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    A common thread for all to share their experiences with phase 2 of COVID

    Please refer to this thread that was posted requesting members to refrain from posting threads on topics related to COVID19 that has already been discussed widely during phase one of the Coronavirus like social distancing, public functions, parties, religious functions, visiting relatives and friends, online classes, work from home etc in addition to the topics already mentioned in the thread under reference.

    Now, considering some suggestions that have come from different quarters, it has been decided to open this common thread for all our members to post their experiences, views and suggestions on topics related to the virus that has come up recently and is new including the effect of the vaccines etc.

    It may please be noted that the earlier restriction still stands.
  • #728423
    Recently the Tamil actor Vivek died. In social media it was reported that he took Covaxin on the 15th and on the 16th he felt breathing problem and he died on the 17th. But all famous doctors including the doctors who treated him confirmed that there is no connection between vaccine and his death. There was a blood clot in a vein from which the blood goes to the heart. The clot was hard and it was formed 2 or 3 months back. So people should not go by fake news and think negative effect of the vaccine.
    Once we take the vaccine, the chances of getting affected by the virus are very remote. Even we are getting affected, the severity will be very less and will get cured easily. So everybody should get vaccinated as early as possible. Myself and my wife got the first dose of the vaccine administered and there are no problems.

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    Thousands of people participated in Kumbh Mela Haridwar. Thousands of people are participating in elections rallies in west Bengal but there is no curb on this gathering. This isn't the sheer example of our indifference about the second surge of corona which is more deadly and fatal than the earlier one.
    Should I say people are innocent or negligent? Should the leaders be blamed for it? Or should the election Commission be blamed for it? But what about the Haridwar gathering? CM of Uttrakhand is sure that nothing will happen to pilgrims because The Ganges will protect them.
    When a person who is holding the highest post in his state and is responsible for the welfare of the people if he Is of opinion that corona will not touch them they are on the banks of The Ganges then we have no right to say anything now.
    But I am a common man I have been hearing the news that the situation is getting serious. Every new day brings new more cases than yesterdays. I am worried.

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    What I got the feed back that the covid vaccines given to the front line workers earlier and who had completed the two doses is not working as they reported positive. But what the doctors say that those who already has the virus symptoms inside the body while giving the first dose, it will aggrevate and gives rise to positive note. Moreover even the head ache, itching, back ache are considered as the new symptoms for the Covide detection. What ever it is both the central and state governments are trying their best to bring vaccines for all but no stock board in government area hospitals and vaccine centers are giving alarming reactions from the public. India merely covered 10 crores of population and still 120 crores need to be vaccinated twice and that means 240 crores of vaccines viels has to be produced on war footing.
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    Now India has pinned much hope on the J&J vaccines which are going to be one shot solution unlike two doses for the covishield and covaxin. The third trials of the vaccines are given the nod and if that goes through, surely India would have great relief. As on today only 8 to 10 percent of the total population have been vaccinated and the next move is to vaccinate all the youth above 18 years. There has been surge of cases among the youth and even the deaths have been reported. About 18 states are much affected with the second surge and the state governments have been asked to take appropriate measure so contain the surge. The night curfews are already on and lots of restrictions has been strengthened. The police in mufti are nabbing those who are not wearing the mask and they are being given punishment to hold placards at the cross roads.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    At this time there is an atmosphere of fear in the whole country, there are also cases where patients are in a more serious condition due to negative effects of corona but due to negative thinking and fear of dying. We do not know when the condition will be normal, but one thing is certain that this epidemic is ending a lot. These days it is becoming difficult for a common man to rely on anything from treatment to vaccination. In these waves neither age nor any particular disease has any difference, in this, the corona is showing only its effect on every infected. These days, there are many relatives who have been infected with this epidemic, although their condition is much better and the rate of infection is also less, still when we see this with our special people, we realize the reality of the situation, is very important for everyone not to take this pandemic lightly and protect them as much as possible.

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    I would blame the government and the politicians. No one wear a mask, No one wash their hands, No one follow the safety distance. Government allows parties and function, rallies and political meetings in which a large number of people participate with no precaution.
    It will be very difficult to control the second wave of COVID.
    In my area, no one is wearing a mask, and those who use the Mask don't wear it properly, Mask is being used as Chin mask, not for mouth and nose, and to escape from checking by the police or authorities.
    We cheat ourselves and get caught by the COVID.

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    # 728438
    Vaccination process is to be accelerated rather seriously. Reports of scarcity of vaccines are coming from several states. It is not the time to criticise governments rather all political.parties including ruling parties should join their heads to ponder over this issue how to protect the lives of people. This deadly virus is spreading all over the country. In some states night curfew has been clamped. Delhi government has imposed day night lock down for a week or so. Situation in U.P. is getting verse as the reports coming from Lucknkw and some other cities creating Panic. Some journalists are too much apprehensive about this virus, they are of opinion that this declared pandemic may change into pandemic literally on the ground. We used hear from our elders or read in stories or watch in movies about pandemic but now this covid19 may change into real pandemic and may create havoc in our country if it is not stopped.

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    Second wave appears deadlier than the earlier one. There is no doubt about it. Just after the containment of first wave there was a free atmosphere to do anything and people started their usual pattern of partying and having fun like big marriage parties, birthdays, outings, picnics, and many more such indulgences. As the virus was lying low and hidden in us only it got a favourable situation and started to rise again. The incoming passengers from other countries added fuel to fire. Indiscipline and ignorance also added to the already deteriorating situation and the avalanche of the infected cases rose significantly. Now state Govt after examining their individual conditions are sealing the borders and applying lockdowns. This will definitely help and may be in 15-20 days time we may see a flattening in the number of cases which are increasing in an alarming way. If intermittent lockdowns for some small periods are applied we may see a gradual downfall of this trend and in 3-4 months time we may get rid of the second wave but not the virus. Please note that virus will still be there and till a drug or more effective vaccine is available it will play hide and seek with us. So the mantra is to take full care and take precautions even after it subsides. Do not wait for the Govt to fine you or force you to observe these measures.
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    # 728446
    Let alone opposition parties even many other people are questioning why our prime minister, home minister and CM of west Bengal are not stopping their election rallies. They are asking who is responsible to control this virus and who is responsible to protect people from pandemic. It is a welcome decision that Rahul Gandhi has cancelled his election rallies in west bengal but only his decision is not enough. Election commission has to see this issue seriously. Election commission is a constitutional body which has all powers in election period to take any decision. If this pandemic is not stopped and changes into more destructive force, millions of people may lose their lives.
    It is very surprising to see that China has controlled this pandemic where hardly 20 cases are coming up per day whereas more than two lac cases are coming in India. People are also raising questions when there were only 535 cases in entire country the lockdown was imposed and it's assured that within twenty one days this corona virus will be vanished . What our governments made preparations. Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, U.P. , M.P. Chattusgarh, Utteakhand etc almost states are under severe attack of this virus. Are all governments not accountable for this spreading virus?
    Now it is our responsibility to protect ourselves from virus. We should minimise interacting with people. We need to spread this message to other people also.

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    Many people think that they are safe if they get the vaccine. But experts say that's completely wrong. The second dose is given 28 days after Covaccine and 42 days after Covishield after the first dose. Again another 21 to 40 days, the antibody is acquired. Developing an antibody does not guarantee that a person will not infect by the virus. However, it can ensure there are no significant physical problems or deaths. However, there is speculation that they may be carriers of the virus. So it is a must to wear the mask and keeping social distance.
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    We have learned from the news and the surrounding observations that the second stage of the virus is spreading rapidly. It spreads three to four times faster than the first stage. With that, all those who were reluctant to be vaccinated started rushing to vaccination camps. As a result, social distancing in all vaccination camps confined in the paper. State Election rallies, meetings, and conventions hold under the police escorts without face masks and social distancing. Religious and non-religious gatherings followed unhindered. That means the fear, gradually eliminated from the people. The Kerala government's slogan (Fear not, vigilance alone is enough) may have been the impetus. But the ad text has to be rewritten as vigilance and fear of virus spread also essential.
    The Center should streamline the vaccine distribution effectively to the states if the principle of vaccination of all 45+-year-olds is to follow. The Center has lifted the ban on direct purchase of the vaccine from vaccine companies. (I mentioned this ban in a previous response). Many camps in Kerala have been closed due to vaccine shortages. Crowds are flocking to the vaccination camps. An order issued by the Central Government to vaccinate 18+-year-olds from May. The state government is taking steps to ensure that those who took the first dose are getting the second dose during this vaccine shortage.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    We are passing through such a critical stage where blaming the government for the supply of adequate oxygen cylinders or shortage of the beds in the hospitals would not help us. We are observing many cases where the basic necessity of wearing masks properly by the public is ignored. Even if mask is there, the same is not properly covered to mouth and nose providing the room for infection. Some people are now tuned to the situation and they would not follow any guidelines such as maintaining a distance of two meters while indulging conversations with anyone. Sensitisation and frequent hand wash are not being followed seriously. Homework should start first how far we are adhering to the safety guidelines so as to be protected from the pandemic situation instead of blaming other agencies.

  • #728472
    As per today's news, now all over the age of 18 can take the vaccine. However, we do need to continue not to be blase and feel we have got some powerful shield against the virus. The virus has mutated into many variants and is hurtling through the air at scary rates. Many State Govts. have been forced to impose night curfews and then lockdowns, with stricter lockdowns quite possibly coming soon.

    On the one hand, we can blame the Central and State Govts. because they were obviously caught napping. When we knew the possibility of another strong surge in the virus spread, just as it has been the case in other countries, our Govts. pretended that the worst was over. When the graph had dipped, at that time itself they should have started preparing for the next surge, ensuring there were enough medicines, beds, and oxygen. Instead, jumbo centers were shut down, there was no move to ensure adequate supplies of what was required and, worse, allowing super-spreader events. Since everyone does follow the Central Govt. directives on protocols, it would have been a simple matter of the Central Govt. no less than the PM himself, very firmly and categorically putting a curb on super spreader events of every kind, whether religious or political or sports.

    On the other hand, let's look at the citizens themselves. Forget the appalling manner in which masks are worn (or not). Tell me, why is it necessary to step out every single day, sometimes even more than once in a day? Whenever somebody is stopped and questioned, they claim they are going to buy groceries. Nonsense! They are just roaming around aimlessly. Now the grocery store timings also have been restricted to a few hours of the morning because of such Covidiots. Also, even essentials like medicines from the pharmacy and dal, rice, etc are home delivered by local banias. So why step out at all? For God's sake, why can't people sit in the house?!

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    Yesterday I was talking to a doctor who worked with Corona patients during the ist phase. He took two doses of the vaccine. But oneday he got a slight fever. His hospital wanted him to get tested for COVID and it is positive. But within a day his fever has come down and he became normal. Of course, he was in quarantine for 14 days. He said that Vaccine will be very effective and we need not doubt that. Sometimes we may get positive but the severity will be very less. So he advised everybody to go for vaccination.
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  • #728475
    Regarding the gap between the first and the second dose of the vaccine, in the case of Covishield, earlier this month Adar Poonawalla, who is the CEO of Serum Institute of India, had stated that the efficacy of the vaccine is 90 percent if there is a gap of two to three months between the two jabs. In the case of Covaxin, there are conjectures (not definitely verified) that a third booster dose may be required some months after the second jab. It would be good for the Central Govt., in consultation with the experts of the medical Task Force, to clarify for both vaccines. After all, initially, we were told to keep a gap of 28 days, then we were told 45 days, and now this latest news circulating will needlessly create uncertainty.

    It would also be good if political leaders and celebrities made it a point to wear their masks when taking the vaccine instead of removing it for a photo-op. What kind of example are they setting for the general public?

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #728480
    In Lucknow, the wife of a retired judge was found corona positive but she was not given a place in any hospital. He wrote letters, called all connections but he was not helped and at last, his wife died.
    There is a long queue at cremation centres for the last rituals. Even cremation centres have been cordoned off for corpses of coronavirus.
    People are scared. Now it is said that the virus is in the air too. Who can be protected except whom God protects?
    Indeed people have to take all preventive and precautionary measures to protect from infection. I don't know if governments prepared to face another surge of coronavirus. Now you have to decide if governments are responsible for virus spreading.?

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    We must agree that the scarcity of the vaccine is actually the result of a miscalculation on the part of the Centre. The government should have kept in mind our own requirements before agreeing to supply it to some countries abroad as a goodwill measure. And again, at a stage when there is such a backlog and the government is not even able to provide the second dose to many due to shortage, they have already announced that those who are 18 and above will start getting vaccinated from the 1st of May. Now, what are we up to? Are our governments really serious and well-planned? I doubt.
    “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." -Socrates

  • #728505
    It is true that there is a scarcity of vaccine. The central government also should accept its failure in this. But there is another reason for this shortage. Almost 4.4% of vaccines are wasted due to improper planning during distribution and usage. It is estimated that around 44 lakhs dosage were wasted so far. The highest wastage happened in Tamilnadu and the wastage is around 12% in this state.
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  • #728508
    The second wave of covid is hitting India badly. I would blame the central government for the spread of the virus and not taking it seriously. When SOP's are mandatory, the politicians can be seen flaunting the same guidelines and throwing every precaution into the dustbin. Allowing huge gathering by different states where it was impossible to maintain physical distance is irrational. Preferring vote bank politics and bringing people to the brink of ruins.

    Hospitals are lacking facilities. They are filled and space is limited to accommodate patients; heart-wrenching videos are coming and deaths are creating more panic among people. People can be seen blaming hospital staff and doctors for not providing patients with proper care and shortage of medicine. Doctors and nursing staff too are helpless with limited facilities at their disposal.

    Vaccine shortage in the country is a huge concern when its demand is increasing every passing day. Companies are facing a shortage of the raw material needed for the production of these medicines. In a tweet, the Serum institute CEO has requested POTUS to life restrictions for the export of raw material needed for the medicine. It speaks volumes about the current situation in India.

    This leadership has completely disappointed people and people, unfortunately, have nobody to listen to.

  • #728510
    Yes, you are right government alone is not responsible for the spread of the virus and to a large extent, we are ourselves responsible for the elevation of this virus infection. You might have observed how the people have responded earlier in containing the same.
    Now let us all hope that it has not attained to that level where the virus is active in the air. It could be a hypothesis and if it were like that the entire mechanism of safety relating to its containment would be ultimately futile.
    The present situation calls for massive campaign of vaccination regardless of age factor so that the people are benefited for the vaccination at the earliest. Let us see how the government is likely to implement vaccination drive in the time to follow. But till then, we should be conscious of its horrible impact and we should not fail in adherence to appropriate safety norms in respect of this dreaded virus.

  • #728552
    From Yesterday Hyderabad has seen some new curbs and not lock down. The courts have stopped functioning and the cases were postponed after May 15th, the Kirana and provisions were asked to close before the evening. There is no public movements on the roads after 8 pm and the private offices were closed by 8 pm when they would function beyond the 9 pm. The movement of traffic was low and nil and this proves that people are afraid of going out during the evening hours and the police patrol is already doing rounds asking people to be indoors. This is good for all and every one should follow.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #728564
    It is a well known fact that some people in Govt do things as per their political ambitions and the gullible public suffers the consequences. The pandemic is spreading in an uncontrollable fashion and people are having a fear in their mind and running hear and there for help but our basic infrastructure is not sufficient to manage a calamity of this magnitude. Fault finding is easy as we can blame the Govt and Govt can blame the public or ruling party can blame the opposition and opposition can blame the ruling party. This is a difficult situation and only after strict lockdowns the situation might be contained.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #728566
    The present situation at this time is becoming worrisome as well as a dilemma. If there is any doubt about vaccination, then there is a fear of hospitalization. On the other hand, those who are receiving treatment while staying at home are also afraid that something may go wrong with them. While there is no certainty of drugs, on the other hand, in some cases, the results of testing are also not found to be accurate. In such an environment, people are getting upset due to this dilemma of their mind more than the virus.

  • #728568
    Prime Minister himself is not in favour of lockdown as it will demolish the economic structure. The situation is going out of control. Perhaps we are not prepared enough to face such pandemics. It is said that virus is in the air then how people can be protected. It is not a matter of two-metre distancing or wearing a mask or washing hands rather it is a more serious issue.
    People are running from cities. Some of them have started walking on foot also. The central government has asked state governments to console these migrants and let them stop at their place.

  • #728571
    Though the lock down fear has gone, people are going for the voluntary shut down and that proves, we are going through the tough time ahead for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #728576
    There were warnings about a second wave well in advance. The Government of India(GOI) did not take the necessary steps to combat the second wave. It was complacent and overconfident. Now, the country is paying the penalty of their slackness. The vaccination is also not going well. There is a shortage of vaccines. Many people who got the first vaccination and are due for the second vaccination are kept waiting. There is a shortage for the last ten days at many places.
    Now, the Prime Minister says that vaccines can be purchased by the State Governments directly from the companies and the price has to be negotiated with the companies. This will create many problems. The price of vaccines is likely to be enhanced. The GOI should not have done like this. All these days, it was controlling the purchase and distribution and now suddenly it is asking the State Governments to handle it.
    The oxygen supply is also not sufficient. The Delhi High Court commented on the GOI very severely for diverting oxygen from Delhi to other places. It was planned in October 2020 to install 150 oxygen generation plants in district hospitals and so far less than 40 hospitals got the plants. Had the GOI implemented the installation of oxygen generation plants sincerely, there would not have been much trouble with oxygen? The medicines required for the treatment of covid are also in short supply. Because of the severe second wave, the hospitals are full and patients are unable to get beds. Few videos of doctors weeping helplessly as the patients are dying are on the media. The government's inefficiency is glaring.

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  • #728577
    Day by day present situation is worsening. Scarcity of beds, oxygen, ventilators, lack of medicines making the situation grim when we look at future. In Delhi, because of lack of beds two patients are sharing the same bed in some hospitals shown today in TV channels. Daily wage workers were leaving their working places to their villages for fear of lock down. Long quees were seen near medical shops to buy medicine as many medicines were out of stock for Covid. Central government announced it won't supply free vaccine for vaccination for above 18 years youngsters. Then how poor people afford this cost and how the vaccination program will be successful. Even though the government saying no lock down in future, the situation may warrant it to so.

  • #728578
    The latest news is that the Serum Institute of India has hiked the price of the Covishield vaccine. For State Governments, one dose is Rs 400/ and Rs 600/ for private hospitals. Now imagine the situation due to the foolish decision of the Prime Minister. What all that is going to happen from now, the PM has to take responsibility.
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  • #728589
    Added to the existing confusion is the entry of fake vaccines and network sites offering fake vaccination cards. While dealing with the pandemic, the government must also keep its eyes open to such frauds lest we face other related issues even after the Coronavirus is managed.

    #728576, it is a well-known fact, whether accepted by many or not, that the central leadership placed COVID in the backseat and gave the front seat to the elections. The situation would not have become so grave if the government had continued doing its duty leaving the election to the party. But that cannot be the case. It is after all power that finally matters, rest everything is almost just an eyewash. (I am not talking politics, I am just stating facts.)

    “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." -Socrates

  • #728600
    KVRR - I think the problem was the lack of equitable distribution and hence it does make sense for the State Govts. themselves to acquire the vaccine directly as per how much is required. At the same time, it would have been good if the Central Govt. releases funds, and equitably, to every State Govt. to acquire the vaccines. They could also have taken steps to ensure that the vaccine manufacturers maintain an economical price, and also provide free vaccination for the poor.
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  • #728601
    Now it has been made it clear that Covaxin efficacy is at 78 percent, and that proves it works better than the Covishield and India expecting J&J vaccine with one shot.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #728605
    Any shifting of policy relating to the purchase of the vaccine by the state government at this juncture would cause further delay in the streamlining of the supply. The central government should have taken this stand two months back disowning its responsibility regarding the administration of vaccination from its end. Full accountability should have been fixed to the respective state governments for the better management of distribution. However, the central government should provide adequate funding to the state government so the the vaccine drive goes smoothly under the surveillance of the state government.

  • #728608
    The policy shift will result in confusion. I am suspecting that malpractices will take place. Already there are rumors. Whatever is being done is not good. Having centralized the vaccine distribution, the GOI should have continued with it. People will suffer. As is usual with the public, now everyone will be in a hurry to get the vaccine and there will be so much confusion and likely black-marketing. The decision of the GOI is unilateral. It raises doubts also.
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  • #728610
    The problem in our country is that when central Govt does something for the overall interest of the country the states start crying foul and when they are entrusted some responsibility like managing vaccinations in their respective state and improving the discipline and reducing the corruption then they start seeing here and there and search for some excuses to shirk the responsibility. Some states are very poor in managing and even the top people there are being blamed for alleged corrupt practices. Under this situation how are we going to fight the second wave of corona pandemic? At the same time there are people who are wearing masks and taking precautions as if they are obliging the police authorities and the Govt and doing a great favour. So with the complacent Govt at one side and the indisciplined citizens on the other side the situation is looking quite grim.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #728621
    The Delhi High Court Court on 20-04-2021 asked the GOI to divert oxygen used in industries to hospitals. The GOI has banned the industrial use of oxygen from 22-04-2021. The Court severely commented on the GOI for not banning industrial use of oxygen immediately and waiting up to 22-04-2021 when patients are dying in hospitals due to lack of oxygen. The Court used the words"blood on hand" in this connection. What this government is doing? Don't they have the alacrity to take immediate action on oxygen shortage? Does it require the Court to direct it?
    From the beginning, the GOI centralized all operations regarding Covid vaccination. Now when it failed and there were shortages due to improper management, the buck is passed on to state governments. It allowed the vaccine manufacturer to increase the price of the vaccine. Without having any idea, it now announced that all above 18 years can get the vaccine from 01-05-2021. Where are the vaccines to vaccinate all these people? Creating confusion and disorderliness only.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #728629
    There is no doubt that second wave is expanding alarmingly. But there is one report by the IIT Kanpur scientists in which it is mentioned that as intermittent lockdowns are expected and people will also take more care, the present trend may soon get flattened and by June we may see a small decreasing trend also. It is said that they have considered the past data and trends and used a model to do these studies and make such predictions. If this comes true then we may hope that some relief might start within 1-2 months but till that time there is definitely a big problem of oxygen availability, bed availability, drugs availability, vaccine availability etc and to serve a massive population like ours is not so easy a job. People may blame state Govt or central Govt, it is not going to help. Politicians are not going to change their ways and that we are witnessing since the year 1947.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #728632
    Fear of corona on one side and pressure of duty of government employees on the other. The pressure of both the ever-increasing cases and the process of vaccination is as much as the pressure on the doctors, as much as on government employees. These days, the staff has been given the duty by the Madhya Pradesh government to personally visit the people and aware of them for vaccination. This directly implies that the health of a government employee will not be threatened in any situation. After all, when the public will be aware of themselves, at this time even young children have understood that corona is an epidemic due to which the consequences are getting terrible, prevention is our cure. Even after that, why is it to tell some people that vaccination is necessary. After all, how long a person will be able to make people aware, and if something goes wrong with him during this time, whose responsibility.

  • #728636
    Corona virus has become out of control in our country. Nobody can say now that what would be the future. As news channel and media person showing news regarding scarcity of medicine, ventilator and other medical equip meant it is worse situation and very difficult to control over it for India like highly populated country. All people are living fearful life. Last year, people had thought that everything would be ok if once a vaccine comes into the market. But, the situation became worse rather than good. Our govt, doctors and medical staff have become helpless as second wave of the corona virus came like a tsunami. If you read the newspaper daily then you will find its tally of an infected person is very scary. Now, people must aware related to the coronavirus and follow all guidelines so that the infection does not spread. One famous proverb keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Today, there is great need to follow it.

  • #728638
    According to the latest data released by the Union ministry of health and family welfare India witnessed the world's highest single-day spike with 3,14,835 new cases of the coronavirus disease and 2,104 fatalities in the last 24 hours. It means that the total infection tally has topped 15.9 million while the active Covid-19 caseload stands at 2291428.. Both the numbers smashed all previous record of coronavirus cases in India. What is going to happen further nothing can be said. Everyday it is spreading even in small towns and villages also.
    Reports of death of doctors are also coming. It is a very tough time for the country. But even in this period we political parties are still playing political gimmick. Congress is saying that why central government exported oxygen to other countries and also government did not make any preparations for last year. On the other side central government has blaming states government for their mismanagement.
    Now election commission has rejected the request of TMC to conduct remaining phases of voting in one go. Election commission has outright rejected this request by saying that it is not possible.
    Is it really impossible for election commission?

  • #728639
    The present rate of infection is quite alarming and so is the case with the death rate. To break the chain the curfew hours are to be enhanced. Clamping of curfew should be initiated as early as 9 pm to 8 am in the morning where the infection is at manageable state. The states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP, Kerala, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh etc where we see high escalations need to introduce lockdown for a few weeks even though it will impact our economic condition to a great extent. If such measures are continued for sometime, results will be quite favourable in relation to its containment.
    While looking the present scenario that oxygen, Remdisivir, beds in the hospitals are not available causing further spike of fatalities is quite disappointing. Hence this is not the time of violation of any safety measure which could otherwise surge the infection of corona.

  • #728663
    The main reason for this spread is carelessness among the people. We can say that State governments failed or central governments failed and maybe correct also. But as an individual, we should have fear for own life. Yesterday I went out in my car and I see people roaming on the road even without masks. The police are collecting fines from the people. But people are not wearing the mask. Such people are the real problem creators. They are keeping themselves at risk and keeping others also at a risk.
    Prevention is better than cure. Let us be careful and follow small tips which will keep us away from the virus. India is a thickly populated country and spreading will be very easy here.

    always confident

  • #728691
    The Serum Institute of India(SSI) announced previously while supplying vaccines to GOI at Rs150/ dose, it is making a profit at that rate. Now, what is the justification for raising the price to Rs 400/ for State governments? It is supplying 50% of production at Rs 150/ to GOI. The remaining 50% can be sold by it in the open market. Considering the pandemic conditions and the surge of the second wave, why GOI is allowing SII to increase the prices? Why the Prime Minister took such a unilateral decision which will create confusion and difficulty for the common man?
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  • #728693
    It is very evident that due to the massive population of our country any vaccination program or arranging hospital admission facility for so many patients at a short notice is a difficult thing. Then the corruption in Govt offices including Govt hospitals and other departments is adding fuel to fire. This is a known fact and we have accepted it as a part of the system. In West Bengal we are hearing the stories of high cut money which usually remained in 10-12% region earlier. People accept this 10-12% cut figure in PWD or other departments who are engaged in construction activities as a normal thing and when it exceeds then some hue and cry is made by the people or opposition parties. So, these are some basic premises that we are not able to work and fight against for the benefit of the whole population at one go. One thing which can help us in such times is digital governance which is yet to come to India in a big way. For example if a person is poor or BPL then from his card (Adhaar or Voter or any other) it will be known by checking with the system as which financial category he belongs and then charges can be taken for vaccination accordingly.
    Knowledge is power.

  • #728697
    A question is arising among the people that which vaccine should be better. It is believed that Covaccin is more effective than the two vaccines used in India. This information is being given in the news, paper, and some study-related YouTube channels a few days ago. If we follow the data, then the people who have got the Covaccin vaccination have more ability to fight different mutants of corona in their bodies. Currently, the price of the vaccine has been increased to Rs 400 for Covaccin and Rs 600 for Covishield. Along with Covishield, Bharat Biotech's Covaccin was also approved for emergency use for the vaccination campaign that began on January 16, 2021. However, when this approval was given, many questions were raised over the results of the third phase. Interim analysis of Covaccin's Phase 3 trial suggests that the vaccine is effective.

  • #728702
    Seriously, situation is going out of control and it is going to deteriorate further. Blame game is useless. People are dying due to lacking in timely treatment or lack of oxygen or lack medicines. Even bjp leaders are dying despite appealing to top brass of the state. Whole system seems to be collapsed.

  • #728715
    Members are requested to check the previous responses before posting their own and ensure that points are not repeated.
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  • #728724
    Every day there are reports of people dying without oxygen. Twenty-five patients died in 24 hours at the Delhi Gangaram Hospital due to lack of oxygen. The country is now unanimously preparing to fight the second wave of Covid in every state. Essentially everyone is taking steps to deliver oxygen. The Tata Group has decided to import 24 cryogenic containers to carry liquid oxygen. The company made this clear on social media. The Tata Group has made it clear that it will do everything possible with the country in this fight. Last year, Tata Motors also boosted its imports of ventilators, PPE kits, masks, gloves, and Covid testing kits for helping the country. Tata also provided a Covid Hospital for Kerala. The Tata Group has set aside Rs 1,500 crore to fight the Corona epidemic.

    Just give a clap to these good things that the Tata Group is doing.

    If other companies are willing to do this the oxygen shortage of our country can be resolved as soon as possible

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  • #728774
    The second wave of corona is spreading in an uncontrollable way. What is more fearful is that there are some new mutated variants which could be more deadly and existing vaccines and measures may or may not be effective in containing or killing them. Though Govt is aggressively going ahead with the vaccination program and there are efforts for arranging oxygen and medicines in every corner of the country but seeing the big population of the country the shortage of everything seems to be there in the coming times. Only hope is the people's cooperation in this so that the virus is contained with preventions and precautions. Let us all observe the basic safety measures as prescribed by the experts and qualified people in this matter. Please do not believe and forward the fake information in the social media and check the authenticity of the information before forwarding it to the friends and relatives. Everyone has to be responsible and alert if we want to win over this virus.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #728821
    Extreme caution should be exercised in the event that international studies show that there is an increased risk of transmitting covid through the air. When sneezing or coughing, the small particles that come out may stay in the air and travel a short distance. Researchers say that this way the covid transmits from one person to another. This makes it clear that great danger can occur if the mask is not worn strictly.
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  • #729006
    Since this thread will be retained beyond the usual 10-day time frame that is permissible to respond to forum threads and hence am posting an update here.

    There has been a message doing the rounds of WhatsApp about the use of a camphor pouch to supposedly aid in increasing the oxygen level, that inhaling eucalyptus also does so, that taking cinnamon powder in water will keep the virus at bay, etc etc. Please read this alert-

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

  • #729018
    These days many messages are pouring in about various home remedies. Some of them are really good and following them will not be a bad idea. Dr Reddy who is a scientist in Virology in the USA gave an excellent interview and that is available on youtube. I suggest all to hear that interview in which he has given valuable suggestions and information. He says eating home food with our hand and consuming buttermilk or curd which is made 12 hours before is very good for fighting the virus.
    always confident

  • #729070
    Dear Members,
    At this juncture, would it be wrong if I say that China had initiated World War III silently and successfully won the war without any gunfire and blood shed.
    Yes. China started off COVID war and ots casualities are the lowest in the world. It is below 4000. Whereas many other countries have lost millions of lives and have become economically weak.
    The whole world is suffering due to the second wave of corona, whereas Chinese don't go to hospital for any treatment. They take precaution with local home treatment. China is prospering without any corona worry. They are the happiest lot in this world.
    Your good comments please.

    No life without Sun

  • #729086
    It is good that people are being more aware of their health and try to adopt many home remedies for boosting their immunity, but at the same time many YouTubers who are uploading many videos to tell us to cure corona at home only by following these methods, but these videos could be beneficial; or harmful too. So one should not follow blindly trust these videos. Be alert for your health, observe yourself and other members of your family and contact your physician if you feel anything abnormal, whether it's a little cough or weakness in the body.

  • #729103
    The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the rate of Covid is increasing due to the overcrowding in hospitals in India. Only fewer than 15 percent of people with Covid need hospital care. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that ignorance about home quarantine is the main cause of the increase in hospital admissions.
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  • #729106
    @ 729070: It is wrong to say that China has started the Covid war. So far there is no concrete proof. There may be doubts but in the absence of proof, such allegations cannot be made. Once the proof is available, the rest of the world will decide on the course of action. This is not the time to panic. With willpower and confidence, the coronavirus can be overcome. There may be some problems but they can be solved with good planning.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #729180
    Is it fare to continue IPL matches in this grim and devasting situation of the country? As the people of the country fearing about dreaded condition of Covid disease, is it fare for BCCI to continue IPL matches? Many players leaving the teams out of fear of covid and family health related problems.But BCCI strongly decided to continue the matches irrespective of players leaving the teams. BCCI giving more importance to money rather than to life. There are lot of negative comments about this on social Media? What do you think personally about it?

  • #729186
    A common thread for an important topic kills the enthusiasm of the members. Continuity also lacks. The editor concerned may think about it and take a decision.
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  • #729189
    Nowadays we are reading a lot of messages and there is a lot of speculation in the media that the present pandemic is created by some evil agencies who want to disrupt the progress of India as India was marching ahead with flying colours. Some are fearing that it is the testing of biological war weapons by the same agencies. I do not know what is the truth behind these speculations which are more and less in the nature of rumours only but if a fraction of that is true then we are definitely going ahead for a bad time where human made viruses will create havoc in the world.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #729286
    KVRR - with reference to your suggestion in #729186, we'll discuss this with the admn. and give an update.
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  • #729290
    The point brought forth by KVRR was discussed and we would like to make it clear that there is no total ban on threads related to the second phase of COVID but the restrictions placed on topics mentioned in the thread under reference and this thread will stay.

    It means that only such topics that are not common and are not repetitions will be allowed as separate threads as is being followed now. For example, the topic on conducting the IPL matches at #729180 is surely fresh and can be discussed separately provided the author chooses to discuss it from an angle that while restrictions are being placed on one side and people are suffering, the IPL is being held with all grandeur albeit with a fewer audience.
    Hope the point is clear.

    Other regular issues will have to be posted in this common thread only. If need be, we will consider locking this thread and opening a Part II for the same subsequently.

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  • #729325
    Indians who come to Australia from May 3 face up to five years in prison. Australia's decision to overcome the COVID crisis went a little too hard.
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  • #729600
    I think what is happening is really sad and scary. i understand that there is a scarcity in vaccines and that makes it harder for people to be protected against the unseen enemy. I do hope that India will be given a more effective vaccine and that people understand that getting the first dose nor the second dose will not make one instantly immune from the virus. i hope people also research more about the vaccines and take more safety precaution when going outside. that way, the number of those who are affected will be decreased. It's already too sad.

  • #729633
    Members to please continue in Part II of this thread.
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