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    Absence makes the heart grow fonder

    Ruby got married to Arvind in a simple ceremony about 3 years ago. They both were employed, Arvind a software engineer while Ruby was teaching in a school. Arvind was very caring but sometimes behaved strangely and started shouting. Ruby generally kept quiet at such times and tolerated the aggressiveness of Arvind. When Arvind became normal she used to ask him why he behaved so strangely but Arvind did never share the reasons about his offending behaviour. Arvind's parents lived in a nearby village and usually came here to live with them for 2-3 months at a stretch about 2 times every year. Ruby was very happy when the in-laws were there because her mother in law treated her just like her daughter. Another thing was that whenever Arvind went through his bad tempers, in-laws took the side of Ruby and worked like a shield. Ruby wanted that in-laws should stay permanently with them but due to agriculture work in the village and managing the staff etc, they could not come to stay with them on a permanent basis.

    One day, in absence of the parents, Arvind suddenly flared on some matter and started to shout and blaming Ruby for some petty matter. Ruby lost her temper and retorted back in a firm tone which further infuriated Arvind much and he started to even push her. Ruby was really feeling bad and in a spur of the moment told that enough was enough and she was going back to her parents and she left Arvind same day and took a bus to go to her parents who were living in a town about 3-4 hours journey from there. Arvind did not bother and let her go.

    It was first time that Arvind was alone after the marriage and after Ruby left he found that everything in the house was in a turmoil and realised that Ruby was taking care of all the matters so nicely and thinking all these good points of Ruby he started to miss her. His ego did not allow him to phone or talk to Ruby but his heart was telling him to contact her and apologise. Arvind was pondering over the situation minutely and then finally he sent a message to Ruby that he was missing her badly and wanted to apologise. Arvind was surprised to get the response so quickly as if Ruby was only waiting for his message. He read the message from Ruby - 'It was my fault Arvind. No need to apologise. I am coming back tomorrow.' Arvind did not believe his eyes. 'You are great Ruby' he said to himself.

    Next day Arvind did not go to office and was in the house only when in the afternoon Ruby pressed the bell on the door and Arvind received her with open arms. Ruby whispered in his ear - 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.'

    This is my entry for the creative short story writing contest.
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    Lovely creative contest content shared by the author and we always felt that those who are very dear to us and when they are absent for the occasion or for the date the fond for him or her would increase manifold.Suppose the son is out of station on the eve of Deepavali festival and could not make it for the reasons beyond control then the parents would feel the pinch of his absence and though the others are present the celebration of festivity would be slow and not with the great mood. The fondness with others many not be bonding and that missing link can be easily gauged out.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. When a person away from us only we understand the value and importance of that person. Many of us might have felt it sometime or other in our lifetime. My wife and my two sons used to go to my parent's place and inlaw's place during summer and almost they used to be away for two months. Because I was not given summer vacation. I used to stay alone. Those times I used to feel their absence very much.
    The author made an excellent story and narrated it very well. There are many couples who behave childishly and later on repent for their behaviour. The couple in the story is an example of that.

    always confident

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    It is a well-written story. The husband in this story represents a typical patriarchal mentality where the husband has dominance in a family and the wife has no right to rebut him but if she protests she will have to go to her parents home until he realises his mistakes. And a woman is happy if her husband sends a text of apology and she was ready to express her apology as well with her luggage packed to meet her husband. The author has written about this real world. A woman needs a lot to get things changed. Whether the woman is educated or uneducated she has to face a big challenge from the man's world.
    A husband has full right to speak anything against his wife and she has to listen to him without saying anything but once she starts replying to him in his language she becomes a big villain for man.
    We still have a long way to go.

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    The relationship between a husband and wife is a delicate and tender one. They have to keep it intact through cordial and co-operative ways and any conflict or confrontation might become an avalanche at some times and lead to the most unwanted thing that is separation. It is also said that the small quarrels and disputes between the couple act as the salt in the dishes and makes the life tastier only. But one has to keep in mind that conflicts should be managed in the best possible manners to avoid and ugly situation. This is the thing where efforts from both sides are needed. Married life requires a continuous balancing act to keep the life steady and happy.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A prize-winning and very emotional story has been shared by the author, which is probably the story of many families, where the husband is often misbehaving with the wife, and in most cases the wife only expects her husband to behave with love. Even if insult, then he just needs to accept the mistake because the wife never puts her ego in front of the husband. It is true that many times the absence in the relationship increases the importance of that relationship. Many times people do not understand that they are able to lead a normal life because many relationships are related to them and these relationships are fulfilling their many needs. But when the relationship is far away, then we realize the lack of those needs which we were getting without asking. Every relationship is important, if a person understands this in time, then life becomes happy.

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    It is seen that we take relationships for granted and never value them when they are with us. Be it parents, siblings, spouse, children, and even friends. The story narrates the relationship between a husband and wife and it has evolved very well. Though it is shown that the husband has short temper and does act without thinking which resulted in a crack in the relationship. The story also gives the message that when we love a person, we are ready to let go of our ego, his bad memories and would always like to start afresh as we would always love them to be with us. There are times when we hate their behavior, habits, actions, yelling, their words but these become a part of our lives and we miss them very much when they are away. That nibbling habit gives us fond memories and how they irritated us but in their absence, that's what keeps us near them. So let us learn to love one another, accept their weaknesses and live a happy life.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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