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    How can we replenish more blood to our body?

    The eating habits would tell upon our health and most of us eat something which is not concerned to our health benefits and simply because the item tastes good. Some of the fruits and the vegetables we use may help us to regain or replenish the blood much required for the activity and briskness of the body. Sometimes our blood becomes more stale and even thin without having any energy or the power and in that case we may become more weak and seeking good advise for better life. I call upon the members to suggest those foods which can help gain good blood additions to our body quality wise.
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    Red meat is one of the most important foods to increase blood count. However, red meat should be used in balanced diet criteria as over-consumption can lead to accumulating fat in the cells. Moreover, it is not advisable as vegetarians do not consume meat. In the vegetable category, spinach, beetroot, cabbage, beans, and sweet potatoes are also good. Of these, beetroot is the best. But many may not like the taste of it. Fruits and dry fruits are very good for increasing blood flow and blood count in the body. Among the fruits, dates, apples, grapes, watermelon, and pomegranates are good. Of these, dates and pomegranates are good to increase blood count. Dry Fruits Like Cashew Nuts and Almonds are the best. Eating daily 3-4 almonds and 2 -3 cashew nuts after dinner and 2 -3 dates after lunch can help to increase red blood cell count and increase the blood flow. This is our grandparents' directive and we follow.
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    Generally, taking a balanced food along with a healthy lifestyle will do the trick though there are some supplements which claim for increasing the body metabolism and resulting in better assimilation of food inside the body. Human body is a very complicated machine and it is difficult to tame it in those ways as it has its own balancing systems and any increase in one thing triggers some chain reaction to bring that thing back tom the normal level. It is said that body is own doctor and many times repairs itself and tries to keep a balance everywhere. It is only when some infection and disease is set in the body that it is not able to fight it continuously and then external help in form of the drugs is prescribed. So in normal courses it will make sufficient blood needed for its working and even if one takes more foods which are meant to increase the blood content body will eventually bring back the levels as desired by the system and its feedback mechanisms on a whole. In medical sciences we learn that the average blood in an adult is in the range of about 4.5 to 5.7 Litres and that range itself indicate that the margin is quite good for its variance.
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    A good thread has been selected by the author for a discussion. In today's era, due to irregular routines, many types of diseases have started to arise. One of the main diseases is the lack of pure blood in the body. According to science, when the red blood cells decrease in the body, then there is a lack of blood in the body, in this way, we can increase the reduced hemoglobin by increasing the amount of iron in the body. The most easily available vegetable in the form of spinach is spinach, which contains more vitamin A, C, B9, iron, and fiber. Spinach can increase iron significantly in one go, you can consume spinach as a vegetable and soup. Tomato is also considered healthy in another common food, you can take it as a salad or soup. If you want to eat more of the fruits too, especially by eating apple there is the purity of blood in the body and blood does not get thick.

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    If the haemoglobin content is less the person will become anaemic and feel tired easily. His face also indicates less blood content. It is better to eat times containing iron more to improve the blood content. Apple is a portion of good food for this. Every day if we eat one apple our blood will replenish and we will be healthy. Dry fruits are also good for this. Dates are suggested for this. Leafy vegetables, rice and peanuts are also good for this, Carrots are also good for blood replenishment. We should take healthy food and stop eating junk food.
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    I strongly recommend non veg food to replenish more blood to our body.
    In Tamil - Kaal Aadu, Arai Kozhi, Mukkal Muyal, Mulu Udumbu. (Quarter Mutton, Half chicken, Three fourth rabbit, Full Monitor Lizard) This conveys that eating goat meat would give quarter energy, eating chicken would give half energy, eating rabbit/ hare would give 3/4 energy. Eating the monitor lizard would give full energy.

    So, it would be better to consume all varieties of consumable animal meat. We can eat Mutton, chicken, rabbit meat, venison, beef, pork which gives energy to our body by replenishing more blood.

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    If your blood count is less, you need to be a little bit cautious by choosing a glass of Beet Root juice or even a glass Gooseberry juice to raise your blood within the system. Vegetarian diet is always beneficial since it does not produce any strain within the system and could be assimilated in a faster way. Spinach if used on regular basis could produce amazing results because of high iron content apart from presence of vitamin B complex.
    The dry fruits such as addition of Raisins, Almonds, Cashews could be helpful but it should not be taken in excess quantity. Four or five pieces of Almonds are sufficient to be added in the breakfast. Similarly ten to twelve pieces of Raisins should be taken in a glass and add around 50 ml of water in it and allow it to be soaked for an overnight. Next morning it should be consumed with the proper mastication of the Raisins and gulp down the remaining water. It would help you to overcome your anaemia apart from restoring good digestion within a fortnight. This should be continued for at least two months so as to get the visible results.

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    Let's get terminology correct first. You cannot "add" blood as per what is mentioned in the text of the thread. That is something entirely different and I think it is called a blood transfusion. What the advice sought is for a nutritional diet to increase the red blood cell count.

    Secondly, I do not think there is any such thing as "stale" blood. What does that mean exactly? As for blood becoming thin, that requires another kind of diet that could help to reduce the risk of blood clots.

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    Our body converts the food in its own way and I do not think that we can force it to make something more or less just by consuming an item more or less. The working of human body is amazing and it does so many balancing acts that we cannot imagine those things. What the experts suggest is that one should take a balanced diet and have a good healthy lifestyle and body will then correct everything itself.
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