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    Juicy vacation with the loved ones

    Grandma, now in her sixties, is sitting on the balcony when the doorbell rings. Her granddaughter, Ruhi, who studies in the ninth standard, has come back from school. Ruhi, a chirpy girl, is overexcited because her summer vacation would start the next day. She comes running to the balcony, hugs her grandma and whispers in her ears: only seven days left. Grandma could make out the enthusiasm in Ruhi's voice. She knows very well about Ruhi's excitement, but still, she asks her about the reason.

    Ruhi grins widely and states: "We would go to uncle's place. Aren't you excited too to visit your youngest son's house and meet your other grandchildren?"
    Grandma: "Oh! Yes." She smiles with a sigh.
    Ruhi: "What happened? Granny, are you not happy?"
    Grandma: "No, I am equally happy like you. Your happiness reminds me of my summer vacation during school days. I have some sweet memories of it."
    Ruhi: "Oh! Granny, share some of your sweet memories with me."
    Grandma: "You know, I also used to wait for my summer vacation. It was a regular feature from fifth to seventh when I visited my uncle's house in a small city, Muzaffarpur, in Bihar. I stayed there for almost full of my summer vacation. There is a small difference between your excitement and mine."
    Ruhi: "Explain it, Granny. What's the difference?"
    Grandma: "You are elated because you would get some days to spend with your favourite cousins along with your uncle and aunt, but for me, there was an added pleasure. As you know, I love mangoes and litchi both. Muzaffarpur is very famous for litchi, and a variety of mangoes are available in abundance. My uncle made it a point that during summer vacations, I must go and stay with him and his family."
    Ruhi: "Did you eat mangoes every day?"
    Grandma: "Yesssss..., I ate quite a few mangoes every day. My uncle used to bring many types of mangoes from the market for all the kids. Some small-sized mangoes, he brought specifically, for eating whenever I wished to eat. Other than those, Malda mango was a must for having it with milk at night."
    Ruhi: "Did you have unlimited litchis too?"
    Grandma: Yes, litchis of Muzaffarpur is very popular to date for its quality, and I had them without any restriction. I love fruits, and among them, mango is my favourite, followed by litchi and many other fruits such as grapes, watermelon and many more."
    Ruhi: "Granny, you spent your summer vacation like mango and litchi festival. It was complete fun."
    Grandma: "Yes, it was truly a pleasure. Spending quality time with family members and celebrating the occasion with the king of fruits, mangoes, and litchis. I can't forget those lovely days."
    Ruhi: "Your experience was such a sweet one. Well, mine will also be very nice."
    Grandma: "Yes, dear. You will also spend your vacation wonderfully. Actually, for you, it will be a whale of a time."

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    Well balanced written story. It has quality more than quantity. Nostalgia is our favourite flavour. Sometimes, it happens to rather flair. One of cousin brother had who was born in Pune and stayed a long time between Mumbai and Pune. His wife belongs to Delhi. Their son and daughters would visit this town during their holidays because their grandfather home and town. They kike to see fields, orchard of their grandpa. This craze of nostalgia attaches people with their roots. How these young children feel to be here is just amazing experience. They had leave after lockdown was over then they visited here. They enjoyed every moment they stayed out there.

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    The author has well connected the creative writing story with that of apt heading that when vacations are spent with the loved ones, that are bound to be very juicy in that sense very memorable and the remembrance would be fond. Because the children makes the vocation more attractive and importance for everyone to be with their every moves and that could be ever remembered in future. They coming to the vacations itself a great move and having spent the quality time with the family members always rekindles new love and affection. Because vacations are not held regularly and all the responsibilities and tasks are gotten rid off at the home to make the vacations more enjoyable and if some children has the talent of singing or playing the music instruments, then that would be further enjoyable to remember
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A long vacation such as summer vacation becomes more enjoyable if someone attends such families where they derive pleasure with the close interaction, sharing the feelings with inner core of heart. The days of the vacation would pass on providing great pleasure. This story has dealt with a nice theme when Ruhi proceeds for his journey to Muzzafarpur to enjoy her vacation. It was quite memorable one because she could get a nice company apart from enjoying both litchi and Mangoes on regular basis. This juicy fruits added her happiness further. A careful inclusion of some passion such playing with guitar or violin apart from other activities could make the events even more pleasant.

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    Good story from the author. Summer is famous for mangoes and it is the mangoes season. In our State, we make various pickles with raw mangoes and store them for the whole year. They are very good side dishes. Mango fruits are very tasty. Definitely, grandchildren expect mango fruits when they go for summer to their grandparents.
    Summer vacation gives a chance to all the children to meet their cousins and spend quality time with them. Every child will look for this vacation so that they will have a lot of fun and time pass with their siblings and cousins.

    always confident

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    Through this story, the author describes the friendly behavior and relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter Ruhi very well. This often happens when grandparents share their childhood experiences with children. The difference between the two generations is indeed quite more but still, there is a lot of commonality in the experiences, which makes the discussion more interesting. The title of the thread that has been associated with the juice is a very wonderful presentation by the author. The real joy of summer vacation is considered incomplete without the juice of mangoes and other fruits. Even though cold drinks and juice bottles of different brands are already available in the refrigerators in the people's house, but still the fun, that of fresh mango juice, and drinking it, cannot be found in those artificial juices.

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    A good and interesting conversation between grandma and her granddaughter highlighting their visit to other place. It is interesting to note as how the grandma was comparing her past visit to the present visit of the girl.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The story reminded me of my summer vacation to our native place in Kerala. I would travel to my native from Mumbai for my summer holidays and my mother would buy mangoes from the wholesaler or the one who would pluck and give it to us in lots. she would keep them under the bed so that it doesn't get rotten and be fresh. She would peel 2-3 mangoes per person in the morning. We would come running in between our games and have these, every day. Even our friends would accompany us and we all enjoyed it very much. In the evening, it would be jackfruit or any other fruit or vegetable like tapioca, breadfruit, sapota, pineapple, cashew nut, banana, etc. Our childhood was full of fresh local fruits and vegetables grown in our yards. We never thought of junk food but yes, enjoyed it when we were in cities. When we think of summer vacations, it was only games, friends, movies, fruits, swimming in pond and lake, etc.
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