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    If the follow up is good, then there is no question of complaints

    In a product or the service company the after service or the customer care forms the important department to which much importance is given by the management because here, the complaints are routed, monitored and even redressed. If the follow up to the complaints are very bad, minimal and not gone through then the problems would be persisting and even escalating to the higher levels of management. So it is better to nip the bud at the entry point itself so that the complaints are put into minimum and the company gets going with good name name and fame.
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    Yes, the complaint department is the most crucial component for any business. An organization that provides quality customer services pays much attention to customer complaints because this is vital for any organization to get a better insight into their product and services. We have seen many companies are now completely out of business because of bad attitudes towards the customer complaints. Lack of follow-up from the company certainly loses their customers that is a bad sign. I have observed that more than feedback buyer complaints are a reasonable barometer to know more about the product and service.

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    Especially in service industries complaint of customers should be sorted out at the earliest. In this age customers pay huge amount for services, if their complaints are not heard, they will never approach for your service, rather they will call other competitors. If customer wants to have tea he may spend just Rs 10/- for a cup of tea but if he visits a good restaurant or hotel and there he pays Rs 300/- for the same tea he would not tolerate any shortcoming and discrepancy in service and the served product. This is normal tendency of the customer. Here professional staff take all complaints of their customers on priorities because whole of their business depends on the satisfaction of their customers.

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    Customer complaints are to be given the topmost importance. If the company neglects them chances of losing a customer will be very high. After-sales service plays a very important role. When there is a complaint from a customer, the concerned should act at the earliest and see that the customer will not get offended. Getting a new customer is important but retaining the customer is very important.
    Product quality or service quality is the key factor in customer satisfaction. When we sell product chances of some complaints in the initial stages will be there. The success of the product depends on how we respond to these complaints. Many companies will have a dedicated team for attending the customer complaints and complaint investigation is also to be done by that team. When I was working in R& D I used to support my complaint addressing team for understanding the problem and addressing it.

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    The author has suggested a good way, for any commercial, private, public company, its consumers are very important and when the period of complaints increases, the market value of the company is down. In different companies, special care is taken that they can attract more and more customers and then keep the customer connected as well. For this, the complaints department plays an important role, so the selection process in this department should be very good. If the initial level pat is the solution to the problem, then the form of the problem will not be magnified.

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    The follow up and after sales service are the most important things that a company has to manage efficiently and effectively. In absence of that the company will soon lose its reputation and its sales will be affected which is the last thing that any company will like to happen with it. Many companies are giving thrust in this area and spending money on these after sales functions.
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