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    Why did you beat him?

    To understand rustic mentality is not easy. It seems to be on extreme, rather complicated. If they love you or hate you, they do it beyond proper limit. Someone who owns two private buses told me an incident to show their mentality. His buses run on a short route. Several villages lie between two towns. A young boy who was a student of high school in an Intermediate College located in a town was going to his village by his bus. When the conductor asked him to pay the fare he told him that he was a student, then the conductor asked him to pay half amount of the fare but he did not pay even half fare. They began to talk harshly and the conductor slapped him for quarrelling and not paying the fare. When the bus reached his village the boy got down and warned the conductor to teach him a lesson. Next day when he was coming back, almost whole of the village was standing at the road and they stopped the bus. The boy was also among them, his eyes were searching the bus conductor . Seeing the crowd the conductor sat with the passengers to hide himself. The bus owner and bus driver came down and tried to calm down them but they wanted the bus conductor at any cost. Eventually, the poor man had to come down before them and stood as if he were a criminal. The man standing with the boy asked the bus conductor why he beat his boy.
    The bus conductor explained what happened on that day. The man again asked him," Why did you beat him?"
    Bus conductor," I beat him because he did not give fare and started quarreling with me?'
    The man," O.K. I understand it but why did you beat him?'
    Bus conductor," I have told you the reason instead of giving me fare...."
    The man (Interupted)," You asked him to pay fare, he did not give any fare, instead he started quarelling with you"
    The bus conductor,"Yes"
    The man," But why did you beat him?"
    The bus conductor," As I have told you he was not..."
    The man,"I have understood your story. Don't repeat it. Tell me, why did you beat him?"
    Then somehow the bus owner and passengers tried to reconcile the issue and eventually, the bus conductor had to apologise to the boy then the dispute was settled.
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    Beating is the extreme action but many times people resort to it. There are two things that are used by people to humiliate others whether there is a reason to do so or not. First is offending by words and using abusive language. This generally makes the recipient angry and he answers it in the same harsh language or other offending ways. Then it leads to quarrel and if supporters are there it may turn into a social inferno. The second is beating and when we beat a person he feels totally humiliated and if he is capable and mighty he immediately answers back with beating only but in many cases he leaves the scene only to come back to take revenge. It is said that if you do not help a person then he would not mind it but if you insult him he would go for revenge when he gets an opportunity to do so. Many bad incidents and actions in this world are done regularly based on the revenge factor. It is also said that taking revenge gives immense pleasure and satisfaction to the person who was publicly insulted by someone at some earlier time. These reactions are based on the basic human psychology and I have seen even the highly educated persons going for these measures time to time in their lives.
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    People can shout at each other but should not resort to manhandling. That will come under an attempt to murder case. That is why people should not go to that extent. In this story, the boy is at fault. There is no rule that students should be provided free travel. The conductor is kind enough to allow him for half fair. But the boy never understood. An intelligent conductor will stop the bus and ask the boy to get down. But by manhandling the boy he became a scapegoat and finally he has to ask for excuse. That is why people say these days are not for good and reasonable people.
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    To be frank, I don't think that the conductor has any right to slap the young boy and that is the reason why the father of the boy kept repeatedly asking why the conductor had beaten the boy. It is also the result of the emotions the father must be experiencing on coming to know that his son was beaten by an outsider. Though I don't think it was right on the part of the villagers to block the bus and force the conductor to apologize to the boy (or maybe his father?), I do think that the conductor crossed his limits by manhandling the boy unless there was physical provocation from the other side. The matter could have been settled amicably had the parties had not over-reacted.
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    The conductor had no right to slap the boy. If the boy did not want to pay the full fare, the conductor could have stopped the bus and asked the boy to get down from the bus. And I am sure, the passengers would have supported the conductor, or any generous passenger would have shared the fare and helped the boy.

    Private buses don't give concession to students. I think the boy is a rude guy.

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    If the conductor is considered as the governement servent protected by the working rules and safety of his job that no one should cause injure and man handle him at any point of time during his duty time. As the driver and the conductor are the custodian of the government vehicle or the bus they are using, they are protected and governed by the laws for safety. But this is taken as the right by the conductors who are ready to abuse the communters for no fault of them. Every conductor expects that exact change has to be given for obtaining ticket otherwise he has the right to even deboard the commuter. But on the other hand passenger argue that from where he can get small change and thus the argument flare up to big quarrel and eventually the conductor lose the cool and beat the passenger which is not good.
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    It was not a case of small changes. It is the case of refusal to take ticket for the journey. No person can travel in a private bus without paying the travel fare. I would say that the conductor has all the right to deboard a passenger if not able to pay the ticket fare. No conductor will slap if exact change is not rendered. The conductor would ask the passenger to wait for the change he would get from other passengers.

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    It is wrong to beat anyone in this way, no matter what the mistake is, the best way to solve it is to adopt a medium of dialogue. If things have worsened, then a third sensible person should be taken. In the case which the author said, there was a simple way that the conductor would take money from the person concerned, even though a little time and patience were required, but the conductor took the wrong approach in a hurry. Often people also show their personal anger to outside persons, this incident is one such example.

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    It was the fault of the conductor taking an ugly step of beating the boy. He should not have been so much overemotional on refusal of the boy not paying the exact fare. The conductor was ready to accept half of the fare being a student. Later the confrontation started between the boy and the conductor and ultimately the conductor became out of control and slapped the boy. This could have been tackled in a different way requesting the driver to stop the bus and asking the boy to get down. Further refusal of the boy of not getting down could have been resolved with the cooperation of the commuters.

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    Conductor could had taken some other actions which were available to him under the existing laws instead of beating the boy. The problem in these situations is that sometimes people use their own judgement to punish the erring person but do not understand that they are doing an illegal thing. The conductor might be serious about the ticket money but gone beyond his powers and that created this ugly scene.
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    Generally, bus drivers and conductors are tough guys. They are not sober. They cannot tolerate if someone refuse to pay the ticket fare. If the boy pleaded that he has lost money and have nothing to pay or requested the conductor to help him, as a human being the conductor would have helped him . But the boy was a rude and adamant guy who did not want to pay even half the ticket fare.
    Anyone would lose their temper at this juncture not thinking about the consequences.

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