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    In search of a dog with two tails.

    The Ahuja family is set to go on an adventure during the summer holidays. In this adventure, Abhi's father promises him that he will introduce him to a two-tailed dog. Knowing this, Abhi is very excited and full of energy.

    "Mom, hurry up we have to find a dog with two tails" Abhi shouted from the car. Abhi's father smiled from the driver's seat and said, "Abhi, you will find not one, but many two-tailed dogs. Make sure you can't miss a single dog with two tails?."

    First, the car drives 10km to Abhi's grandparents' home to include them in the adventures trip. Upon reaching there, Abhi's grandparents gave Abhi lots of chocolates and many toys. Abhi is overjoyed to see his grandparents and delighted to get new toys. Everyone is sitting in the car singing songs of joy and heading towards the next destination. Thereupon journeying about 30 km by car, they arrive at their ensuing destination, Adventure Park.

    Abhi thinks in his mind that probably he will get a two-tailed dog here. After taking the entry ticket, they see that there is an aura of happiness throughout the park. People are playing various kinds of amusement games. Abhi's grandfather took him along on the Roller coaster ride and both enjoyed it a lot.

    After playing a lot of games his family plays a ring toss game. There Abhi sees a small child crying who wants to win a prize in a ring toss game. Abhi gives him his award which brings a smile to the face of the small child. Abhi feels very happy from the inside. Abhi's mother kisses her forehead and says "Son, I am proud of you". Everyone present there clapped for Abhi's generous gesture towards the small kid. Thereafter, they had lunch in a restaurant inside the Adventure Park. The food was great and tasty. At last, they enjoyed water games as a result, all their fatigue vanished and new freshness arrived.

    Now everyone is ready to go back home. Abhi had almost forgotten about that two-tailed dog. Upon reaching his grandparents' house, Abhi notices from the car that on seeing them, the dog is shaking its tail happily and joyfully. Noticing this, Abhi suddenly asks his father, "Papa, you promised to introduce me to a two-tailed dog. But I did not find such a dog?"

    Every member of the family started laughing loudly and then Grandma told him that "Son, a two-tailed dog suggests that the way the dog expresses its happiness and joy with one tail, then imagine how much happier one would be with the two tails." The father said, "Abhi today you too were very happy and delighted like a two-tailed dog." Abhi understands the meaning and laughs saying "be like a dog with two tails".

    This is my entry for Creative short story writing contest.
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    The creative writing contest is going very well in this site and the author has chosen a unusual heading because no one can find a two tail dog. It must be a wild imagination and the search for it would starting with more interest and end as the failure. For the sake of imagination we can go to the fantasy world of unusual happenings and unusual thinking but the journey towards search of such things would be so exiting unless we find it and we end up dejected when we know that our asking was too much and beyond the happening. So this story gives us the message that we should not ask for unusual things.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice story and the explanation given for a two-tailed dog is very nice and the story is narrated well. Always going out is very happy and joy not only for the children but also for aged people also. When we recently visited Visakhapatnam my second granddaughter who is in her 2nd year was so happy when we are sitting on the beach and enjoying nature. She played so well with her sister and those memories will never go out of our mind. Really children will be like a dog with two tails when they go to new places and enjoy new spots.
    always confident

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    A happy family is a great boon. Staying together keep us closer to each other. The important message of this story is that if we bring happiness to a sad face it brings enormous happiness to the giver than the receiver of happiness.
    I have never heard that being too much happiness can be compared to a two-tail dog. I don't know where the author has got this idea from.

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    Hi, Be like a dog with two tails is an idiom or phrase. This refers to such a person who is immensely happy, pleased, and delighted. I got this idiom or phrase a little unique so I have chooses this to form a happy story around this.

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    Not that heard idiom but the story scripted around it made it very much likable and fun. If we look within, we are always ready to run behind to find things as soon they are told but never try to understand their real meaning. The same is showcased through the story. The writer has scripted it well that gave the importance of being happy and giving happiness to others which in turn give more joy. It reminded me of a line from a prayer written by St. Francis of Assisi, "It is in give that we receive". The happiness that Abhi got when he gave his prize to the other child to make him happy is what it actually means. We see the poor are the one who donates more then they have and they are happier than many which actually means that the more you give, the more you receive and the happier you become from within.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I appreciate the author for his deep thinking, presenting a story with a very good title. At times, we ourselves feel a wonderful joy in giving happiness to others, just like Abhi did when she gave her reward to that young child. Life is a great gift. How to spend it depends on the person, who lives life happily, he is confident in the welfare of others as well as others. This is also true when we enjoy our precious moments with our family it increases our happiness. The author's proverbial two-tailed dog has given the form of a story that is commendable.

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    This is an interesting fun story and also the phrase used is a unique one. The author has presented the story from children's perspective and has knitted it in an entertaining and funny way.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This is not a very common phrase and I was not aware of this but with this story the meaning is now very clear and appears interesting. To show the extreme happiness of the children what else can be better than this phrase and conveys so much with so little. There are many phrases in English language the meaning of which cannot be guessed until one really knows their meaning in detail.
    Knowledge is power.

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