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    Eternal love certainly succeeds

    Today is Pihu's and Shyam's wedding. She still remembers the old days. They both were childhood friends and live in a small town. There were lots of challenges in their life. They belong to a low-income family. In spite of that their parents gave their children a good education. Years passed and after completing schooling both have to decide for further study or about their career. Pihu's family's financial situation now has been improved. Hence, she has taken admission to a Law college in the city. While Shyam's parents were still not in good financial condition, and he did not want to put an extra burden on them, so he started his own small business in his town. Before Pihu's departure to the new city, Shyam wants to tell his feelings to her. Both met at a café, and Shyam expressed his feelings to Pihu and proposed that can we be together forever? Pihu has feelings for him too, but because of her shy nature, she told nothing.

    Then, Pihu joined law college in a city. Initially, both do talk over phones every other day. But as time passed by, both got busy in their work and chatting over phones also got reduced. After some time, Shyam got the news that Pihu has topped her college. Pihu got selected in the UPSC exam and appointed as a public prosecutor. One day Pihu returned to her hometown. Again they met at the same café, and this time Pihu proposed Shyam. After hearing Pihu's proposal, Shyam was happy and sad both. He was happy because Pihu (his love) has proposed him and sad because she is a lawyer now and doing progress in her career but his company may spoil her future. Shyam told, he cannot be with her because he does not want to ruin her life.

    After this conversation, Pihu returned with a heavy heart. Shyam was also sad and cursing himself. He thought, how can he do like this? in fact, he loves her so much. Years passed, and time started changing. Then Shyam, who was a small shop owner, started expanding his business. He bought some franchisee and opened some big showrooms in the city. Now, Shyam was also among the rich people of the society.

    Shyam and Pihu were not meet for a long time, but still, they love each other. One day, Shyam went to the Court regarding some legal issues, and there he saw Pihu and his mind lost in the old memories. Then, he met Pihu and invited her for coffee. They met at a restaurant and talked. They could not hide their love for each other. And suddenly they both said together, can we now be together forever? Both smiled and hugged each other. It was the most beautiful evening in their life. Shyam said we are made for each other and are "a match made in heaven".

    Entry for the creative short story contest
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    The author has very well brought out the fact in this story that how a person thinks about other when it comes to the aspect of marrying and living together. They love each other but the boy is feeling uncomfortable as how a successful career girl will be happy with him, a small shopkeeper. It shows that he really loves her and concerns for her welfare. The girl would also notice this that the boy is simply doing something to make her career above everything and indirectly giving her a respect and that would lead the girl to think that this boy is the ideal choice for a life partner and that is why she waited all those years and did not marry elsewhere. The boy was also simply waiting and was trying to be a successful businessman. A good match indeed. Yes, they were made for each other.
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    It is a well-written story. What is destined in our lives will definitely happen. Nobody can stop it. When both the hearts strongly want each other's company that will happen and something is proved. Years together both were unmarried and waited for each other and finally they are united I know some such cases which are failed due to difference in heir financial condition or educational levels. Anyhow it is true that marriages are made in heaven,
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    It is a well-written story. Life is too fast nowadays. So the love of instant feelings doesn't last long because this bond does not have solid foundations. The story mentioned in the thread doesn't belong to the latest generation, however, it suggests that a long-lasting relationship requires maturity in thinking and approach about feel about each other. In this story the characters are not a boy or a girl, rather, they are matured man and woman who despite having feelings for each other did not open their heart. I think if someone has feelings for any person he/she should not wait in the expression of feelings. There is no guarantee that the other person will keep on waiting for a proposal from him/her. I think it is always preferable for a person to let his/her feelings be known to his /her partner as it is advantageous that he/she will get hooked for a certain period.

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    Once again, by the author, a brilliant presentation is made through the story. It is true that some relationships come from heaven itself and remain united in this world. Thinking about each other's interests in the relationship, it is a great feeling for Shyam to think about Pihu's future rather than his own. There was truth in their love, honesty, and a feeling of renunciation towards each other, so even after being away for so long, there was no love and feeling. Some people do not want to do work hard but depend on others for a wealthy life and they choose their partner with the same intention. In life, both love and career have their own importance and those who go on balancing both of them must progress in the path of life, this has resulted in Along with Pihu, Shyam also developed himself as a good businessman.

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    The author has well connected the creative writing contest content with the good heading and it is the fact that love is eternal and it cannot be destroyed nor defeated. And if the concerned persons are agreeing to their basics of life and expectancy, they give and take of other matters would be solved with mutual understanding. Love cannot be imposed on others, and the feeling of understanding shoud come from within and not induced. That is the reason being so some love marraiges do bond well than the arranged marriages, but there would be valid reasons for the love to blossom between the two.
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    I know one case where a boy loved a girl but due to their different backgrounds and girl's ambitious nature the boy waited for her for 6-7 years till the girl settled in a job and then only the boy asked her hand and the girl was also happy that the boy waited for her only and did not marry elsewhere. So, definitely these are the cases where people have real feelings of love towards each other.
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    We have read that matches are made in heaven and might have seen in movies and serials where such couples wait and make it to be a sweet couple. It is a sweet story about how things can change and if the match is made by the Almighty, it may take time but will certainly find its way. The story is heart-touching and rising thoughts that true love still exists in this world. There are couples who get separated over small and petty issues whereas there are couples who stand firm in all the phases of their life and win every situation. They always stand true to the promise they make in their marriage and follow to be with their spouse in every situation. The story takes us on a movie track where the hero waits for her heroine for years and at the end, it's a beautiful end as they tie the knot under everyone's blessing.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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