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    Happy vacation at grandparent’s place.

    Annual examinations are coming to an end and summer vacation is fast approaching. Mohan and his sister Sarada wanted to go to their grandparent's place to spend the vacation. Their cousins Krishna and Laxmi will also come there. Their parents also accepted and they are eagerly waiting for the examinations to over.

    The day of travel arrived and both of them got on the bus and reached their grandparent's place in 3 hours. By the time they reached there, their cousins arrived. Their grandparents are very happy to see them all in their house. Four of the children are very enthusiastic and enquired about each other. Their grandfather is very good at storytelling. The children wanted to hear stories from his grandfather every day when they are with him.

    The village is a nice place with a pond in the centre of the village and a beautiful park on the shore of the pond. There is a very old Siva temple. There is a special sweet shop in that village. The Sweets made in that shop are very tasty and very famous. People from the surrounding villages will also come there to purchase these sweets.

    All the four used to go to the park and spend some time there. Their grandfather used to get them the sweets from the shop. Mangoes available there are also very tasty. All the four are enjoying their stay there. They used to visit the temple in the morning daily. Most of the time they enjoy playing with the other friends in the village.

    Their grandfather is telling them stories from epics and explaining the morals that are emerging from those stories. He used to advise them that they should be united always and unity is strength. They always cherish the stories narrated and used to follow the points told by their grandfather.

    Days are fast-moving. Mohan's father called in the morning and asked them to come back as already 15 days are over and he has to join in cricket coaching and Sarada has to get admitted in chess coaching. That made Mohan very dull. But he can't say no to his father.

    They decided to go back the next day. Four of them are very upset. They thought that they can spend some more time there. Krishna and Lakshmi also decided to leave for their place. The next day as planned they started their return journey. Their minds are thinking about why the time will not stop so that they can be with their grandparents forever. But they all know that time and tide wait for none.

    This is my entry for the contest
    Creative Short Story writing contest
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    The author has brought in wonderful old memories of every one when he connected the creative writing contest referring to visit to grand mothers place during the vacation. Grand parents are always dear to the grand children especially the grand mother would be more exited to have the them during the vacation and she would prepare everything the children need. I remember when I was young and once went with the father to the grand parents ancestral village where they were staying. Though my grand father was passed away long back, the grand mother with one of her daughter was present looking after small farm back yard. And she used to prepare choicest dishes for three days when when we stayed there that includes jack fruit curry which was so tasty and never had such dish in my life so far.
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    It's an interesting piece of story. Village life is amazing and peaceful, especially, when grandparents are alive in the village. Shadow of the old people soothes mentally. Children like to stay with their grandparents. It is natural for them. They are attracted to their grandparents. People living in city are too much busy out there. Their children also feel boring living in such place, they want a change, a change which may refresh their mood. Ancestral village is the best place to change their mood. They have lovely grandparents, as well as other relatives out there who care about them, love them. The visitors come closer to nature. They happen to see beauty of nature in the midst of the natural surroundings.

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    A very beautiful depiction of the story is presented by the author. Spending holidays with your family is very enjoyable. For children, their grandparents are like their friends, have fun with them, play sports, and teach them great lessons useful for children in life. Grandparents also fill the lack of time that parents are not able to give to their children. When the people living in big cities go to their village with children during the summer holidays, then along with the family, they get the pure atmosphere of the village which is like a big change. Life in the run-of-the-mill city finds stability in the shadow of the trees of a village that is highly valuable. There are big lessons hidden in grandparents' stories, there are ways of telling their story in such a way that the whole scene of the story emerges in the mind of the children and the children find themselves in the world of that story. Such stories leave a big positive impact on the minds of children, and it is only with Grandparents.

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    A good narration of giving importance about spending time with our grandparents, the village life, the love, care and affection that we get from our elders, etc. The story is an ideal piece that takes us back to the 90s when we used to visit our village for summer vacations and spend time with our grandparents, making them run to meet our every demand and they happily managed to give us everything. The good old days are just a sweet memory that we always carry in our hearts and wish that even our children would get some glimpse of it. It is also true that we all want to live in metropolitan cities so as to make our career and future of our children but at one point we miss the small village that holds many memories and givess us the courage to live a good life.
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    Children going to the grandparents place and enjoying the holidays there, is a great experience and we also recollect these things in our lives when we used to visit them as they were living in the village. For the children such opportunities are very exciting and they want to remain in that playful mode for ever. But there are other things to do in life and holidays would anyway end at some point of time.
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