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    Along with the explorer, we must also be innovators.

    The words discovery and research both seem to be close and similar but both have their differences. When we make any change in a knowledge object, it is called research and when we search for an unknown object, it is called discovery.

    We all humans done many discover and research in our life, perhaps we do not even know about it. We can understand it even at a small level. We start these small discoveries from childhood and hence children should not be prevented from making new discoveries or research because we do not even know when a big discovery will be born in which human mind.

    This process of discovery and research will go on, for as long as, we want and we should always be allowed to work in our minds. This art should be further enhanced by expanding its thinking power.
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    Exploring is finding out the existing items whereas innovation is finding out a new object and improving an existing object. Exploring is important and the same way innovation is also important.
    Going to Moon is exploring but making a vehicle to go to the moon is an innovation. Like this, we see many innovations and explorations that are achieved by different people.
    A human being is having many thoughts in his mind. Some new ideas may come to somebody when they think and once they work on that thought that will become research. Generally, the bent of mind of kids can be understood by the interest they are showing towards various works.

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    Research and discoveries both come by extraordinary qualities and efforts. The author has beautifully explained the difference between research and discovery but I would like to add one more thing that discovery is not an innovation, rather, a thing which already exists but it is unknown to us and when someone finds or discovers it becomes known to all people. Another thing is inventions which did not exist but someone creates or invents a new thing.
    This world has seen innumerable extraordinary personalities in this world who invented many unprecedented things which change the world. Even now we don't know who the best scientists are in this modern age. They are involved in research in the laboratory. Most of them are cut off from this world and social life. They have dedicated their whole life to the service of humanity. I think they are real heroes. We see new technology is introduced in the market but we don't see who are behind this new technology. We only see what the cost of a particular thing/gadget is. That's all.

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    Exploring is something, which is already found and going into the details so as to extract further out put through other process. Whereas the innovation is the new idea emanated from one person and he keep on exploring more about his findings. For us both innovation and exploration are required as we want more and more products and services. The big countries spend huge money on explorations and innovations and they keep their researchers and finders very busy. Even if product is found, they go for more inclusion of by product to get other products and thus every company has its own design and research foundations through which new things are produced. And the innovators are on the prowl discovering one thing or the other and thus this world is thriving because of innovation and the new exploring of great ideas.
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    This is a good and interesting post by the author. Explore, discovery and innovation are three pillars of progress and development.
    Exploring quality is somehow already existing in human nature. We all are exploring things, places, and even space all the time. From childhood to old age we are constantly in a state of exploring in different ways. Discovery is quite interesting because most of the time discovery happens while exploring and observing. Abruptly we uncover something new that we did not expect, whereas we have seen that thing many times. Occasionally there are discoveries from close observations and I should say that children's minds are very open and snappy which assists them to see what most of us are not able to see in our busy lives. It is moreover the fact that age doesn't matter because we all are in a constant learning process. Innovation is to be more creative about the things such as how discovery is going to shape the world? How to achieve outcomes that will benefit society, nature, and the economy? Innovation is a must to work with the resources in such a way that will not harm our environment and produce favorable results in the future and present.


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