult, should only come down if sure you will win, etc.. can be destroyed creativity and entrepreneurship. Failure many times can be lead to a state of mind in which no one or anything can defeat us.

    "Failure is the stepping stone to success."
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    Failures should not be treated as failures but they are experiences. These experiences will teach us good lessons and these lessons will be useful for us in our lifetime definitely. But without understanding the reasons for failure going ahead without correcting ourselves is not good. Many times we may not be able to reach our goals in a single attempt. We may have to do multiple attempts. One should have patience. Otherwise, we will have many disappointments. Learn to stay on board till you are successful. That will help you a lot in your lifetime.
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    The essence of life is to win through all the problems and challenges and if the win come from the unforeseen failures, the joy would be double and the eustasy would be more. I met one person who has never confronted the challenges so far in life and he was 62 now, My thoughts immediately ran as to when the God gives the challenges in every walk of life, how come this person is bestowed with all good happenings so far and no confrontation of bad period, May be a big shock or the worst period of time in store to which he is not aware and living the present life to the full teasing others saying that he is blessed and others are cursed. This over confidence should teach him the lesson sooner or later because as per me a person has to go through the worst and good period of life and not only the good period of life which is nothing but giving more time for bad to happen.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thomas Alva Edison was a great scientist who gave us the electric bulb and gramophone, these two were amazing inventions that changed the lifestyle of the world. We take a lesson from his life that we should never give up. Doing experiments after experiments that go beyond one thousand times, is very very difficult to continue experimenting despite facing failure after failure. He was the man of consistent effort.

    One unique word which is worldwide used while talking to each other on phone i.e 'Hello'. It is said that Thomas Alva Edison would ask other people to say Hello while receiving his call. Even Graham Bell who invented the telephone, could not popularise his chosen word 'Ahoy' among the masses.

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    Our tenacity should be like that only but in reality, not many have that tenacity to keep on trying until achieving the target. Various real-life examples work as motivation and the author has provided one such example here. Nobody knows what is going to happen next and when you face a challenge overcoming it is all that you need. There will be failures but if a person leaves midway thinking she/he has tried enough then it will not be possible to reach the goal. When you are aware of the processes involved to complete a task you need to follow them and if you are stuck up you have to analyze what you did wrong. If you are trying something absolutely new then you have to find out the processes involved to complete the task and if one process fails you need to carry on by trying with many other processes. By doing so, you will be able to find out the correct process of doing the task.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Life is not a smooth journey as many hindrances, obstacles, set backs, and failures are encountered in this and can discourage and dishearten the person who is trying so hard to overcome them. Failures are unpredictable and we do not know when they will crop up from nowhere. They may come is succession or individually, they may come sometimes or most of the times, but nothing is known beforehand. We have to learn to accept the failures as an integral part of our lives. We have also to understand as why such failures happen so that next time we may take corrective actions beforehand to avoid such situation.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Let us not start any job amid confusion since such a start up is bound to fail. It may so happen that despite of our best efforts, success was not achievable due to a minor lapse while doing the same. This requires a thorough check up the failure and needs to be corrected. It could help us for the next job in our hand. Winning attitude can produce magical effect. The failure should provide us a lesson how best a job can be achieved through our determined effort. Thinking seriously for the failure and repentance for the same should not be our objective since life is a journey containing achievement, failures and setbacks etc.

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    The author has mentioned about unforeseen failures. When we are too scared of normal failures we are worried how to get about but when it is unforeseen circumstances one can infer that it would be situation of running away from the problems. But great are those who take every bad happenings into their stride and keep going. While every failure teach us the new lesson and stepping stone to great success ahead, when we come across the unforeseen circumstances and win over it, it would be more satisfying as we would have the feeling of having conquered the world. And in this situation the world would be watching us with awe and shock because they know we would ran away and not face it. And once such winning is over, then we are more to have consultations and surge of crowd towards us to take stock of winning trait.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the author, the more struggles we face in life, the more we face the challenges, the more we increase our experience. Experience is taken both, our success, and our failure as well, rather we can learn a lot from our failure and we have been doing so already. But for those who see failure as a negative point and run away from it and do not think about failure in detail, it can be difficult for them to go to success. If we go deep into this, then only we will understand that there has been a lapse as well as we will also understand that whatever we found during this time will work in our life somewhere. Learning is one of the nature of human beings, when we can learn from external events or people, then it is natural that we can learn immensely from our own mistakes or failures. So we should never feel bad for failure but take it as a learning face and increase our efforts towards success.

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