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    Are we just scapegoats of fate? Can't we control our future?

    'The Alchemist' is the second book by the famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. Only 900 copies were sold when the book was published in 1988. But Coyle, who dreamed of his book becoming an international-based seller, was not disappointed. He got a second publisher and published a new edition of the book, The Alchemist along with a new book Brida. Both books quickly rose to bestseller status. 'The Alchemist' quickly gained the reputation of being the best-selling (the most sold book) book in Brazil. Coelho became internationally famous in 1993 by the publication of the English edition of 'The Alchemist' by the American publisher HarperCollins. 15 years later the release of The Alchemist in 2003, more than 27.5 million (2.75 crores) copies have been sold in 56 languages.

    What is so special about 'The Alchemist'? The message that "whatever we sincerely want is possible" is the essence of this novel, which seems like a grandmother's story. Coelho teaches us through 'The Alchemist' that if we sincerely want something good to happen in our lives, the whole universe will help us to realize our dream.

    We have so many dreams in life. But the fact is that we often do not try to realize the dream. The reason for this is the fear that we may fail in our endeavors. A sense of failure is the biggest obstacle to our dream realization. Through the story of Santiago, Coelho calls us to get rid of this fear. Even if we fail during our efforts, the experiences gained through our efforts will enrich our lives. We do not need to be afraid that our dreams of life will not come true. We need a mindset to move forward. Of course, the endless help of God also receives for that effort. Even if we fail, God will bring us good in other ways.
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    True. When we try sincerely for realising our goals and targets we will get help in many ways and God will always help for noble causes. When your desires are strong you will definitely get those desires fulfilled. As a matter of fact, as long as you are positive about your attempts and results, you will be successful in your deeds. There are many examples for this and the same has been discussed many times on this platform.
    One should not have a fear of failure. Failures are our experiences and they will be useful in many ways in our future deeds. Be positive, try and be successful.

    always confident

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    How can we have the control of the future when we are not aware what is going to happen in the next minute. That means we are very poor in analyzing and predicting what's going to happen the very next hour, how can we have the control over the future. And by chance if we have the true predictions of what is going to happen in future, then we are the Godly figure for ourselves and the others too. And who has the control of the future, that person who is not connected with any person or the family duties, that person who has got ridden of all enjoyments in life, that person who has no wishes but only penance in his life. Such people does not have any connect with the world and they are not concerned about their life or the future, And for them what is the use of knowing the future as they are not going to enjoy anything for the life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks for sharing this valuable information. First movie of Deepika Padukone with Shahrukh Khan was released Om Shanti Om. It was a super hit movie. Perhaps its famous dialogue was taken from this novel discussed by the author in this thread that when someone loves someone/something to get, everything of this entire nature helps him/her to have his/her union with it or in other words what dreams he /she sees everything of this entire nature helps him/her to make his/her dream come true.
    This is simply a dialogue. The similar message is given in given novel. It may be possible in someone's life that he/she might have experienced this amazing phenomenon but practically, it is not common incidence. If it starts happening in real world every dream of people will come true. And that day will change the world entirely. It looks good to hear that every dream will come true and everything in this universe will extend its cooperation and help to the concerned person.

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    This is an interesting topic and needs deeper investigations. We have to dream whatever we want to accomplish in our life and then follow those dreams with sincere efforts, focus, hard work, concentration, and of course the zeal and enthusiasm to progress ahead. Now the time for the verdict comes and result is announced which may be favourable or not. To understand these strange outcomes in many cases we go under the shelter of fate, destiny, luck and things like that and console ourselves to quite an extent and feel calm and quiet. Some pray almighty for the lessons learnt and experience gained without achieving the objectives and hope that those prayers would bring good luck next time. In my opinion experience gained is also a success in the sense that we will be taking certain precautionary measures next time while attempting a more and less similar challenge in our lives and if luck is in our favour during that attempt we might succeed. The cycle of life will go like that only. Trying and trying continuously and moving ahead through all the hurdles and obstructions in the destined way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Thinking about the fate always would not guarantee you success. It would be better on your part to keep you preoccupied with your daily assignments with all your attention and no essential chores are left pending. If the entire jobs are taken up with full concentration, there is hardly any reason for your failure. As per Bhagwatgeeta, we should aim for the completion of the work diligently and we should not unnecessarily be worried for the ultimate outcome. If you follow this, you will remain free from tension. The only way to lead life peacefully is to concentrate on the present assignments without any stress and success is definitely achievable.

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