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    Why overconfidence will make you a poor decision-maker?

    In every facet of our life, we cannot avoid circumstances where we have to make decisions. Decision-making ability is the most valuable element for all of us because our actions and their consequences are entirely dependent on the selections we make during the decision-making process. It is not new that sometimes we make decisions that are based on extreme trust in us called overconfidence.

    Overconfidence creates an illusion that what we are commending is completely valid and there is no necessity to worry about performing that particular task. There is no doubt that in this way the outcome of the task is going to be terrible and fruitless, due to which the mind will be more restless.

    In the end, we regret that if the decision had not been taken over-confidently, the results would have been better?

    Share your views on how overconfidence ruins the ability to be a better decision-maker?
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    There is no such thing as over-confidence. Confidence is the essential quality for every human being while performing any task as the author has also suggested. But the same confidence is demonstrated as overconfidence when other people also have a different opinion other than what we have and we deny all of them instead. We don't listen to other experts in the concerned field. Eventually, the result comes out opposite to what we have expected. Sometimes, we rely on our resources beyond the proper limit or we do the mistake of underestimating the ability or power of our opponent or rival it all changes into over-confidence.
    Decision-making powers are vested in everybody concerning his personal matters but it is always advisable and beneficial as experience also suggest that we should not forget to take suggestions of selected people, especially, who have experience or specialisation in concerned field. When we seek the suggestion of someone, most probably, he will give us the best possible suggestion. In this situation chances of failure are less.

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    Nice post from the author and I do agree that the over confidence within a person would kill the urge to do right work and there by denying the right decision making ability also. If a person is over confident , he would not listen to others nor seek the guidance therefore some times the work gets delayed and suffer. And a over confident person has the ego of his past experience which may not suit the present challenge , yet he try to impress others with his decision making ability and thus proves to be failure. One thing is sure over confident person does not allow others to criticize him because they keep on trying plan b or plan c and so son. In that melee the nearest competitor would make huge progress much to the surprise and thus the decision ability of the over confident person is proved beyond doubt.
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    Confidence is a crucial factor in our lives and it is required in a good quantity if we want to take up a challenge or decision or task in our hands. Decision making is a process with depends on many factors like knowledge of the person, his experience in the matter, his skills and capabilities, his understanding of the work or problem area etc and all these decide his ability to take a good decision. Before decision making some homework is also to be done to understand the pros and cons of the decision. Activities in our lives are connected to each other and we have to consider of taking a decision on the coming activities in our lives and how they will be affected by this decision. In our overconfidence if we ignore so many factors and blindly go ahead then chances of failures are much. We have to think in details and ponder much ahead of a decision making process.
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    Confidence is the essential attribute to carry out any job without loosing any patience in course of doing the same. However, if the same task is repeated every time by a man , he may become ultimately overconfident. He may not like any interference whatsoever while doing the same job. He might skip some steps due to being overconfident. This could be corrected with a deeper analysis if he undertakes the same but his overconfident nature stops him in taking such corrective stands. Moreover, he would not like to be criticised for the lapses he made earlier. So long as he does not mend his ways, his rate of failure cannot be improved.

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    The more positive the confidence is, the more negative the overconfidence appears. When we decide or plan our actions, their success or failure increases our confidence. Many times after making the right decision, a person starts to feel that every decision of his is always right and people of this misconception do not think in detail as before when making decisions, but start making decisions in haste, hence one can become a poor decision making person. The confident person should also have the art of handling this quality.

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    Let me give you an example of why over-confidence is not at all helpful. A student who always tries to complete the syllabus at the last moment and remain successful most of the time, found a lot of chapters are remaining to be finished before the exams. Since more lessons are yet to be completed this time he just went through the title and maybe the first paragraph of a couple of chapters and thought he will be able to answer everything from his previous ideas and the first paragraph of those chapters. Now during exams, he wrote the paper mostly based on his ideas since he didn't read the chapters thoroughly. Naturally, he scored very poor marks on the paper.

    That's what overconfidence is. When you do not have a clear picture but think you have a very good idea about it inside your mind. So, when it's time to carry out the job you will stumble since you do not have a complete idea.


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    Overconfidence will always spoil our chances of victory. People who are overconfident will not think enough before taking a decision. They skip some details while taking decisions as they feel that they can do all the required easily.
    The story we all know, hare and the tortoise. Hare was overconfident and thought at any cost it will win. So slept and lost the competition.
    One should have confidence but should not have overconfidence. During my high school days, I was having a good friend. He is very clever and his grasping power is good. But that made him overconfident and he cleared the examinations with just second class marks only. All the teachers called him and told him that his overconfidence only spoiled him. Next year he was very attentive and cleared the examinations with a very high percentage and stood school first,

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    Any decision taken with a lack of confidence or overconfidence will not bring the required result and will be most of the times a wastage of decision making. Decisions are to be taken with a balanced mind and proper thinking about the pros and cons of it. Overconfidence is as bad as the lack of confidence. If someone feels that some particular job is very easy and he can do that with closed eyes then it is going to be a blunder only.
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