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    Why many of us expecting others according to their interest

    Everybody intended to get what they want. It is natural. But many expecting others also to do according to them. They do not understand that this is difficult to them. A relative of mine, as he is having BP, cholesterol etc., do compelling other house persons also to eat food with less salt, mirchiless etc. Though it is good to others, this person do not understand why should they sacrifice everything in their age that too without any setback.
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    This is not correct. Why we should insist somebody to follow the practices which are not required to them or not good to them. If I am a sugar patient, I should not eat sugar or add sugar to my food. But I should not ask another person who is not having any sugar problem to stop eating sugar. As a piece of friendly advice, we can tell the other person to have control over sugar intake but we should not tell him to stop eating sugar completly. The food habits should be as per our body structure and weight. If a person is overweight he should follow diet control. But others need not.
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    It is the fact that those who are health conscious and aware of the bad effect of food on the health are bound to give free advise to others. My sister is the diabetic patient and she advise me to take sugar free tablets to have the coffee or tea. But I add very little or no sugar and drink the same. Likewise one of my relative is the high blood pressure patient and also alergic to the oily foods, advise me not to have the same. I used to tell them that what ever I want I would have the same with limited quantity and I know what kind of food and fruits are acceptable to my health and how I keep going.
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    If we are observing some precautions in taking certain types of food due to some ailments then it is good for us to do so. But how can we expect the other persons in our family to follow the suit. It is ridiculous and other family members will take it as an offending thing and it may sometimes lead to conflict also. We can only advise others to have a good lifestyle in general and restricting them to take items as per our condition is too much for asking. Even if the head of the family does like that no one will like it and the seniors in a family should avoid doing such mistakes as they will lose their own reputation if they do so.
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    Either a retarded or singular or a man of august personality can do it, else I don't see any possibility of pressurising or insisting other people to do in accordance with wish or desire or command of someone.
    Everybody is free to live a free life and nobody can ask anybody to spend his life as someone wants to. However, sometimes we see in family that an elderly person insists other members of the family in this regard as mentioned in this thread but they will not welcome it , however, they will keep quiet out of respect though. These elderly people as mentioned in the thread should abstain from asking other members of the family to follow them. I think It is not good for them. It is imperative for them that they should not impose their will as imperative on others and should not take them for granted if they are respecting them because of their age and importance in the family.

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    An interesting thread has been posted by the author. It is advisable to give advice to our family or loved ones, but we cannot force their lives on our basis by forcing them in any way. It actually also depends on the situation or advice given by any person. If we talk about the intention of the person whom the author has talked about maybe to show concern about his family, as he himself is currently suffering from diseases, so perhaps other members of the family recommend that other members also consume less salt. Which is really good in terms of health. But even then one can tell other people to do or not do something on the basis of their experience only, the final decision is the person's own. If the advice to the front is appropriate, then it is okay, he will listen to it, otherwise, we should not force anyone.

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