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    If the start is good the rest would happen for sure

    I was watching a young girl tying to ride the cycle under her father's guidance. For the first two rounds the father was so caring and would not allow the child to fall. Then came his friend who chided the child as to when should learn on own and how long she would ask father to make her learn her the cycling. Probably got offended and she started to ride on her own and this time without any help. Surprisingly she has completed the lap and came back without falling. Thus I remembered when the start is good, rest would happen for sure.
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    "Well begun is half done " Said, Aristotle. It is used as a proverb in the English dictionary. It is very true if any work is started in the right manner or according to planning or procedure rest part of the work is also done easily and smoothly. I think if starting the work is good self-confidence increases and the person works more diligently to complete it within the given time. If starting is not good, surely more problems will pop up out of blue and it will discourage a person.
    The author has taken the example of a girl who was learning how to drive a bicycle. She learnt the basics very well, it enabled her to drive it safely without any help.

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    In Tamil, there is a saying,'muthal konal mutrum konal' which means if the first itself negative everything will be negative. For this many people saying anything positive. Even in grocery shops they won't say 'not available/no stock'etc., instead they tell 'I will get you tomorrow'.
    In many shops they do a small prayer with camphor lighting while they open the shop in the morning. All the thing is to get a good start.

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    It is expected that things will go smoothly if the starting is perfect but that should not make a person over-confident. We plan a lot of things in advance but unless we start acting on those plans they remain plans only. Initiation of the task is very important and when you find things are moving in the right direction it gives you a boost to move ahead further. At the same time, it is also important to see that if one is unable to start the job properly she/he should not feel frustrated and leave the task. Instead, one has to analyze further to find out what went wrong and restart the activity with the same spirit.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    All that started well will end well. This is a saying in Telugu. If the beginning is good, the whole event will go good. That is why many orthodox people start any work by selecting an auspicious time.
    Generally, when we have work on our hand we will work out the way we have to proceed and we start as per the road map. But many times we may not start the work as planned due to some reason or the other. In such times the road map that we made may not work and we may have to review and rechange the map. In such cases finishing the task as per the time is difficult and the end result also may not be as expected.

    always confident

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    The beginning is an achievement in itself. The beginning advises us that we are entering a journey where we have no prior knowledge and experience. If we traverse the starting point well then it is a very significant indicator that the journey ahead will also be accomplished nicely. Just keep in mind that each subsequent work should be done with caution and curiosity as in the former.

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    A good start is required for a successful execution. One can complete a task or learn a thing starting with the basics but sometimes people are a bit lethargic and take time in getting motivated for doing a work and sometimes if someone challenges him for doing something he takes the challenge and makes it a prestige issue. This generally inspires a person for learning a task without fail.
    Knowledge is power.

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