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    Only good deeds done without a desire for reward should be respected.

    A traveler came to a village. He saw an old man planting saplings by the roadside, and the traveler asked him: 'You may not have had the good fortune to see the tree even growing at its half growth. Then why are they being planted so hard? The man said: All these trees you see here planted by someone else. They did so without thinking about who would benefit from them. They may have the thought that it would be benefit someone. I have that belief too.

    Good deeds done without recompense are most honorable. The acts of those who do good by standing invisible will be more beneficial to society than those who make a name for themselves by exalting even the most trivial missions. When we proclaim our greatness, the sanctity of the deeds that cause it is lost. Is not the case of those who have to be victims to accept those good deeds also ignored? Wouldn't it be better to let them starve than to take advantage of the shortcomings and difficulties of others and witness the cameras and receiving a good name? Do not those who receive such gifts also have their personality? It would be more acceptable to them, to starve than to sell their self-esteem and fill their stomachs. Good deeds done without seeking any reward will be valued and revered in the eyes of God.
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    I have read this story mentioned in this thread of an old man planting the saplings with this pure intention that the coming generation will be benefitted from his good act. This is a great teaching to all of us that we should work for people. Everybody lives for himself but sometimes, we should think about other people also. Those who live for other people are remembered after their demise. They are respected from the core of the heart because what they do is an invaluable service to mankind. Their purified intention is venerable in itself. They have no greed for name and fame. Their efforts are impeccable.

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    What we do today may not give immediate returns to us. But that will make our next and the next to next generations good. So one should not think about the immediate results but should go on doing good deeds. Not harming anybody for our self-benefit in itself is a good deed. Helping the needy is also a good deed. When you are in trouble God will definitely send somebody to help you. So without anticipating anything in return we should do good to others.
    My grandfather helped many poor in his village by supplying free medicines as and when required. He was an ayurvedic doctor. He is no more now. But even today if we go to that village all the people in that village respect us and treat us very nicely. Whenever I go to that place with my children, I tell them we are receiving that hospitality because of the good deeds done by my grandfather. Similarly, we should also do good deeds so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have a good time on this earth.

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    This thread has bought me some memories of discussing this subject with my friends where we usually discussed various type of matters including of course the then current political situation in India. One of my friend told that there is so much crime and corruption in this world but still people are living in it and getting help and support from the kind hearted and good people. So, the fact is that there are still some good people who do some good deeds without expecting anything in return and that is the actual help for the humanity. Those who are having such traits are the real people whom we should applaud and appreciate. I would say that there is no other trait bigger than such a kind hearted attitude. A society can progress and develop only when such people are there more in numbers as compared to the evil people.
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    The deeds are good or not can be decided only by those who gone through it. For some the good deed may be bad one and for some the bad one may be good deed. There is no hard and fast rule between good deed and bad deed. For a butcher cutting the animals for sacrifice is his duty and he has to do that for his own survival and that is his business. Now from point of view he is the sinner as he is responsible for taking lives of animals which cannot fight or defend its life. And good deeds are not accompanied by any desire. Only politicians feel that their every good largess announcements for the voters should accompany with the votes. During the election time they distribute money which is the bad deed according to them, but they want to stick to thier post and position of power and for them it is the part of politics and vote bank gestures.
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    Generally people do something to get something in return and do favour to anyone if something is expected from that person also. So, this is a selfish behaviour but many follow this. At the same time there are some people, may be their number is less in the society, who help and guide others without expecting anything in return and these are the real backbone of our society.
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    It is very commendable when a person does some good work thinking about the interest of other people without any selfishness. Often such people also come in the form of social workers who are aware to take positive steps in the concern of protection of the environment, the health of common people, etc., and others. When we act thinking about others other than ourselves, then in reality we give a glimpse of humanity in this society. Humanity is an important quality for any human being, which nowadays people are eliminating from within themselves, but we should always keep in mind that when there is humanity only then a human is a real human.

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