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    New super-earth is discovered

    The researchers always are on the lookout for finding another planet that is suitable for human being to exist. The scientists' at the Institute of Astrophysics in the Canary islands reported that they discovered a super-Earth that is orbiting the star GJ 740, a red dwarf star. This planet is situated some 36 light-years from Earth. This planet orbits around the Sun in just 2.4 days whereas the eath takes 365 days for the same. This is the planet having the second shortest orbital period. This super-earth is having a mass of almost 3.4 times of mass of the earth. Further studies are in progress to see whether any human habitation is existing on this planet. This study will be useful to know more facts about the Solar system.
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    Wow that seems to be very good news as we are getting over burdened on this earth and there should be urgent alternative to this. But on going through the content submission the super earth seems to be very fast in terms of orbit and that gives me a very big doubt that buildings and structures cannot withstand such a speed of orbit. As of now our earth is constant and good going with orbit and our life is good. The researchers should still find , whether there is a chance for the human being to live, and the time limit taken for the orbit is less and that means normal human beings cannot fit into that kind of fast behavior. All these factors need to be reviewed besider the availability of oxyten and water would decide whether we can live on new super earth, And what about the climatic conditions there?
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    The discovery of such a super-earth may be true.
    But I doubt that it is worthy of human existence. While the Earth takes 365 days to orbit the Sun, this new Super-Earth takes less than two and a half days may be very close to the Sun. If the new Earth was 36 light-years away from the Earth and I suppose it is close to the Sun, human habitation will be difficult.
    However, if the star GJ 740, orbiting by the new Earth is not as hot as the Sun, and generally, the atmosphere of the Super-Earth is less warm than that of Earth, human habitation would sometimes be effortless. Let us wait until the scientists find all the aspects of it.

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    let such theories come I am not impressed at all. How it is possible that a planet just takes two and a half-day to complete a round of the sun and we are hoping to find another planet to live upon. This universe is so vast which can not be fathomed and it is continuously increasing every day.
    We have sent messages several times to aliens like in 1962,1974,1977 etc but we have no reply from them so far. Now the question is - Do they really exist?

    Although the following message was not aimed at aliens, however, it covers them too.

    "This is the President of the United States speaking. Through the marvels of scientific advance, my voice is coming to you from a satellite circling in outer space. My message is a simple one. Through this unique means, I convey to you and all mankind America's wish for peace on earth and goodwill to men everywhere."

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower, December 19, 1958

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    In this universe, there are many such planets revolving around the sun. All planets are not created for human beings. God has nominated sun-moon-earth for human and animal beings to live comfortably. It would be a wastage of time -money- energy in researching another plant for human living. An object moving around the sun in 2.4 days won't help us. There would be sunset and sunrise for every hour.

    A futile effort by the scientific community.

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    Universe is really very big and the estimated size as per todays knowledge is about 90-95 billion light years. That is a big number and beyond our comprehension. Scientists are discovering newer and newer galaxies, stars, their planets etc and adding data to the existing astronomical data base. There are many stars which are like our sun but are different in their sizes and may have their own planetary systems. Scientists are always in search of life on some planet which is similar to ours and orbiting its own sun and it may so happen that the distances and other factors might make it conducive to the same life patterns as we find on Earth. Some scientists say that it is a rare thing and almost impossible while others feel that even the rare things are possible in the universe. So, the search is ongoing and it is interesting to follow these topics.
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    A piece of good information has been shared by the author. All space agencies, India but other countries also have a series of different space-related searches. Various satellites are sent from time to time for fresh new information and on receiving any such information, it is shared with the public also through the media. This new discovery, which has been given a name as Super-Earth, also holds its importance in space science. In the future, only time and circumstances will decide whether apart from the earth, any life can exist or not.

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