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    This is also a way to help.

    Helping someone is a good habit that not only fulfills the needs of the person in front, but after helping, it also gives us a feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction. If we really want to help someone, then there are many different ways to help.

    We must help people in times of adversity so that they can manage their life, but sometimes it is even more good help for the needy person, where we provide such conditions and resources for them so that they can help themselves to move forward in life.

    For which our intention should be good, where we are not helping a person by thinking about only their interests. Many times we are helping the front person by not helping.
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    When we see someone is looking for help we should help him provided that we are in this position too. Sometimes, when someone desperately needs help, and if nobody comes to help him he becomes disappointed and dejected which may instigate him to take some fatal decision.
    Nowadays economic condition of people is also not good, especially since, lower class is facing severe problems. The middle class is also heard of facing serious problems. Who will solve their issues? We should not expect that government will come to help them. No, it is our responsibility to help them. We can't escape from accountability by saying that it is the responsibility of the government.
    Indeed it is the responsibility of the government but every issue can't be brought to the notice of the government. It is people's indifference that they don't come out to help needy people. Each of us should realise his duty as a citizen.

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    Yes, that's a good way. If a needy seek your help you may provide some relief to the person for a moment but if you can show some way to the person through which the person may take care of himself without any external help then undoubtedly that's the best way. For that, one has to be willing and have resources and ideas to help others.

    However, the last sentence of this thread is not very clear to me.


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    That is true. By donating food for a day, we are making him happy for a day only. But if we show him a way to earn his livelihood he will be happy for the whole of his life. So it is always better to show him a way to earn rather than giving him some free food.
    As a matter of fact, even our government should try and provide a means to earn their livelihood rather than giving them financial help. How long they can do this? Does Wherefrom money come? How the country will progress when whole money is spent on these free issues.

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    A well thought thread from the author. I would like to narrate my experience of rendering such a help.
    In 1976, I was moving from Alwaye(Kerala) to Nagercoil(Tamilnadu). The train was upto Trivandrum and from Trivandrum I was to board a bus. After alighting from the train and while resting on a bench in the the station premises, I saw a strong and stout person wearing a lungie, golden chain, wristwatch, golden rings on his fingers approaching some passengers and asking something. No one responded him. Then he reached me and asked for a help. He just wanted rupees 5 from me. He said, " Sir, I lost my money purse. I am with my wife and two children. I have to go to Quilon. I have some money to buy tickets, but short of rupees five. Can you help me. I will return your money by post to your address. " I understood his situation and offered him rupees five, and I gave my address to him. He was happy. After a week I received money order of rupees five from that Muslim gentlemen.

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    We may help a distressed person with cash, kind or even show the place where he can get the succor or help for the time being. Those who are in dire need of money , we may not have but help them to some extent, but there are some organization which comes to the rescue of such people. Like the ISCKON in Hyderabad would provide you with mid day meal and that would suffice for the person to live without dinner also. And ther are some temples in Hyderabad like Chaderghat Saibaba temple offers daily annadhaan at twelwe and anyone can have the same. So food wise we can always guide the needy person.
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    There is a famous proverb which says, 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime.'
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    There are many kind hearted people in this world who help the fellow beings with interest and good thoughts in their mind. Many rich people are well known for their giant steps taken to help the entrepreneurs, NGOs, temple committees etc. This is definitely a good gesture but the basic question which comes to our mind is that whether we should provide direct help to the needy or a trust which claims to help the poor or provide him some job or information so that he himself can start earning for him and his family. This is important because just giving a small help will not be sufficient for that person and what he requires is a lifetime guidance and support for the livelihood. So, except helping people in times of disaster or calamities, I do not see any merit in just helping person in cash or kind whatever it be.
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    I feel that we should help the poor and destitute as per our capacity and if not individually we can give charity to the orphanage homes or NGOs who are doing this job of taking care of the destitute. There are so many poor people in our country and if we do not help them then there is no alternative for them. There are no jobs even for the qualified people and how these people will get some job for them.
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    Saji Ganesh,

    You have shared a good thought on help. Well done.

    [Edited - no need for out of place, needless personal remarks.]

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